10 thoughts on “175th Anniversary Celebration

  1. I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit led me to finding Hillsdale College. I have grown so much by all that Hillsdale publishes and shares online. Thank you and may you continue to glorify Jesus – and God will continue to bless you!

  2. If God wills it, planning on sending my kids to Hillsdale. Truly a unique college and true to the core of American values, values that built this great nation, and values that made my parents and our family emigrate to USA. If those are lost, our migration would have been in vain. We need to keep the American values at the core of this nation, fight for truth and advance freedom, to this generation and those to come!

  3. This school shuts off comment sections of its videos so people can't crush there propaganda !! How can a learning institution remove free discussion?? Where is the video about alcohol violence and mental illness , ? The donors to this school cant have there company's being bashed

  4. Alex berenson | marijuana, mental health, violence

    Why are the comments off? Wouldn’t want any kind of open discussion about your propaganda now would we?

    Seriously what problem could possibly arise from having comments on? There’s no reason there’s no justification.

    It’s sad

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