10 Candy Bars America Wished They Had (Part 3)

10 Candy Bars America Wished They Had (Part 3)

Americans have plenty of great candy bars
to enjoy, but many people in the USA wish that they could nosh on candy bars from other
countries. Thanks to the power of the Internet, they may be able to order these candy bars
online, but they generally aren’t sold in USA stores. Here are 10 Candy Bars America
Wished They Had – Part 3. Cherry Blossoms In Canada Cherry Blossoms are a classic Canadian sweet
treat. A Cherry Blossom has a maraschino cherry center that’s wrapped in rich chocolate. These
delicious confections pack all of the flavor punch of typical candy bars, but they’re shaped
a little differently than regular candy bars. Cherry Blossoms come in square packages that
are fairly small. Inside of each square box, there is a single Cherry Blossom with a rounded
top and flat base. There are also multi-packs, which allow candy fans to get four Cherry
Blossoms per package. Americans can find these treats online, so they’re not totally
out of reach. It’s easier for Canadians to find them in brick-and-mortar stores. These
candy bars have been available in Canada for many decades. This classic Canadian confection
was originally manufactured by a Canadian company called Lowney, which was later acquired
by Hershey. These candy bars are special because their luscious cherry centers are surrounded
by delectable cherry syrup. They’re also special because their chocolate coating features roasted
pieces of peanuts and bits of shredded coconut. All of the flavors and textures come together
and the end result is amazing. Americans who love the sweetest of candy bars should definitely
try to get their hands on Cherry Blossom treats. Nestlé Lion Bar In The UK Most Americans have never had the chance to
sample Lion candy bars from the United Kingdom. Lion candy bars are made by Nestlé, which
is a company that definitely has a strong global presence. Nestlé tailors its offerings
by country, to ensure that each nation gets food products that suit national preferences.
The Lion candy bar has been offered to UK residents since the mid-1970’s. It’s a classic
and beloved United Kingdom candy bar which provides a plethora of yummy flavors and textures.
The bar features crunchy cereals, caramel that’s delightfully chewy, and wafer that’s
light and crisp, with a milk chocolate coating. This candy bar is a substantial and satisfying
sweet treat. This candy bar has very bold packaging. An illustration of a roaring lion
decorates the red and brown wrapper, along with bright yellow text. Because Lion bars
are imported from the UK, most online shops that offer these bars to American customers
charge more. Lion bars from abroad are delicious and they are exciting because they are something
new to Americans. Cadbury Moro In Australia This candy bar is available in Australia and
New Zealand. Candy fans in the Middle East are also able to enjoy Moro bars. A Moro bar
is a lot like a Mars bar or a Milky Way bar. This candy bar, which has a distinctive black
wrapper with yellow text, is renowned for its Cadbury milk chocolate, caramel, and nougat.
Some restaurants in New Zealand offer patrons Moro bars that are deep-fried. Americans who
can’t get Moro bars can always deep-fry Mars or USA-style Milky Way bars, to enjoy unique
desserts. The Moro is a candy bar that’s not too easy for Americans to find in stores
or order online. If you’re an American who’s looking for unique treats from other places,
and you think that you’ll enjoy a candy bar with a nougat and caramel center, which is
covered in a delicious layer of Dairy Milk chocolate from Cadbury, then hunting for this
candy bar online may be worth your while. The bar is actually marketed as being a great
way to access energy fast. People who need a boost while they’re on the go can eat Moro
bars to get some needed calories rapidly. If you’re determined to try a Moro bar, you
may want to look for these types of candy stores online, or in your own town or city. Nestlé Daim In Sweden This Swedish treat gets rave reviews. The
Daim bar was invented back in the 50s and it’s still going strong today, although most
Americans haven’t heard of it. This bar is manufactured by the Marabou company and it’s
a version of a Heath bar, which has similar ingredients, but doesn’t taste exactly the
same. Marabou actually tried to get the recipe for the Heath bar, way back when, but the
company that produced the Heath bar wouldn’t share. However, the Heath team were willing
to share a list of all ingredients used in the bar. Once Maribou got the ingredients,
the company started coming up with its own Heath-style bar, which was eventually called
The Daim bar. A Daim candy bar is a chocolate-covered toffee bar. It features an inner core of almond
toffee that’s crunchy, plus a tasty Maribou chocolate coating. Some people add pieces
of Daim bars to their baking recipes to give them more Scandinavian flair and great taste.
Bits of Daim bar are also amazing add-ons for ice cream. Full-size bars are available,
as well as fun miniatures. Some Americans are able to access the miniature Daim bars
at local IKEA outlets, so keep this in mind if you’re American and want to find Daim bars.
While the mini-bars can’t currently be ordered at IKEA websites in the USA, they are available
via some other online retailers, although prices for the imported treats vary widely
and may be a little steep, depending on the online retailer. Over the years, there have
been some interesting limited-edition Daim bar flavors, including Cappuccino, “forest
fruit”, gingerbread and mint. The original flavor, with crunchy almond toffee, is very
popular with consumers. Cadbury Curly Wurly In The UK The Curly Wurly is a UK sweet treat that’s
so much fun, thanks to its unique ladder shape and its chewy texture. It is possible for
Americans to order this United Kingdom candy bar online, and some retailers do offer it
for reasonable prices. If you’ve never tried a candy bar that resembles a caramel ladder
that’s coated in delicious chocolate, you may find that giving the Curly Wurly a try
is a great idea. This candy bar is definitely unique. This bar is marketed as a twisty
treat and it has a fairly low calorie count, compared to other candy bars. Fans of Cadbury
chocolate will probably love the Curly Wurly, if they can get their hands on it. It’s a
popular Brit treat that’s been manufactured since the Seventies. You’ll find it in England
and in a range of other nations, including Romania, Australia, Portugal and Malta. Originally,
this exciting candy bar had a different name. It was known as a Marathon bar and it came
in bold red packaging. Each chocolate-coated caramel ladder is 8 inches in length. Caramel
strands covered in chocolate offer a true “melt in your mouth” experience. Mr. Tom In Switzerland This Swiss candy bar has an interesting and
memorable name and also tastes great. The bar features plenty of caramel and roasted
peanuts. It comes in yellow packaging with red lettering, which also features images
of comical people and cartoon characters, including a clown in a tiny red hat. Crafted
by a company called Hosta Meltis, Mr. Tom candy bars taste somewhat like peanut brittle,
but they’re easier to snack on, because of their crisp and light texture. If you manage
to access one of these candy bars, you may find that you’re able to inhale the candy
bar in record time. Each crunchy bite will be delicious. Every bar has 60 percent peanuts,
which are coated in caramel and made into bars. Peanut and caramel fans may find that
this candy bar is worth finding online, even if it’s almost impossible to find in local
shops. This is a candy bar without chocolate, which makes it a stand out. It’s perfect for
those who want sweet treats that don’t feature chocolate. This is another bar that pairs
well with ice cream. If you manage to find a Mr. Tom, break it up into pieces and add
them to vanilla ice cream. You’ll love it, and can thank us later. Nestlé Polly Waffle In Australia For a while, the Australian candy bar known
as the Polly Waffle was off the market. It was reintroduced to Aussie consumers in 2009.
Unfortunately, sales of the rebooted Polly Waffle weren’t as high as expected, so the
candy bar was once again discontinued. Many people in Australia do miss the Polly Waffle.
Luckily, this classic Australian sweet treat is slated for yet another comeback. A company
called Robert Menz bought the rights to the Polly Waffle in January of 2019. Robert Menz
revived another legendary candy bar, the Violet Crumble, and may have the same success with
the Polly Waffle. The Polly Waffle was a tube of waffle wafer that had a marshmallow
center. The tube and marshmallow filling were covered in chocolate. It’s safe to say that
lots of Aussies are celebrating the pending relaunch of the Polly Waffle. Mackintosh’s Toffee In Canada Awesome and creamy Mackintosh toffee is renowned
for its exceptional taste. It’s available in Canada, but USA residents can probably
find it online without too much of a problem. In the USA, it won’t be available in brick-and-mortar
shops, unless they are candy shops that specialize in imported treats. This treat was the brainchild
of a man named John Mackintosh. He owned a candy shop in England, which opened for business
during 1890. He got the idea for the toffee after starting his candy shop business. Since
Mackintosh toffee has been around for over a century, it’s definitely a classic candy
that has a proven track record. The toffees are found in Quality Street candy tins, because
the Mackintosh family invented Quality Street. The Canadian bars are fantastic. They have
a hard texture at first, but quickly soften when they are chewed. In addition to bars,
Canadians are now able to access smaller toffee bites that come in bags, which some people
find very convenient. Cadbury Crispy Crunch In Canada This Canadian candy bar has a harder-than-average
texture, thanks to its peanut flake filling and chocolate coating. The filling is crispy
and crunchy, which is why this bar got its name. The Crispy Crunch comes from Cadbury
and it was invented during the 30s. Its inventor was a man named Harold Oswin, who rolled candy
for a company called Neilson’s. He invented the bar because a contest was announced, whereby
contestants would create candy bars and submit their concepts. He was the winner. The bar
initially had a log shape, but the shape was eventually made flatter, and the flatter shape
is what is sold today. During the 90s, these chocolate bars were available in the USA.
Unfortunately, the company that distributed them went under. This meant that Americans
could no longer buy the candy bars in shops. A low-cal version of the bar surfaced in America
during the middle of the 90s, but it was a limited time thing. When Cadbury began making
Crispy Crunch bars, the company altered the classic recipe a little bit, to reduce saltiness
and add sweetness. Currently, it’s not too easy to find Crispy Crunch bars at online
retailers that sell imported candy, but you may be able to find an online retailer that
does ship Crispy Crunch bars to American customers. If you’re in the USA, consider crossing the
border to get a Crispy Crunch, because they are really great candy bars. Ferrero Duplo In Germany Americans with a taste for European candy
bars should try to find Ferrero Duplo bars, which come from Germany. These candy bars
are the most popular candy bars in Germany. They’ve been best-sellers for a long time
now. The Ferrero Duplo features myriad layers of thin wafers, along with nougat cream. The
wafers and nougat are covered in creamy milk chocolate. These bars are available at online
retailers that serve American customers, so getting your hands on Ferrero Duplo bars won’t
be impossible. However, online availability and price vary widely. Ferrero is the same
company that produces some beloved products that are available in the USA, including the
all-too-addictive Nutella spread, with its distinctive chocolate and hazelnut flavor. If
you love other Ferrero products, such as Nutella, you may want to sample Ferrero Duplo candy
bars. There’s a reason why these candy bars are so beloved in Germany. They’re truly delicious
and also quite easy to eat. It’s also quite easy to check out more of
our great videos – just tap that screen. And show us some love by joining our notification
squad, hit that subscribe button and ring that bell if you’re new to our channel.

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  2. I had a Lion Bar and was greatly disappointed! Give me the Flake or Aero bar…yum. And you can easily get a lot of these at World Market stores.

  3. Cherry blossom is not even a bar, it'd more like a bon bon and the kind of cherry's in it are revolting. Lion bars are gross. That moro looks exactly like a Mars and sounds like one aswel and Cadburys wad ruined when that American company bought it and changed the chocolate. Its not tasty milk chocolate anymore its candied. Dimes bars are nice but hard and brittle.tjry will really stick to your teeth so be prepared. Curly wurly used to be thick with a generous chocolate coating and very long, now a days they are thin and small with much less chocolate coating. Mr Tom bars are yummy. Polly waffles sound good. Lol no one likes Quality street. It's the worse sweet tin gift you can get. Those forerro bars look so good. Nutella is not said as new tells, it's nut el ah

  4. The Lion bar and a bunch of English candies and food are sold in a small international section at Walmart in the condiments aisle. (FL) I saw the classic turkish delight, bought caramel wafers, lion and skor, and the amazing aero bars.

  5. omg the cherry blossoms are my favorite candys! i get them for every holiday i celebrate

  6. I should look for some of these next time I cross the ditch, but Dollarama and Zehrs aren't exactly the greatest places to find candy in Canada. ;p

  7. I hate to tell you this but there is a candy with a cherry inside a piece of chocolate like you mentioned.
    It's from Sees Candy and its a Mayfair. It was usually a Cherry Cordial but I guess as of 2020 they don't make them anymore.

  8. I wish we had more new candy bars instead of the candy bars we’ve had for centuries and decades it’s 2020 somebody somewhere give us a new candy bar!!!

  9. The U.S. used to have Marathon bars (now Curly Wurlys) in the 1970's. These were discontinued a LONGGGGG time ago, but I remember them from my childhood. Here's another throwback: does anyone remember Astro Pops? I used to get one from the concession stand at the local park. LOVED those!!!!

  10. Canada has the best candy but it’s one of the only countries that my family and I can afford to visit we still don’t have a passport though

  11. You suggest a Moro bar in Australia….if you'd tried some Fruchocs you'd have bumped that Moro off the list. You even showed them and old mate Robet Menz and his company Menz who makes Fruchoc!

  12. I actually saw and got to eat the Lion candy bar , It is in America ( at Publix ) in the International Foods section

  13. We have the nestle lion bar in Sweden its been so long Since i eated it But i tastes like twix and the daim is so Good its my fav swedish candy

  14. Its not 'new-tella' its NUT-ella. The clue is in the ingredients (i.e. nuts) you dont go to the shop and ask for wal-newts or pea-newts. The snickers slogan usnt 'Get some Newts' is it? Its nuts. Its made from nuts and chocolate ffs.

  15. W-wait you don't get Lion bars in america? I simply LOVE lions.
    I've always had a few candies I've envied you guys for here in germany but now I don't think I want to trade any more!

  16. Actually you can get Duplo in a US territory. We can buy them in Walgreens with ease in Puerto Rico, along with all of the Ferrero line.

  17. Cherry blossoms are just cherry cordials, we have cherry cordials in the US they just don’t have peanuts or coconut in them. I love them though they are so good.

  18. Im so surprised that lion bar,curly surly are not in America now i should take these for granted

    I should get out more often

    Edit: I haven’t had Polly waffle or violet crumble…. yet

  20. Bro I grew up with Mr tom! I loved them so much. I still eat it sometimes. BTW it's also available in Germany(where I am). Lion and daim too

  21. Cherry Blossoms?!
    America has Queen Anne chocolate -covered cherries and St. Joseph, Missouri produces Cherry Mash.
    Blossoms look like a combination of the two.

  22. The Aussies have some of the best candy- Violet Crumble was the bomb when they were available in the US back in the 90's and 00's, but I wish they had an American distributor for the relaunch bar!

  23. A deep fried Mars bar is a Scottish delicacy and is now depicted on the flag of Scotland. In Scotland its classed as health food.
    My fav. are orange Matchmakers (little chocolate twigs that taste of orange), Munchies (small chocolatey and caramel cubes) and Chocolate Orange (it's a round ball).

    I still refer to 'Snickers' as 'Marathon' (the original name in the U.K) If you go into a Tesco or Aldi or Lidl store they have snickers clones for about half the price of snickers. You get 8 small bars in a packet for 89p ($1.15)

  24. I live in a small town in Utah, USA, and we have the exact same cherry candy here too. It's called Big Cherry, It's in a pink wrapper, and with a juicy cherry surrounded by chocolate and nuts. (Just Google Big Cherry) And the Crispy Crunch looks and sounds like a Butterfinger.

  25. ROFLMAO on Twitter someone made a post about what is the worst candy bar ever, the kind where even if you were starving you wouldn't eat

    Theirs was Cherry Blossom, and to be honest it looks like the cherry cordials that are all over the US and I personally don't care for them

    Although I would choose them over anything mint…I'd eat a bug over mint…I hate mint with a passion

    I'd go on GMM and do a "Will It" if it means no mint or seafood…I'm allergic to seafood

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