【FFBE】UPDATES!#37 FFV Event, New Units and 40 Million Downloads Celebration!【Global】

【FFBE】UPDATES!#37 FFV Event, New Units and 40 Million Downloads Celebration!【Global】

Hello everyone, and welcome to
another episode of Exvius Updates, the show that brings you all of the hottest
information for our fantastic application, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE
EXVIUS Global, available to you guys on iOS,
Android, as well as Amazon devices. I am your host Shaly, and we are
here with our always special guest. Hi, I’m Hiroki. I’m the producer of FINAL
FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Global Version. All right,
so it’s almost the end of August. Summer is almost over. I hope you guys had
an excellent summer, I know that I did and I heard that
Fujimoto-San had a great summer! My skin is tanned! Yeah! You’re tanned, I’m also
tanned, we had a good time! But we also have a lot more
information to share with you guys about the stuff that’s
coming for FFBE. Yes, so in this update, we will talk
about the FINAL FANTASY V event. FINAL FANTASY V! I’m very much looking forward to what
units we can expect from FINAL FANTASY V, as well as the new bosses or
trial bosses that we are going to get and latent abilities as well. Okay Alex, it’s your turn. Hello everyone,
I am back, I’m Alex, and I hope you’re excited
for today’s updates, because we got some
really cool stuff and I’ve got the latest information once
again, straight from the development team. So, yeah, get excited! I am excited, I’m always excited. You’re always excited? Yes, that you are! And so, let’s jump straight
into the new event that we will have with this update. It’s going to be a FINAL
FANTASY V event this time, Exdeath Castle. There is going to
be a medal exchange, your typical Mog King event, so you’ll be able to
obtain the event currency, which this time will
be Dragon Grass. And you’ll be able to
exchange that of course for items and equipment
in the King Mog shop. Sound good? Yeah, sounds good, I mean a King Mog event
is always kinda very self-explanatory, you just farm all the
currency that you can, and you go exchange for
some really good stuff. So everybody can play,
even the beginners are welcome, although it might be a little bit
harder for them to get going, but -it’s good. It’s definitely–
-That is true. You’ll get it. And it is a great opportunity indeed to
get your hands on some really cool gear, and as part of the main rewards,
you’ll be able to get your hands on, through this event, we’re going to have
the Ancient Sword from FINAL FANTASY V, which is going to
give you +103 ATK, as well as enable Old, which will reduce ATK, DEF,
MAG, and SPR for one enemy. In addition to that, we’re also
going to have the Staff of Light, again from FINAL FANTASY V,
which will give +9 ATK, +78 SPR, and it’ll also have the light
elemental and enable Holy, which will also deal
light damage to one enemy. Excellent! So make sure that you
guys all are farming the Dragon Grass in order to be able to exchange for
these fabulous pieces of equipment as well as other
items available, but we are going to
now go into the units and their abilities as
well as latent abilities, now that FINAL FANTASY V is getting a
little bit of a revival within FFBE. ‘Cause we did have the
units there before, but now they are coming in
with brand new spankin’ armor, and looking all fabulous
with CG movies and stuff. –On fleek. Yeah, let’s take a look at
Bartz, Warrior of Light Bartz. He’s of course 5 star base to 7 star base, And he’s going to be a very strong
True Dual Wield physical attacker. So True Dual Wield has, you know,
now come back to the spotlight thanks to Lightning,
Radiant Lightning. Well now Bartz is going to come in
and just like cement what she started and he’s going to
be able to do it by boosting a lot of the
damage from his abilities. So, he’s got a lot
of damage modifiers to make sure that all the
damage that he’s making can be multiplied by
very very nice numbers and, you know,
make that output look all -Get all That damage.
-glaring On the screen with all the numbers
across the board. Not only can he do that,
but he can also imperil, and imbue the wind
element to his attacks, sometimes the imperil
can go up to 120%, which is a very
nice number to have when you’re trying to
deal elemental damage. He’s also going to have abilities that
chain with Absolute Mirror of Equity, which is the new established like,
chain family that’s out there, like taking names, you
know, setting a new– Well not necessarily a new… But, you know,
setting the trend. Before it was Divine Ruination now we’re in the age of
Absolute Mirror of Equity. As it should be,
because that is what, you know, FFBE is about. Laswell, Raegen, all of those wonderful
people that are in the main story. And not only that, but of course Bartz
comes with a brand new limit burst that not only has a CG animation,
which we’ll see in just a little bit, his LB boosts the modifier
of certain abilities, damage modifier for
certain abilities, and also fills his LB
gauge for the next turn. However, since he is, you know,
one of these fancy new CG movie units, his LB will start at max at the
very beginning of battle at 7 star. So you don’t even have
to, you know, gather all the LB crystals
at the very beginning, because he’s already going
to have his LB set up. So if you have the LB,
then you cast the LB again, he’s boosting the LB gauge for the
next turn, so it’s kind of like, you know, you help yourself to kind
of make like this endless LB cycle if you play your cards right. Which is absolutely excellent. Now, his trust master
is really really good. They’re called the Hermes Sandals. Hermes, you know,
the Greek god, the messenger. It has a nice raw
stat of +40 ATK, which is excellent
on any damage dealer, but it also has this passive ability
called Traveler’s Progression, which is going to boost your equipment
ATK when you are dual wielding weapons, so you have one
weapon in each hand, and it will also
boost your LB gauge so it will fill your LB
gauge each turn as well. So, imagine equipping
this to Bartz, and then casting the LB,
having it filled for the next turn… And do it again… Yeah,
it’s all meant to go together, it’s all meant to click like
that and I absolutely love it. Now, he also has this cooldown
ability called Dual Spellblade that you can use
once every 4 turns and it deals wind damage
to 1 enemy 2 times, so it’s 2 separate times,
taking advantage of the game mechanics, something that we
call backload damage, and boost the damage
of certain abilities, as well as enable Brave Blade
(FFV), for 1 turn. Now what is Brave Blade? Brave Blade is going to deal partial
unmitigated damage to 1 enemy 3 times. 3 times? Yes, so, you know,
use the cooldown ability in order to deal damage 2
times heavily to 1 enemy, as well as then unlock an ability that
will deal damage 3 times to one enemy. It’s wonderful, it’s beautiful,
I absolutely love it. Now, onto his latent abilities, He is gonna one that is called
Fragments of Inner Courage and maxed out at II, he’s going to be able to boost the damage
of 6 different abilities in his toolkit, including Brave Blade (FFV),
that I just mentioned, the one that attacks 1 enemy 3 times,
which is absolutely great. And then the other latent ability
that we’re going to discus is Distant Homeland II, which allows you to escape
death at 100% chance, right? 1 time as long as
your HP is above 1%, so if you are
struggling in a trial, and you think death is coming for you
’cause, you know, the enemy hits hard, if you are holding on to
at least 1% of your health, you will be able to escape death 1
time, with Bartz in your party. What’s up with the 1% man? They get all of the advantages. Yeah, they get everything. BOO! No, I’m just kidding. Bartz is an excellent, excellent
unit here to deal all sorts of damage and provide you with lots and lots of
True Dual Wield goodness for your party, but without further ado, it’s time to take a look
at his LB cinematic. So let’s take a look
and see Bartz in action. Wow! Would you look at that? I gotta say I love those colors man. It was beautiful.
It’s like a rainbow of swords. It’s like candy for your eyes. He’s so flashy. He was definitely
trying to make a statement. And I’m here for it.
Good job Bartz. We’re waiting on you.
You’re gonna be a good one. That was cool. But not only is Bartz going
to be an excellent unit coming from FINAL FANTASY V, we have a brand new Lenna! A 5 star base Lenna,
that of course you can evolve to a 7 star and she’s going to be
also a Warrior of Light, Warrior of Light Lenna. And let me tell you, Lenna is kinda sorta a meta
breaking healer in FFBE. Now, this is going to
be like a civil war between the Myra fanboys
and the Lenna fanboys, but let me tell you why Lenna
is a little bit different and what is it that
makes Lenna so good, Now, she is a healer that
can triplecast white magic. Triplecasting magic is always very
welcome, it’s absolutely great, I am 100% behind it,
but not only that, she can fill her party’s limit burst
gauge with her cooldown skills. She can also heal and boost the resistance
of fire and water elements for all allies. She also had the ability
to boost the resistance against ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR breaks,
stop, charm, and all status ailments, so she is going to be able to resist
before anything happens to you. She can also restore
MP for all allies, but I think that thing that
makes her absolutely amazing is that she can actually cure,
she can actually remove status breaks. So if you are stuck with an ATK
down, or a MAG down and you’re trying to deal damage,
she can actually remove that. -Just Get rid of it?
-Yeah. Since she can also remove stop
and charm as well, which is– So she has everything,
she can remove stat breaks, she can remove stop,
and she can remove charm. Now this is for 1 ally, so you might have to
cast it multiple times if you have several allies
suffering from these, you know, breaks or enfeeblements,
as we like to call them. But the fact that she
has this in her kit makes her absolutely
invaluable in your party, you will be able to take on
basically any boss or any monster that comes your way if you
have Lenna in your party. Now, her trust master is an equipable
ability that boosts SPR by 50% and also boosts the restoration
amount of certain white magic, which is not something
that we see very often. We have a lot, well not a
lot, but we have a few units who boost the restoration
amount of certain items. So if a potion is supposed
to only heal you for 10 HP, if you are using one of those units,
it might heal you for 20 HP or 30 HP. But this time around,
it’s for the actual white magic that you cast for restoring HP. So you’ll be able to get
the most out of your magic. Especially out of Lenna if you have her
equipped with this equippable ability. Her super trust master is the
Judgement Staff from FINAL FANTASY V, it’s going to give you an ATK of
+60, a SPR raw stat of +163, 63, sorry, I was like
tripping over where I was. But also,
a SPR +30% boost on top of that, so that’s +163 flat plus
30% on top of that. And to make it
even more amazing, it’s light elemental and
it also enables Dispelga. Which means you can remove
all positive status effects on any boss that you
are encountering. This is going to sound dumb, but I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve gone into a battle, and I don’t have Dispelga on me. And I’ve been saved
a couple of times because I have Odin equipped
and he has Fingersnap, so I’m able to like,
somehow deal with it, but sometimes you just think you’re
going in with everything that you need and you forgot that you
didn’t bring Dispelga, but you don’t have to
worry about it anymore. It’s not a problem anymore if you have just her super
trust master equipped on Lenna or on anyone,
enable Dispelga is always very very good. And her cooldown ability
Genuine Generosity works works as Entrust, you’re going to
be able to use it once every 10 turns and it will consume
her own LB gauge to fill the LB gauge of other
allies except for herself. So if you are wanting to *hint,
hint* cast that Bartz LB, in the same party, and Lenna’s not
making use of her LB gauge right now, then just give all of
the LB goodness to Bartz so that he can continue just
dishing out that damage. Teamwork, alright! Exactly! And so, not only that, she also has latent abilities that you
guys are going to be able to enhance. So Waltz of Tycoon at II is
going to boost SPR by 200% and reduce magic damage taken by
all allies by 30% for 3 turns. So not only is Lenna a healer,
like an amazing healer, but she is also serving kind of like
a damage mitigater for your party, slash tank with this
kind of ability, which is absolutely excellent and
then her Spreading One’s Wings II is going boost fire, ice,
lightning elemental resistance by 30%. It’s going to activate Spread
One’s Wings at the start of battle and that is 120% SPR boost that will
activate at the start of battle, also if she dies and she gets
revived it will also activate again, and it will reduce the MP
consumption of abilities by 20%. We don’t struggle for
MP now days too much, but these new units in order
to cast their bigger abilities, their MP cost is quite
up there sometimes, so I will take an MP
reduction cost any day! That is always helpful,
no matter who you are, no matter what units
you have in your party. So, yeah, I think it’s
going to be very interesting to see people comparing Lenna to
Myra, things like that, but obviously Lenna has a lot in her
kit that is just absolutely amazing, she’s useful in all kinds of ways,
especially in those hard battles that we are getting more and
more of as the months go by, you know we got the
Chamber of the Vengeful, and then big battle FINAL FANTASY series
bosses that are coming out as well, so make sure that you are taking
full advantage of Lenna here, she is definitely one
to keep an eye out for. Now we’re gong to
move onto Atlie, now Atlie is a 4 star base,
so is going to be a physical attacker, She’s actually an FFBE original
unit, she’s not from FFV. But, um, she’s gong to be able to chain
with Absolute Mirror of Equity abilities and she also has the ability
to deal a lot of damage against avian
monsters AKA birds. Now her trust master is
the Air Tempest (Sword) which has a raw ATK of +125,
but it’s also wind elemental. Okay. Makes sense. So if you’re looking for
a wind elemental sword and you can’t get the super
trust master from Bartz, because you know,
it’s not as easy to get, then maybe you get yourself an
Atlie which is four star base, and this one will be a
little bit easier to get if you’re looking to get that
elemental wind sword on your inventory. Then we are moving on
to the last unit here, which is Tessen, a 3 star base. He is also an FFBE original
character, not FINAL FANTASY V, but he has a very cool
like, monk look and design, and he also has a staff and
we don’t have many like, people who use the staff as a weapon,
so that’s a really nice change to see. Tessen is also a
physical attacker, and he can remove defense and
spirit debuffs on himself. He also can restore
HP and MP for himself and he can cure poison and
blind for himself as well. So he’s very self centered,
literally speaking. He’s looking out for number one! But his still a very
interesting character to see and his trust master is called
the Awe-Inspiring Origin, which is an equipable ability. This will boost your HP by 10% and boost your ATK by 30%
when equipped with clothes. Now, we have a lot of
units that use clothes. That sounds weird, right? Like everybody should be wearing
clothes, but you know what I mean. Wear clothes guys! That’s today’s PSA.
Wear your clothes. If there’s something you should learn for
this episode, it’s please wear clothes. But that’s it for all the units
that are coming for the FFV event, stick around for
more information. Because we got more. Okay and next we will also
be having a new trial boss. This time it’s going to be a
FINAL FANTASY V series boss battle. Going to be Neo Exdeath. So yeah, this event will begin
on August 29th after maintenance. And again since it is going
to be a series boss battle, select FINAL FANTASY V units will
be receiving some stat bonuses, so you will be wanting to use
these nice juicy new units like the Warrior of Light
Bartz and Lenna, right? And they should make your job
easier when facing this boss. The boss is going to be a
battle of 2 waves, okay? So the first wave you
will be facing Exdeath which after a certain
amount of turns will be able to cast Power of Nothingness
which will inflict death to all enemies. So you will wanna
watch out for that one, because this also negates
death resistance, so yeah. If you don’t have
that auto-revive on, you’re not going to survive it with
any equipment that you have on, so you have been warned! You have been warned, yes. It’s going to be a tough
battle, but… Yeah, during the second wave also you
will be facing Neo Exdeath this time. And Neo Exdeath will be
attacking you with skills that inflict a lot of
different status ailments, so you make sure you
come prepared for that. You know, Lenna would be really good
there as well, for the status ailments. And yeah, they’ll have a a strong base
of both magical and physical attacks so come geared up,
come ready for this battle and if you are able to make
it through this battle, and even complete
mission challenges, you will be able to get your
hands on some enlightenment keys as well as lapis as your reward,
so definitely give it a try. Yeah, sounds tough,
but I know that you guys can do it, I believe in each and every one of
you, so good luck to all of you and may the rewards be plenty! Okay and next we
also have an update on the next series
of ability awakenings that will be making their way
to FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS! That’s right and the units that
you should look out for are Papa Raegen, Citra, Sieghard,
Folka, Ignacio, and Cid. So basically all of the
Veritases out of their Armour, which is always
always great to see because they make such a
fantastic group all together. And Sieghard is one of my favorites
who makes an absolute tank, but he’s also just a
laugh riot as a character, so looking forward to seeing what
ability awakenings come for him, and you guys should be
looking forward to them too, so make sure that you are
stocking up on all those crysts and also on your new
enlightenment points when you need them for
awakening abilities. Q&A Corner! This is Q&A Corner,
where we answer your questions. So Shally,
what questions do we have today? We have two questions today,
and the first one is by Fabian Rojas, and Fabain is asking: “Are we ever going to get any global
exclusive or original espers in any way?” Ahh, yes, espers? We don’t have any plans to release a
global original esper at this moment. However, following the
recent released Elena, we are planning on another
global original units. Oh, okay! So we will announce more
details maybe at that time! Okay! All right! So please look forward to it. So maybe not an esper so much but more
units to come just as fantastic as Elena, that’s a very tough
promise to keep, so we’ll have to look out
what happens with that! And then our second question
here is by Abimaulana, and Abi asks, “When will Sora
and Cloud from KINGDOM HEARTS” “get the adjustments to make them
the same as the Japanese version?” Good question, good question. So, yes of course, we are planning
on updating Sora and Cloud from KINGDOM HEARTS
when they come back. However at this stage, I’m not able
to say when this will be, sorry! All right, so it’s gonna happen, we just don’t know exactly when
it is that it’s going to happen. But I have to tell you
that from my friends list, my Cloud from KINGDOM HEARTS has
been there since his release. I didn’t change him. I’m pretty sure that my friends
are angry at me right now. Shaly, please change the unit. No! I’m never gonna change it. So I am waiting so much, I’ve been waiting for so long for
this change. Hopefully it happens. Yes, so anyway,
we look forward to having your questions. Yes, so please send more we
always love hearing from you. We wanna know what you
guys are interested in. Make sure that you leave more
questions down below in the comments, so we can pick them
up for next time. All right, and moving on to
even more exciting stuff. So during our third anniversary
celebration live stream, we mentioned that we
are looking forward to you guys’ designs of
both units and bosses. So that they can be
picked and actually made into those units and
bosses within FFBE. Yeah, that’s true and we’re
waiting for your submissions from the units from every different
role, right? We’re going to have… In the end, end up choosing
one for physical attacker, magic attacker, healer, buffer, debuffer,
tank unit, and also three bosses, right? So please send in those submissions. Yes, I cannot wait for
all of this to make it, because I want to see… So far,
we have around 200 entries, so we will still continue
to receive to more entries, so I’m really looking forward to seeing
your wonderful art, so please send more! Draw the character units! Yes, we are very excited
to hear from all of you and to see all of
your submissions, because we know just how creative
and amazing you guys all are. But you only have until September 2nd
at 00:59 PDT to make your submissions, which is about a week only left for you
guys to be able to send in your stuff. Don’t you want to be
immortalized in FFBE by having one of your units
or one of your boss designs being in the actual
game forever? I think that’s a yes for
everyone, right? How awesome would that be? Yeah, so don’t miss
out on this chance to just let your creative juices
flow and make sure that you… Whatever idea that you may have, that it might be just forever in FFBE
for every community member to enjoy. I am just very very excited to see
all of these entries coming up, the voting period for you guys
to choose the actual winners is going to start from
September 15th at 1 PDT, but also there are more details on the actual unit contest and boss
contest design on the links below. So make sure that you
go and check those out if you want more information on how
it is you can submit your entries and how you can make your own
ideas shine in the world of FFBE. I cannot wait to see all
of these amazing designs that I know you
guys can prepare, and I am going to be voting
on my favorite one as well, so very exciting to see.
Good luck to all of you guys. All right, it’s about
that time to end the show, but it was very exciting to see
the FFV characters all revamped and new and shiny and sparkling,
coming to the world of FFBE. Yeah, although we are
approaching the end of the video, I have one last
announcement to make. Last announcement.
What could it be? We have reached 40 million
downloads worldwide! -Thank you very much!
-Amazing! Thank you so much everyone for
playing the game! Thank you! Yes, I mean we cannot
say thank you enough, I don’t think there are
enough words in this world for us to express our gratitude for downloading our game
40 million times worldwide. What an accomplishment! That is amazing! So congratulations to
everyone in the FFBE team, and of course to our players
who make it all possible. In order for us to show
our gratitude to you, to show you how much we appreciate
all the love that you have for FFBE, we’re going to have a special
40 million download campaign! So for the event details, we’re gonna have a 40 million
download special log-in bonus, which is going to give special tickets
for a 40 million download step-up summon, so be on the lookout for that. Now that 40 million
download step-up summon is going to have two types of summons
that are planned for the celebration, and players will be able to summon with
these tickets that were mentioned before, that you can get through
the log-in bonus periods. Make sure that you
log-in every day, so you can amount as
many tickets as possible in order to be able to do
this special step-up summon. And we’ll also have 40 million
download special quests, which will give you lapis, or rare summon
tickets and other items. Mystery… So make sure that you are doing those so
you can get all of the rewards available. And we’ll also be throwing a half energy
campaign throughout the whole thing. So if you have to
catch up with story, or if you want to do
some of the new trials without spending as
much energy as you need, well depending on whether the half energy
is on everything or on just the map, we’ll have to get back
to you on that later, but half energy is always good no matter where it is in the
game when you can find it. So all of that to celebrate 40
million downloads worldwide. Alex, what do you think? I dunno man, I just can’t wrap
my head around 40 million! It’s like,
can’t even imagine that. I know, I don’t know
what the odds are like if there’s 40 million people in the
world playing FFBE at the same time, would that not be insane? That is such a cool thought that so many people are playing the
game, enjoying the game, and it’s just such a cool
community to be a part of. I know, there is so many of us. Much love to each
and every one of you and again thank you so much
for making it possible, because we wouldn’t be
able to do it without you, but if you have friends or family that
have not yet joined the FFBE phenomenon, just spread the love, let’s go to
beyond 40 million downloads, right? That would be cool. Yeah, we hope to reach 50,
60 million downloads or more, and to continue to provide the wonderful
FFBE experience with your help. Please continue your love
and support for FFBE. Of course,
we again are so grateful, and thankful for everything
that you guys do for the game, and hope to continue bringing you the
utmost fun and exciting content that we are able to provide. Make sure that you’re not
missing out on any of the stuff, we’ll catch you on
the next episode. See ya! Bye!

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  20. The rebuilds of Malphasie, Christine, Kryla… are really amazing and lot of players loved them, could it be possible to do the same thing for other units like White Knight Noel, Demon Rain, Draculasswell, Olive or other units from other collaboration like Cloud, Lightning, Ramza, Fohlen (but I know it will be more difficult as they are not global exclusive units)

  21. we get prism moogles from the 5* units we convert for 7*. will we be able to exchange them for trust coins aswell in the future ?

  22. Can we have 50%stmr for exchange moogle? because some our 7 stars unit already have 50% stmr, it’s a waste if we spend 150% stmr or wait too long for stmr we want. thank you https://youtu.be/jnOS7nYg398

  23. Man, I have a Boss concept, but I can't draw or anything and I don't have money for someone to do it for me.

  24. Okay, I just ask. Is there any point in not giving the 3* base units at least a 6th star awakening? It's not as if they suddenly would be broken strong. But as is ALL new 3* base units are basically unusuable.

    Honestly, by now all units that can't be awakened to 6 stars should by all rights be shifted over into the friendpoints banner.

  25. Question: Will Global get Multi ticket pulling? It would be great for summoning EX tickets and regular tickets. Also Raid summoning of 100K pulls, doing 10k takes a really long time to pull. Same goes EX and regular summoning, one at a time is time consuming.

  26. When will Rico from Just Cause 3 get his 7 star? Hoping you haven't forgotten. Also with the recent global unit adjustments will there be a reimbursement of enhancement crysts? Lastly will you do more global unit adjustments? Take Olive for example her TM desperately needs an upgrade. Lucille, a 3 star, practically has the same thing. Thanks for your time and hard work.

  27. Will old FF units such as Lightning, Delita, Dark Knight Cecil get upgrades like the ones for fan festa units and the last week batch (reberta, kryla, A.Lasswell, Chrisine, GL Sakura), or this is limited to GL Original units?

  28. Can you guys add an option to use EX tickets X10, i have around 300 EX tickets that i fear to use due to the amount of time that is required to pull them off. If there could be an option to pull 1 or 10 at one time.

  29. I´m a bit confused about Lennas STMR, everything points to it beeing a staff, but according to the symblol nest to it it´s a Rod, right? Why would you make it a rod for a White mage? And a Rod without any MAG?

  30. When are we getting a fusion rate up event? Its been over a year and your last video on fusing explained to wait for and use these events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KYdPuv8jnU

  31. Will we ever get 6star of the Season one unit’s and/or Trial of the Soul?
    Added question, maybe finally make them 7 star? Crystal could be reward from updated Trial of the Soul?

  32. Thank you for the latest updates, FFBE-Team. Fujimoto-san really looks much younger and healthier with the stronger teint 🙂
    And always follow the example of "Summer Folka& Citra": dont forget the sun cream while enjoying the summer 🙂

  33. I think it would also be a good idea to place more characters from other final fantasy such as Luso Clemens or Marche Radiuju both of a spin off of final fantasy tactics

  34. Why did you include CG Bartz and CG Lenna in the 40M DL Four Rainbows Guaranteed Summon? I spent over 30k lapis on CG Bartz banner and got nothing, but people are spending 9k lapis on the 40M banner and getting tons of Bartz and Lennas… I feel really cheated. Way to go, Gumi 🙁

  35. Could you please let Shaly know that putting 40 lbs of make up on, while having RBS doesn't make look any less of a beat up raccoon? Thanks.

  36. hi i wanna leave a question:

  37. Hey Gumi, wheres all the guiles (IGmoney) i spend with latent habilities and u said u give us back? i spend like 12M awakening this habilities the first day and i run out of guiles … if u said to give us back, give it.. Also want to say that u gave me a lot of rainbows and i run out of cactilios. Like, i never was that low, i have 3 esthers to upgrade and i cant. i got elena i got Sol, and i dont have a single cactilio. Make an event to farm them or something plz. ty

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