✔ Minecraft: How to make a Party/Table Bomb

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Party/Table Bomb

How to make a Party Bomb ..or is it called a Table Bomb? *Arrow points to pot and firework particles come out* Doesn’t this new years table look boring? Wouldn’t it look better with a bit of confetti and LOUD SOUNDS? Today we build a party bomb! ..or is it called a table bomb..? WHATEVER, LETS GO!! Remove some seats and anyone who might be sitting on them before building (That might be painful…) Set the repeaters to the second shortest delay. Make sure the dispenser is facing upwards! Cover up your mess and pretend like it never happened. Now for the bomb part! We are making confetti, So we need alot of vibrant colors! Its important you only give them a flight duration of one, Or they’ll all bump into the ceiling. To ignite the party bomb, quickly flick the lever twice. Hurray! The dispenser will repeat the 8 shots (Dont you mean 5?) after the short delay, So you can keep firing confetti if you have enough! Need a place to sell a you’re party bombs?

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  1. This thing can have a party with the parrots with the CD player , you need to insert the CD and you can give some cookies for their and they will fiy and dance and this like a party for parrots !🐦

  2. Ooh, you should find a way to make the pressure plate placemats trigger the bomb so someone can be like “I would like to propose a toast!” and then jump up on the table.

  3. when magma museum said "doesn't party's need more colour and sound" i just imagine a clip from the show mlp where pinky pie said "like obviously"

  4. 2012:

    Me: Oh i know that is common sense

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