10 Times Santa Was Caught On Camera

10 Times Santa Was Caught On Camera

Do you believe in Santa Claus well
there’s good reasons to do so as st. Nick has been caught on camera many
times seeing is it’s Christmas I found some of the most convincing videos of
Santa Claus caught on camera let’s check them out analyze them and see if they’re
real or fake I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at ten times Santa was
caught on camera but why not give me a Christmas present by subscribing and
pressing the notification bell to coming up first we have airplane Santa this
video was taken in Ireland on Christmas Eve on the night there was a full moon
lighting up the sky someone was on an airplane at night and they saw something
amazing out the window they were flying into Ireland to visit family for
Christmas Day but on that night of Christmas Eve they saw Santa Claus and
his sleigh as you can see his sleigh is leaving a magical trail because it’s
dark out and Santa’s sleigh has no lights you can’t see it against the
black sky but as soon as Santa goes past the full moon you can make out exactly
what’s going on next up is Santa snow so we’ve seen a video of Santa and his
reindeer pulling a sleigh but here’s a time at when Santa himself was caught in
the snow the guy who recorded this had no idea what he was seeing at first
maybe it’s really Saint Nick after a long long night delivering presents or
maybe it’s a boozed up neighbor coming back from a Christmas party what do you
think is going on in this clip of Santa Claus stuck in the snow next up is full
moon Santa this video was taken in the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve in fact
it was taken on the Christmas Eve of the same year of the previous video we’ve
already seen that being the airplane Santa video as you can see it kind of
looks like a blur going past the full moon that’s because it’s being filmed
from so far away but it can’t be an airplane as it’s leaving a big trail so
the marking in the sky here on Christmas Eve really does resemble Santa’s sleigh
it seems to leave some kind of magic trail that disperses after a while but
do you think this is really sad to slay or is it something else next up
is North Pole plain this Santa sighting also happened on an airplane but this
time the airplane was flying over Santa’s home turf the North Pole
according to legends Santa’s grotto is located in the North Pole but on this
airplane coming from Canada to China the aircraft crew saw something amazing yep
this video was actually caught by aircraft crew and as you can see on this
routine flight something amazing can be seen from the window
the pilots even called this into the air traffic control saying they have a UFO
they did not mean an alien spaceship but instead an unidentified flying object
which is what this is at first they thought maybe it’s a military Jenks but
according to radar maps no planes were in the area so maybe this was Santa
leaving to deliver presents or maybe him returning to his home base next stop is
Knights Lane this clip is incredibly clear and very near to Saint Nick the
video taken the night shows Santa in his sleigh flying past houses some say this
video could be fake and Santa was added in afterwards but seeing as it has
dimensions and goes past chimneys I don’t think that’s true
I think this video was real but wasn’t really Santa in that sleigh who knows in
the video there also appears to be the jingling of sleigh bells next up is
hiding Santa this video was taken on the 24th of December 2012 the video was shot
by some kids who appeared to see Santa by the sidewalk of their house the kids
shout out at Santa from their porch but Santa sneaks off he then appears in
their backyard the kids are stunned and really believe this is Saint Nick but
watch the video and decide for yourself is this really Santa Claus or something
else coming up next we have flying away we’ve already seen many videos of
reindeer pulling Santa’s in his sleigh but this is the only known video of
Santa’s sleigh actually taking off look closely and see if you can spot the red
glow coming from Rudolph’s nose watch the clip and leave a comment telling me
if you think this is real or fake if this is a fake then it’s probably one of
the best I’ve ever seen and the final clip we’ll look at is near me
this one was caught on a plane and as a near collision between Santa’s sleigh
and an airplane in the footage a passenger is arguing with a flight
attendant saying there’s a plane flying really close to us the flight attendant
tells them to calm down but many passengers are freaking out
the passengers tell the flight attendant to tell the pilot that there’s a plane
flying really near to them but as it gets closer they realize this is not a
plane instead it appears to be Santa’s sleigh
the Slavin goes directly underneath the airplane scaring the passengers this was
a really near miss but seeing a Santa flies across the entire world in 24
hours I’m sure he has lots of these leave a comment telling me if you
thought that video is authentic or not but now it’s time to make your opinion
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oh and have yourself a very Merry Christmas

100 thoughts on “10 Times Santa Was Caught On Camera

  1. Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ… WATCH NEXT: Never Do This On An Airplane

  2. This is just silly, Santa has the power to travel the world in one night with flying reindeer and a floating sleigh and you're telling me that he can get caught on camera when not even the worlds military's hardware can see him.

  3. Oh lawd the BS 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  4. This was clearky meant for kids and every negative person in the comments saying this is fake is ruining children's childhoods. Merry Christmas

  5. Kids! Don't listen to these mean ppl on here! Santa didn't leave them anything so they're a little upset!
    Now krampus, on the other hand… Might be who they think Santa is!

  6. That last one was a slightly off RPG aimed at that 747 πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  7. YES keep sharing this information! the government is trying to hide the fact that santa ACTUALLY exists! OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE

  8. I think it's ok to allow children to believe in Santa BUT they should also be taught that Jesus is the reason for the season!!!!

  9. Y'ALL better believe it is real and even if you don't think that it is just say it is this time of year is a magical time for children and remember that all children are also online Merry Christmas all thumbs up my friends

  10. Bro santa is not real perens is doing that to lie to they children this is not true do your calculations can a fat man like Santa fit in a chimney of a house and how can Santa get their over millions or more houses in one night if I was you I wouldn't upload this video on my YouTube channel

  11. Its so convincing, now I believe!!
    Please make a video on 10 times God was caught on camera and show those darn atheists!!

  12. Do you believe in Father Christmas, Charlie? Good fun mate… Hope you had a great time this Christmas. πŸ™‚

  13. 1:52 Planes leave a trail of smoke, that or planes make an air current that pulls clouds along. You should do more research

  14. Can barely see anything on those small windows you put the videos in. And really quick to jump to the next one. FAKE! DUH!!

  15. Santa is not real because people go Christmas shopping for presents. If Santa is real he probably doesn't deliver presents he probably just has nothing to do so he just flies around. I am not a Santa believer. I am just trying to point something out to Santa believers.

  16. This might of been a dream, but once I woke up in the middle of the night on Christmas eve and the door was slightly cracked and there was a red flashing light. I immedietly thought it was Rudolph, but two questions remain: Does it count as me seeing Santa & if it was truly Rudolph, why was he in the house? Reply what you think it could of been.

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