【ENG】当归Vlog.49 | Christmas In July | Spaghetti Bolognese | Garlic Mushroom | Irish Coffee

【ENG】当归Vlog.49 | Christmas In July | Spaghetti Bolognese | Garlic Mushroom | Irish Coffee

I’m taking sis Roll (花卷) to the vet Let’s go! She’s quite heavy She has been vomiting for a few days and I don’t know why. She seems quite energetic though, so I am not sure what’s going on I’m taking her to go see the vet just in case little fattie (this is in the garage, not on the road) (Look at my double chin) To the doggo: bye~ how come you’re so well behaved today? He/she is very curious What are you curious about? Many people lost their cats reward: $500 reward: $20 …do you really want to find it back? I am going to buy some stuff just got back from the vet Roll (花卷) has been vomiting since yesterday we came back home Apart from vomiting, everything else is fine When we were at the vet, the doctor cannot have an X-ray check immediately so they just touched her body and have a regular check everything is fine they gave her an injection to stop the vomiting If Roll (花卷) still vomits tonight after dinner, then it’s probably because she ate something wrong or there is something stuck in her stomach then we’ll go back for an x-ray tomorrow (I gave her chicken breast instead of cat food for three days, she never vomited again!) I am really hoping she will be okay after the injection today (He likes drinking water… such a healthy boi) why are you staying in the water? oh alright then Because Roll (卷卷) is still vomiting, the vet suggested to give her something less fat very plain food so the poached chicken breast is perfect Since she refuses to eat canned foods So a small piece of chicken should be fine This is still too much I will poach this piece I think that’s enough To Roll (花卷): What’s up? I know you’re hungry It’s almost ready, just need to cool it down Will be ready soon Very very very soon Roll (花卷): hurry up human! I know, I know 😞 I know, I know 😞 I know, I know 😞 I will be quick quick Just wait till it cools down Ok ok sweetie 😑 Come sis You’re really hungry, aren’t you Come come come~ You can only eat this tonight To Bun (馒头): Not for you! This is your sister’s dinner, you already had dinner before! (Actually, Bun is just being curious, he doesn’t like anything but cat food) It’s not yours! To Bun: you hate chicken! Ah 😠 To Roll (花卷): stop eating if you can’t eat it anymore To Roll (花卷): finished? en? done? more? otherwise, I will take it away now you sure? alright when the onion looks transparent, put garlic in, cause garlic is easy to be overcooked and burnt Stir fry the onion and garlic till they are both soft, then put the beef mince in You can use sugar to enhance the flavour, it can also reduce tomato’s sour It’s very convenient to use canned tomatoes, you can also use fresh tomatoes if you want put half can (glass) of water in the can to have the left tomato sauce 《The Longest Day In Chang’an》 I am going to the Rocks there is an event called Christmas In July some markets I think the night market will be more interesting than the day market, so I am going now people are wearing Christmas clothes 😍 It is freezing but they are wearing sweaters 👏👏(the coldest day this year, the wind is crazy) Look look look people still have bare legs, omg Strong body they have artificial snow Soft gingerbread Should we… start eating from the head? 😆 Friend: maybe from feet? Me: okay Me: ??? it not very soft omg It is not soft at all! Friend: Fractured Parrot so cute~ Staff: do you want to try it? Me: yeah~ Me: thank you! This one is cheese That one is sausage No cafe??? there is no place selling coffee? I am heartbroken slowly approaching me he/she is so lovely (he/she passed out on my feet) To my friends: aren’t you guys having a dog? why he loves me so much? 🤗 because I have cat smell? omg he is so adorable Aww, you are so cute you are actually a bit heavy bro I want pistachio (having icecream to warm me up 😏) Friend: alright alright Friend: you make the order, I will give you my wallet Friend: lick it Me: 😝 Friend: I think this is the highlight. Me: what? Friend: the sauce on the plate. Me: yeah~ 😂 Me: chocolate is on the plate To my friend: use fork bro Me: what is this? Friend: poffertjes? Me: oh yeah~ So fast~ Is he using his belly to take it? wow~ la la la~ are we gonna stand to eat it? This is a crazy night It smells so good Am I looking stupid? This is mocha, I need something warm are we going out? I am terrified Masuya What is this inside? Friend: the oyster shell. Me: ahh~ Soy milk seafood pot leave some soup for meat Asian supermarket, wow so many people Kransky Here you are I am watching 《The Big Band》. Every episode has 8 songs and I am literally crying for 6 😭😭 Come~ My neighbour’s dog— ‘Potato’ (土豆) You little cutie cutie cutie Come here yourself Come on, you can do it you are too weak bro aren’t you a doggo? is this carrot? or tomato? (tomato!) Me: finished! Friend: what do you want for drinks? Friend: I have tea. Another friend: what tea? Friend: barely corn tea Friend: chilly pot is literally just the stir-fried hotpot biu biu biu they made cocktails! what is this called? Friend: lemonade Friend: colour is so pretty. Me: let me have a taste Friend: stir it, otherwise it will be too strong Me: amazing! Poor Potato (always starving) why are you always starving? Watch out before you fall down hey hey baby Potato Friend: you two look the same Me: if he didn’t have these clothes on, we will look exactly the same Friend: if he didn’t have it, he will go crazy The clothes restricted his moves chocolate crumbs

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  1. Would love to help on translating Chinese into English. If you want us to help, you can turn on community contribution 🙂

  2. C'est fou comme j'aime vos choix de musiques à chaque fois que je regarde vos vidéos, 😘. Très bonne journée du Sud de la France.
    It's crazy how I like your choice of music every time I watch your videos, 😘 good day from south of France.

  3. For those asking for the title of the song at the end of the video, it’s “An open heart by: Tommy Ljungberg”.. You’re welcome 😊

  4. Hi, I started watching your videos a couple of days ago. Enjoy and feel relaxed when watching, but I couldn't understand your language. Are you from Korea or from China?😘

  5. i love watching you cook! a tip though: don't add oil to your water to boil your pasta, and don't rinse it afterward! the oil will just prevent the sauce from sticking properly, and rinsing it can make it rubbery. The texture will be much better without rinsing 🙂

  6. watching this vlog made me want to make an Irish coffee too… but I don't have bailey's at home now, I wonder if nougat based vodka will do lol

  7. I know it takes time to do subtitle but I really wish they would be at the same time at your uploads because I cannot wait Ahah! love your videos so so much!

  8. you know english, why cant you speak eng in your vlogs? there is not a eng sub either. I love your vlogs but I dont understand most of it.

  9. I love your cooking video and V-log😆
    This video brings peace to my heart. Make me comfortable and make me chill

  10. OMG..All the dishes on this video are amazing. especially the flower patterns are so ..🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Always feel comfortable with your video mood at the end of my days. Thanks!☺️

  11. 你好~ 我是你的新的訂閱者 你方便的話可以以分享一下 你地廚具和餐具(eg牌子和類型) 嗎?拜託🙏🙏 麻煩你啦~

  12. Mio Dio no!!!
    Quella robaccia non è un ragù alla bolognese, è un'accozzaglia di ingredienti buttati a caso in un tegame. Mille errori, a cominciare proprio dal tegame! E poi: troppo poco olio, troppo aglio, non è stato fatto un soffritto, la carne è bollita, il vino non ha sfumato, i pomodori non sono quelli giusti… Non la chiamare "Bolognese", ti prego!!!! Prima vieni in Italia, poi mi saprai dire!! Poi questa cosa che metti l'olio nell'acqua di cottura degli spaghetti, cotti mezz'ora prima?? E gli spaghetti sciacquati sotto l'acqua fredda?? Ho i brividi!!!

  13. Tip from an Italian: never let those poor spaghetti out that amount of time after cooking, spaghetti needs to be eaten right away! For the ragù, I am impressed you did a really nice job ♥️ love your vids

  14. Thank you for eng subs! I always waiting for your vlog 🙂
    But I want to tell you, tulips are very harmful for cats 🙁

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