❄ Ami Christmas ❄

❄ Ami Christmas ❄

[Clears throat] [Sings a few notes then clears her throat again] [Plays “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” on a kazoo] [Starts giggling while continuing to play] [Laughs while playing] [Giggle]

80 thoughts on “❄ Ami Christmas ❄

  1. And a VERY Merry Christmas to you, too, Ami!
    We learn something about you every video. Now we know you play an instrument. ^____^
    I hope the new year brings you loads of happiness, and brings US many more videos of you.

  2. かわいい!Is that background real?! It's 5am and I just woke up and am watching on my iPhone so my judgement could be a little off but it looks real man!! Anyhoos, have a super Merry Christmas and I hope YouTube brings you even more friends and opportunities in the year ahead! (^-^)

  3. LoL!! What blows me away is the animation, by it self, is incredible but your intelligence and humour are even better. I've heard better kazooers ;>

  4. The laughing while kazoo-ing just made the whole thing for me. Nice, fairly subtle way to add a sense of realism to the animation.

  5. My prayer for you is that every smile you've brought to our hearts and faces you gain ten for yourself. Don't just have a merry Christmas or Happy New Year but may it go on for the rest of your life.

  6. Once I found your channel I decided to check everything out. I was feeling a little on the fence about subbing, but your artistic prowess with the kazoo has convinced me. New sub incoming…

  7. I'm late but…

    The laugh was so funny, I can't breathe

    Btw, what other instruments do you play? Pls reply soon 😉

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