100 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR HER- Girlfriend, Mom, Sister etc.

100 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR HER- Girlfriend, Mom, Sister etc.

It’s the middle of exam season and I’m a mess about it’s December 1st, so you know it’s basically Christmas and I can pretend that I’m I’m great for this video I have two lists here to help you all with all of your Christmas shopping needs one’s for girls And the other ones for guys and as you can probably tell where the title of this video This one’s gonna be the one for girls the ideas range in like different prices and like different type of girls like your mom or your sister like a sporty girl on the hipster girl and some of the Items in these lists will overlap, which you’ll see if you watch both videos But I figured some people will not be watching both videos, so I wanted to include them anyway, but yeah Let’s go ahead and get into the video The first thing you could get her is scratch map she just kind of like scratches out which places she’s been to The second thing is some fairy lights the third thing would be a tapestry especially the ones from society6 are super nice Number four is a Polaroid camera Or if She already has the camera then just get her some film the next one you could get her a nice ring light the next one is some Lululemon slash like gymshark leggings Number seven is a planner for 2018 or you could just buy her like a journal or one of those like daily journaling Q&A kind of things Number nine is a salon gift card the next one is the purse just any nice purse honestly a girl is bound to like that Eleven is a wire grid for pictures I know they sell them at like Urban Outfitters, but I’m sure you can get it from way cheaper on Amazon So just do that instead number twelve It’s a Spotify slash Apple music subscription depending on like what you think she likes or what you like best Thirteen is Alexa or sorry the like Amazon echo thing slash like the Google home. I think both of those are pretty cool So that would be a good gift fourteen would be a nice pair of earrings Or you could get her like a nice necklace or even just like a nice ring. Honestly. Jewelry is usually a pretty good bet Seventeen is a cinema light box. If you don’t know what that is, I probably have a picture here They’re really cool and nice room decor 18 is a makeup bag the next one is some Victoria Secrets slash pink pajamas Number 20 is some Clarisonic for all her skin care needs 21 some nail polish like gift sets they have a whole bunch of them at Sephora Number 22 is a Swell water bottle the next one is the spin classes gift card to like SoulCycle or salted cycle Or I don’t know whatever cycling place you have near you 24 is a neon sign, which would make for some really cool home decor 25 Daniel Wellington watch or just any watch Michael Kors whatever she likes Number 26, I’m gonna butcher the pronunciation of this see Fjall Raven Kankan backpack you know the ones I’m talking about They’re super cute number 27 is face masks, and the next one is tickets for a concert And if you don’t know what concert she likes that’s like coming up soon Then just get her a Ticketmaster gift cards so that she can go buy the tickets Number 29 a gift card to their favorite restaurant like honestly. I wouldn’t even complain if I got a Chipotle gift card I feel like that’d be pretty cool Number 30 some eyelash extensions Not not like buying the extensions like an eyelash extensions gift card I mean 31 some converse or like new sneakers the next one it could be some Beats headphones like the wireless ones are pretty cool 33 record player, or if she already has a record player then just buy her records for it 35 is the Starbucks tumbler The next one is like a canon lens or like any kind of camera lens if she already has a camera Or you could get her a rode microphone for her camera if she’s like into the whole videoing deal 38 is a bikini and 39 is bath bombs 40 is so cool. You could get her one of those like HP photo printers for her phone So you can just print the pictures right as you take them kind of like making your phone into a like Polaroid camera 41 is the curling one the next one straightening iron, or you could just go with perfume which is a pretty simple gift 44 is much of their like favorite TV show or like movies like I would honestly love to have a stranger things shirt So mom dad if you’re watching this boyfriend Buy me buy me some merch from stranger things 45 is a phone case 46 a yoga, mat if she doesn’t already have one 47 is the like eyebrow kit from Anastasia? Anastasia? however you pronounce it from Sephora The 48 is a belt 49 some Calvin Klein underwear slash sports bras 50 would be some fuzzy socks 51 amusement park tickets specially cool if you live like near Disneyland, or I don’t know Universal Studios 52 a new wallet 53 a blow dryer or 54 a hair diffuser for all of these like frizzy problem deals 55 skincare items anything really pretty general 56 of Dad hat or any kind of baseball hat 57 you could just get her penny board they’re pretty cute, and if they live on campus It’s honestly like nice to use them to get around with 58 any kind of like workout clothes like a sports bra just like a running top whatever works 59 art supplies if she’s that kind of girl get her like a new sketchbook or like paint brushes or whatever works for her 60 some videogames 61 a naked palette or any kind of palette that she’s been saying that she wants 62 a book. Here’s one that I recommend 63 is a subscription box Membership to like the fabfitfun or one of those and the gift will just keep on giving it for a couple months, so that’s good 64 any kind of like makeup storage to keep it in 65 a Fitbit 66 to go with the Fitbit I guess like a gym membership obviously like in a non offensive way But it’d be super cool. If somebody just paid for your gym membership 67 a fuzzy throw blanket 68 some new makeup brushes because we clearly don’t replace those as much as we really should 69 a Bluetooth tracking tags for like your keys and stuff, so if your things get lost you can track them through your phone 70 a water infuser, so these these guys here 71 a morphie charging case, so you just attach it to your phone like this Or you can just get a portable charger that she can carry around 73 a magic bullet 70 any kind of cozy sweater, it’s the perfect weather for them, so why not 75 a fisheye lens for your phone or any kind of like lens kit for the cell phone You could get her personalized camera strap like a monogram leather one like this one here. That’d be really cool. If she’s into that 77 you could just buy her some wine 78 you could get her some college gear I don’t I like love the freaking sweaters from my like University So that’s always good to get if she is in college 79 at a French press the next one is just any kind of nice bralettes 81 Is a bath caddy. I know it sounds weird, but when you see it here You’ll know what I mean for those relaxing nights eighty two one of those light-up mirrors Eighty-three one of those camera lens mug things like this one eighty four you could get her a ticket stub diary I personally feel like this would be really cool You just keep all your ticket stubs in it, and they make them like especially for that 85 a camera bag again if she’s into the whole camera thing 86 get this I feel like it’d be so funny It’s a game called. What do you meme? and it’s like cards against humanity’ but with memes it’s a pretty cool 88 some pocket hand warmers for all those girls that have cold hands 89 Anastasia Anastasia contour palette 90 any like kind of tea kits or like tea gift set thing 91 scented candles 92 a cookbook the next one is just some speakers You could get her waterproof speakers or just any kind of like portable speaker would be cool 94 is the who’s most likely to game, I will not talk about it too long here But here’s a picture of it And then you’ll be able to find a link in the description below if you’re interested in finding out what that is and 95 Some new stationery any like new pens like I love the Muji pens they’re so nice 96 an armband for their phones so when they’re running or jogging or whatever their phone is with them um 97 scarf 98 a lifeproof phone case especially good If their phone is not waterproof 99 a Photoshop or like Lightroom subscription and finally 100 of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere subscription Alright, that was a hundred gift ideas which was a frickin lot But I hope these helped you out if you want to see the ones for the guys I will leave the link in the description below and probably as an end card to this video if you did like this video make Sure to give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button below, and I will catch you in the next Christmas gift video or if you have already watched both for them, thank you. I will catch you in my next next video

74 thoughts on “100 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR HER- Girlfriend, Mom, Sister etc.

  1. This is clutch. I already bought all of my gifts but definitely reassured me my gifts for my girlfriend are good.

  2. Remember to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more content! There's also 100 more ideas for him! Link is at the end card of the video or you can check out my channel <3 <3 Merry Christmas everyone

  3. “It’s December 1st so it’s basically Christmas” this is the kind of positivity I need in my life 🎄🙌🏻

  4. These are like gift ideas you get from tumblr. Or Pinterest. You should do like WEIRD unexpected gifts that people will like

  5. A quality scarf, candle, Madam Chic book, dust slippers. Personally, I would love tickets to the synphony. I like your suggestion of perfume, yoga mat, water infuser, pocket hand warmers, speakers, arm band for phone

  6. Thank you so much!!!!! THIS IS SOOO HELPFUL…I had no idea what to get my older sister, but since you gave me the idea of a water infuser..:D:D:D:D:D: :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  7. Damn you deserve more views and subs! You put so much time and effort and seem like a cool person to hang around! Great video, keep at YouTube and you will be famous in no time!

  8. This video is so helpful thank you I got my sis for secret Santa and she is going to be so happy with what I got her your so helpful 🥰🤠

  9. All this stuff is so expensive. I am broke as hell. I can’t afford to get my sister converse or beats. I can’t even afford to get them for myself…

  10. I have been trying to find a good present for my mom this year which is very hard because she doesn’t wear much jewelry, she doesn’t wear make up at all. She’s not really into girly stuff. She only likes a certain style of clothing so I don’t want to get the wrong outfit for her. So overall, it’s been so hard! If you guys have any ideas please drop it in the replies! Thank you

  11. Converse sneakers are a somewhat good idea; however, I don't think that would be a good choice for my mother (same with the bikini or Calvin Klein sports bra either). Not something to buy for or be seen on a female relative. Absent the family relations factor and I am all for it!

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