인도네시아 시골마을 산타클로스가 되어보자!

인도네시아 시골마을 산타클로스가 되어보자!

Please open the subtitles Today we are going to town by hitchhiking to do something special. Hitchhiking to the City center the things that we have paln to do today is thhat Buy toys and give to kids Like Santa Claus. Oguz make money from youtube Now we have enough money to trave But I don’t want to be tourist who looks like a king I’m trying to keep a trip without money. So I was thinking about how to spend my money we Came up with the idea. that is give toys to kids so I’m going to run from today That’s why I love Oguz. i think he is really genius I hate this kind of self-help book Have you read this book? I haven’t read it I read it all. This means there’s only one chance in life For example, if you love someone, you have to say love right away. Maybe there’s no other chance But there’s always a chance. he can find another girl No … honey. This book makes people brave they can think that they need to act right now. Really? I like this book. I read this book Good. Let’s buy We bought a self-help books and science books, and a globe. I bought ukurella and chess too I bought ice cream too Orphanage in the mosque Hi Kids kiss the back of my hands as a respect This is a kind of Muslim culture And I showed them the globe I explained where we came from. I want to tell them how the world is big we gave thema books too. Books are expensive in Indonesia So it’s hard to find a library in indonesia So it’s hard for them to read books. There are some books in the mosque, but only religious books. The mosque has more children than we thought Oguz bought two more ice creams Tuning Ukulele It was wonderful to meet them. we bought more toys after the mosque. we are going to hand out these toys to the kids on the street. we bought all of these toys in table It was a good day Subscribe me The man who hitchhiked us came to the restaurant to have breakfast together He bought all our food It’s the best really nice men take us to city center at morning, I’ve been editing all day today at a café and we are trying to move to other city but we are too lazy to move, so we will stay one more day at probolinggo There are families who invited us to the restaurant the day we went to Bromo volcano. at that day, They invite us to their home so I contacted with them and came to their house. If you are curious about this family, please click the link above. We met again with nasil family 3 nights with the nasil family Eating, playing, sleeping vlog The next morning Thank you sHe prepared some nice food for breakfast. After the meal, we played with naziril. Naziri has a lot of toys. And that night we bought a new toy for nasili even though they have a lot of toys it;s Old toys from my first brother. Nasil’s mother was burdened and didn’t want to receive it. She already gave us so much that she have to get our present. Angel family And I played with the toys we gave him Now it’s move Sometimes there’s a problem with the train. we played with soap bubbles. Nazil’s Ice Cream eating show Too dirty. Look at the hand right is it delicious? Nazil doesn’t know how to eat ice cream yet, but he does his best. Ice cream bar games It’s a game using the remaining ice cream bar after you finish eating the ice cream. Move the ice cream bar with the wind made by hitting the ground So if your bar rises above the bar to someone else, you win. Meal time again Oguz makes his own mee ayam They run a small restaurant right in front of their house. The most delicious mee ayam in the world After dinner We started another game again This is a game using a bottle cap It’s a bit complicated to explain the rules But after learning, this game is the most fun I think there are a lot of fun games using recycled materials in Indonesia. I came to the market with nasil’s mom as soon as I woke up in the morning Indonesian Traditional Market This market is open from 5 am to 10 am before sun. it’s almost 10 o’clock, so most of the stores are already closed. Chicken Head and Chicken Feet I like chicken feet, but Koreans never eat chicken heads fish Thank you i prepared Breakfast witn nasil’s mom Let’s play again after eating Wait for to be hungry again And come back to eat again This is one of the famous foods in Java Every Indonesian family has a stone plate and stone for grinding food like this. She mixes peanuts, peppers and many other sauce ingredients in this bowl Then add Indonesian rice cake and beef cheek meat origami Flying a paper plane bird Nazil horsse when i look at these families I’m really happy Arm wrestling Dad vs Oguz First son vs Oguz Nasil vs Oguz Nazil vs Oguz Now it’s time to go to the night market We are now at the night market with happy families. Sweet street dessert And we stopped by a small amusement park I came to ride the Vikings on my second ride. Nasiri Hi it was Nasil’s first time to ride the Viking. he always close his eyes, because he feel so scared And I thought it’s over now but This viking never stops and starts again. it start again Subscribe me Ice cream time Baby, how are you going to eat ice cream? We stayed here for 3 nights,
and today we will leave probolinggo we had lots of fun with the kids with lovely family they present the dress that now I’m wearing ahd they Give Ogusz a Muslim Sarung And I got a hat. but Where is the hat? Where is your hat? I’ll show you later. they give us many good gifts and too many delicious foods I met so good family members The atmosphere was so harmonious so I felt so good with nice family Last breakfast Thank you Thank you so much for the probolinggo family.

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  1. Hey siz iki güzel insan tıpkı bir melek gibisiniz yetimleri sevindirdiniz bu çok güzel bir olay harikasınız sizleri seviyoruz lütfen böyle devam edin videolarınızı bekliyoruz dikkatli olun ve kendinize çok iyi bakın ??

  2. Introdaki ağzını açıp göz kirptigin anda suratına terlikle vurmak istiyorum. Eminim bunu isteyen tek kişi ben degilim

  3. 와~정말 대단해요~ 한편으론 왜저렇게 힘들게만 다닐까?? 그래도 여행인데….가끔 그런생각도 했었는데….오늘 영상보고…많은이해를하게되고..저역시 반성하게되네요~정말 대단해요..당신이 한국사람이라는게 자랑스럽고…오구즈에게도 전해주세요~ 멋지다고~~~^^

  4. 댓글 남기기 부끄러워서 영상 보기만 했던 구독자에요. 두 분 다 예쁜 마음을 가지고 계셔서 저까지 행복해지는 영상이었어요? 오늘도 재밌는 영상 감사해요!

    오구즈님 영상도 보고싶은데 혜연님 나오는 부분 빼고는 1도 이해 못하는데 한국어나 영어자막 넣게 되실 일이 있을까요ㅠㅠ?

  5. 우연히 보게되었어요 구독하고 갑니당 ^^ 남친분과 잘 어울리세요 항상 행복하세요 한편으론 부러워요 진정 욜로이시네요 ^^

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