12 Weeks of Halloween Week 2019 Week 1

12 Weeks of Halloween Week 2019 Week 1

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch this is the project we’re making today and this is
the first project for the 12 weeks of Halloween and yes it is 12 weeks away
believe it or not okay so here are the measurements now don’t get this confused
this is using twelve by twelve cardstock okay so when I first made this box I
accidentally used eleven inches and it’s supposed to be eleven and a half so this
is six by eleven and a half and that is crumb cake and you can find this in the
neutrals pack of the cardstock packs okay we’ve got another piece just a
scrap for our die right here we’ve got basic black and crushed curry both of
these are three by three and they’re also going to be used with the dies the
ornate frame dies we’ve got four pieces of the designer series paper and two of
them measure three and three quarters by three and a half and then we have two
that measures three and a half by one and a quarter okay we’re going to start
with the simply scored scoring tool okay so I’m going to place it on the
landscape side which is the eleven and a half inch side and I’m going to score it
at half an inch four and a half six and tan I’m going to turn it on the portrait
side which is the six inch side and I’m going to score it at three quarters and
four and a half okay we’re going to fold on all the score lines I’ll use my bone folder to burnish it okay one more okay we’re gonna take our
scissors and cut up to the score line on every one of these on both sides so
there’s four on this side and then up here as well okay now take the scissors
and remove this section right here and this section this is using box template
number seven so that will be over on my website it’ll also be in the inspiration
sheet or the instruction sheet okay so now we have some work to do this
space right here measures four by three and three quarters so I took a piece of
copy paper and cut it four by three and three quarters and then I fold it in
half wait this way so fold it in half and then fold it in half and fold it in
half and you get these crosshairs so I just took a pencil so I’m going to show
you on this side okay I’m gonna use a red marker that way you can tell so I
didn’t do this side so that I can show you how to do it so again fold it in
half fold it in half and then this piece right here fold in half just like that
and then you’re going to do it the opposite direction which I’ve already
done that so what that does is that gives me this center point here and this
center point here so I just take a pencil or an ink pan and I draw a small
dot on that crosshair okay and then I take a crop-a-dile or a
whole time and I make the hole right in the center okay same thing on this side and then that tells me where I need to
place my holes and ignore this I folded this in the wrong direction so I messed
up first time okay so I’m gonna lay this here you can tell that lines up and I’m
just gonna take my marker and trace that hole now you could free or eyeball it or
whatever if you’re not all concerned about your ribbon being exact then just
eyeball it I’ve done that many a times especially when I’m in a hurry
okay so I’m gonna take the crop-a-dile if you have any of the old Stampin Up
handheld punches those will work but they have all since retired so yeah you’ll be worried about these holes
getting cut on that section that’s gonna fold down so it’s not gonna matter okay
now what to do next we’re gonna add our designer series paper so these two
pieces go here this goes here and this goes here okay
so I’m gonna get my liquid glue and I’m gonna get my silicone mat so that I
don’t repeat what I did earlier this week when I got glue on my project every
not everybody as several people said why don’t you just put another piece of
paper over it I was like wow that was a great idea of course I didn’t think
about it at the time you know when you mess up when you’re live I get flustered
I get I lose all train of thought so maybe some people bounce back really
quickly I’m not one of those but that was a brilliant idea but then I also
really don’t want to waste any of my designer series paper because I kind of
like to hoard it to be honest I do use it a lot though so when I say hoard it I
just mean I don’t want to waste it I want to use it on projects although I do
donate a lot of twelve by twelve paper to the local schools okay so I’ve got
one more to do this product the designer series paper
is called the monster bash and it will be available when the holiday catalog
goes live on September 4th ok so now that we have our whoops goodness let me
get that time to dry before I start moving it you could sponge the edges on
this project but I’ve already designed three of three more projects for my 12
weeks of Halloween and i sponged a couple of those so I’m gonna sponge some
not sponge some of the others okay so we need to take our crop-a-dile again and
re punch the holes for the ribbon so I’m just gonna fold that over and punch you
guys can probably hear gizmo upstair saying they are moving brook and the
birds are moving back to college next week so you won’t be hearing them it’ll
be very quiet it’ll be scary okay one more okay now we need to add the ribbon
I know you’re saying when in the world is you’re going to assemble that box
well we have to add the ribbon next so we are using the black satin ribbon and
this is in the annual catalog okay so I’m gonna take it and thread it through
the hole on the front of the box oh and you know what let me go ahead and cut my
ten and a half inches so let me back up for a second you want two pieces that
measure ten and a half inches what that does is that allows your handles to have
to be the same measurement often times when I’m creating projects though I
don’t get that measurement and then later I’m like oh girl what did I start
with okay so same thing I’m going to take my ribbon and thread it through
that hole right there and then I’m going to turn this over and now here is the
biggest dilemma how to tape this down when I’ve made this project
in the past I have used clear scotch tape I have used Terran tape I’ve used
all sorts of things so I’m going to tell you use what works for you okay so it’s
it is gonna get covered up a little bit so try to put your adhesive over the
hole and that’s why I’m not really going to use the liquid glue because I want to
go right over the top of that and since we do sell the tear in tape I’m just
going to use that but between you and I I do often times just use scotch tape
because I have such an abundance of it okay so you don’t have to peel the top
off because we’re not really doing anything yet we will later when we go to
fold that over okay so now I’m going to bring this back around to the front make
sure my handle is the way I want it and then thread it again we will be trimming
this one but I want to make sure that I have my ribbon going in the direction
that I want it to be in before I trim it okay that looks good right there so
again just a small piece of tearing tape to hold that down and then I’ll trim
this extra okay same thing on this side so I’m a fast
forward this if the video becomes too long same thing making sure this is going in
the right direction now here’s the other thing I want to do
I want to see if my handles line up that looks pretty good I always end up with
one side just a teeny tiny bit longer than the other and then I’ll trim this okay while we have our tear intake we’re
going to go ahead and add it to this half inch strip over here we are finally
ready to assemble this box we haven’t even stamped yet okay so I’m
gonna get my take your pick tool and I’m going to remove the backing fold this
over just like that okay now that’s the back of our box because that’s the same
this is the front so I’m going to place my adhesive on the front bottom of the
box okay now for these top pieces right here
so these are just going to fold in so that’s going to fold down that’s gonna
fold down and this is going to fold down so use whatever adhesive you want I
usually use two air intake this time I’m gonna try the liquid glue and see how it
works it saves me a little bit of time from having to peel the backing off you
know what I mean and of course liquid glue usually works really well the only
thing you have to do is just give it a second to dry okay there’s that side if you’re in a hurry ever you can take
some binder clips and hold that down let’s go ahead and do this one too I
think I can hold them both at the same time yep okay okay look at there good
right yeah yeah I didn’t mess up well I still could we still have time we
have other things to make okay so let’s get the crumb cake card stock now what
I’m going to do let me get this back over here this image is getting embossed
with black embossing powder so I’ve got my embossing powder here and I’ve got
the image here I’m going to ink it up with the Versamark and right before I do
that and you back up a second I’m gonna take the embossing buddy and I’m going
to brush it across my crumb cake card stock what that does is it removes the
static so that the it removes the static so the powder doesn’t stick everywhere
hopefully I worded that right I’m gonna stamp it upside down that’s okay okay
black embossing powder this isn’t our Stampin Up catalog okay
there’s that I’ve got my heat tool right here so I’m gonna go ahead and emboss it okay there it is
now we’re gonna get the Big Shot out and we’re going to cut this one out all
three of these come from the ornate frames dice that’s the same bundle as
the spooktacular bash stamp set so that’s what we just used was spectacular
bash and the ornate frame dies okay so I’m going to cut that out with that one
I’m going to cut out the basic black with this one this one I’m going to
emboss with the stylish scroll embossing folder and then I’m going to cut it out
with this piece okay so we’re going to be doing four different things with the
Big Shot I may or may not fast forward that for you okay so we’re going to
start with the embossing of the crushed curry cardstock I’m just going to
sandwich it between two cutting pads now I’m going to take this same piece and
I’m going to cut it out using this die so I’m just going to position it just
like that place it here and I think I can probably cut two of these out at the
same time well we’re going to cut out the greedy okay so let’s get our
container over here okay so we’ve got these basic black dimensionals they will
be available on September fourth I’m going to take one and place it on the
back of that okay this one’s going to get added with liquid glue and I
actually just want to add the liquid glue right there in the center okay
and place it on top there this layer is going to get to stampin dimensionals now
I’m going to show you a trick in just a second
using the embossing buddy again okay so I’m lining it up with the edge of the
designer series paper I’m gonna take my embossing buddy and
I’m going to pick up one of these Monster Bash enamel shapes it has the
adhesive already on it but I want to pop it bub because if I just lie it flat and
to me it looks like it kind of disappears a little bit so I’m just
going to remove the adhesive from it using the embossing buddy you can use a
dryer sheet too and they’re not going to take one of our mini black dimensionals
and place that on the back of him that way it’s going to pop him up see okay
now I want to take two more of the Monster Mash shapes and I’m going to put
one on each side okay and one over here there you have it
the original and the one we just made looks pretty good right don’t forget
there is a free inspirational sheet it actually includes all the instructions
and everything this is my 12 weeks of Halloween series so my inspiration sheet
is actually an instruction sheet don’t forget to also enter to win the blog
candy that’s over there on my website I post one every week okay if you need
anything if you need a holiday catalog let me know have a great day bye

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