$19 Drone ◄ Early Black Friday 2016 Deals

$19 Drone ◄ Early Black Friday 2016 Deals

– Today. – Black Friday drone deals. – Under 20 bucks. – Oh my gosh. (happy tune) – Pretty sure you can fly airplanes better than you can fly this drone, Matt. – You don’t like my piloting skills? – It’s just kinda scary, I feel like it’s gonna whack me in the face or something. – It’s totally fine, Casey. – That was good. That was a good one. – Thank you very much. – The other ones were scary though. – And we’ll show you
the footage that Casey’s referring to of me flying an airplane. ‘Cause that is actually tied to a big Black Friday announcement
we have coming right up. But first, hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Casey. – Casey is scared today. – Yeah, Matt, you usually make me feel pretty comfortable, but with this drone, I don’t know. – This is a huge deal for under 20 bucks located right under the video screen. If you’re so afraid, I’ll fly this with Dominique. – Fine, then do it. – Okay, all right, I’m
gonna find Dominique and we will put this
through some other tests and there is a buffer that you can put around the wings, but I’m, I’m gonna fly it without any protection ’cause I trust myself. We’ve actually edited out so many fights that Casey and I have just had today, but good news, we are also giving this away
for free to subscribers. – That’s not okay to say. – What? – We have not been fighting that much. We had one hiccup. It’s because the drone
was flying at my face too. That’s why. I feel like our video is
like we’re mad at each other. I don’t wanna be mad at you. – Again, it’s maybe not the easiest thing to navigate, but I really think it does hover well and I’m going to show that to you. Casey, just tell them about the give away. – It’s coming up at the end of this video. You need to make sure you’re subscribed. This is an awesome drone. – There we go, thanks for the help. The remote is also ingenious. You could actually store
the drone inside the remote. And it’s got a pretty decent battery life, very cool charge system. Before we get to that, this deal which is under 20 bucks is usually at least double the price. It’s a good grab. The control’s actually very interesting, we are going to show that to you up close. The flying that has made
Casey petrified today because of many close
calls is not something you need to worry about, because I will show you
that when I fly this with Dominique everything was fine. Casey, how much do you trust me right now? – A lot, pretty much with my life. – Casey has a drone on her head, but I’ve put it on a
phone so the propellers don’t get stuck in her hair. Don’t try this at home. Let’s take off. So as you can see, it goes
very high, very quickly. I’m not even accelerating
this as fast as it can. I wanna show you how this hovers. Watch, it’s very much cloud like based on the stability control inside. Here, watch this. Now, as you can see, it
is basically hovering. The control is stable. Look at my hand. The movement, whether you ascend or descend, (impact and cameraman coughing) You okay there? – Yeah. – Now it does come with extra propellers, but I wanna show you
just how durable this is. Still intact. – So apparently, drones are
the new cool thing to have. So for me, this deal is really awesome. The remote is super compact and accessible so pretty much all ages could fly it, even though when Matt flies it it like terrifies me, but I’ve gotten over it. In the back you have your
charging right there. – [Matt] Casey, I’m just
gonna let you hold this you’re doing a great job.
– [Casey] Thanks. – [Matt] The remote takes double As, there is a charge cable on the back so you could charge the
drone with this cable or via USB, it comes with
an additional USB cable. – [Casey] So, also on the remote, you have a nice added feature which is storage for the drone once
you’re done flying it. And also, it lights up,
which I think is really cool. – All right, Casey, are you
happy now that we did not fly this near you? – Yes, I feel much more comfortable. – This is an early
Black Friday door buster and if you are looking for a drone camera, that’s gonna be Black
Friday and Cyber Monday. It is going to be more expensive, and if you are looking for
those hard core drones, we’ve tested all of them. I already have them and I’m
so excited to get them to you. – We have more drone door buster
deals coming right at you. Gosh Matt, you sca, – This is a great video today. We are now going to give
away two free drones to subscribers using two
buddies pick a winner tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. Congratulations goes to Travel Hub. I don’t think I would swim with the waterproof
headphones they feature, they’ll probably fall out, but it’s your choice. And congratulations goes to Ray, just email support at Mattsdailydeals.com for your freebie. And everyone, please
make sure you have your alerts turned on so you get every Black Friday deal I have. And now for your winning subscriber dance. – Wooo, you won! – Are you doing a propeller? – I am. – Upp, there we go. – Don’t hit me with it, Matt. – I apologize. It’s been a rough day here today, but I’d like to thank
you for being with us. Casey that was an excellent
winning subscriber dance. – Thank you. Thank you. – Casey alluded to me flying a plane, which is part of a Black Friday project I am working on. Let’s leave you with that. – I trust you much more
flying an actual airplane than this which actually makes no sense now that I think about it, but it’s fine. – [Matt] There is nothing
I won’t do for deals. There’s nothing I won’t
do for your wallet. And this year, I am
spearheading the biggest effort in the country, that yes, involves airplanes and my friend Walt behind me, and other pilots and drivers to get you door busters and make sure your Thanksgiving
doesn’t get ruined. No lining up, no ruining the holidays. I have you covered. To join the deal club and
get access to huge freebies, click here to subscribe and make sure you turn
your alerts on so you get every Black Friday door
buster guaranteed in stock. And turn your notifications on. For a mobile device, click the little bell
after you’re subscribed and on the settings, turn
all alerts on for my channel. And on a desktop, after
you click the bell, make sure you turn mobile
and email alerts on so you can win Black
Friday and Cyber Monday.

100 thoughts on “$19 Drone ◄ Early Black Friday 2016 Deals

  1. I remember buying these last time, really fun until I broke two of the wings :'(. However, it was pretty durable and lasted a lot longer than I expected haha. Really fun and portable product!

  2. confused as to how these deals work. was on the prime day page all day when it happened and didn't see it update once. also he said he had people out purchasing deals, but how do u buy them? referring to either prime day or last year's black Friday, don't remember, been off this channel for some time since I couldn't figure it out

  3. man those drones are so cool. one day two buddies will pick me. Thanks Matt for cool deals. can't wait for black Friday

  4. Great deal, just don't let Trevor Bauer take advantage of it. Need him to stay safe for next year. And Matt you're awesome, but don't know how you put up with him Casey!

  5. I picked up a couple of last year's micro drone. I hit everything in my house, including my dog (sorry, Tiber!). On the other hand, my son practiced A LOT and is pretty good at it.

    I have a DJi Phantom III Advanced … the micro drone does not compare … but if you want to have some fun … outside … get the micro drone.

  6. You are the best you always make me smile you are positive to words your subscribers I love that you give away things when you're spending your money I really hope I win one of the prizes in the future because I've never won a giveaway

  7. I keep trying to buy it but it's still not back in stock would you know if it will go back in stock I mean I really don't need it but thought it would be a great gift for someone on my list

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