1st Anniversary Celebration of my YouTube channel Jharkhandi Rider || Vlog

1st Anniversary Celebration of my YouTube channel Jharkhandi Rider || Vlog

Good evening! Today is 20th November 2019. And from this day, Concept of “Jharkhandi Rider” emerged.. On this day, we did our first ride to Puri.. That’s why, today, we are going to celebrate.. first anniversary of Jharkhandi Rider YouTube channel.. Some of my brothers are here.. Today, by cutting a small cake.. We will celebrate this anniversary.. Many brothers and friends are not present here.. Especially, Hitesh.. He should have been present here, because together we started it.. Together we laid the foundation of Jharkhandi Rider YouTube Channel.. No problem.. And.. Getting your blessings.. Getting your support.. Many people are subscribing.. Doing likes and comments.. So, the feeling is great.. We are inspired to move forward.. So, a big thanks to all of you.. I.. would like to say “Thank you” to my mom and dad.. And “Thank you” to my whole family.. that have faith on me.. Because, to travel distance and unknown place, there is a little reluctance among the well-wishers.. But.. They are quite confident that we are travelling safely.. So.. All of you.. Thanks again.. Now, lets cut the cake.. And , you can see this.. Friends have decorated it very well.. It’s really looking awesome.. This is one year’s collection of some photographs, to be presented just for a view.. So Let’s go Now we celebrate this event by cutting the cake.. By the way It’s too late.. And we made a sudden plan So, we are doing, how much we can do in short period. Let’s cut the cake and celebrate. Jharkhandi Rider – Ride with pride You are watching, the most laborious man.. Little one please.. Most laborious man.. Please like and share Jharkhandi Rider’s video.. In today’s busy life to make memorable small moments, to have fun, to enjoy Please, join “Jharkhandi Rider” YouTube channel. And enjoy the life… Jharkhandi Rider Ride with pride.. Surya I cut the cake.. But forgot to off the candle.. Don’t worry Wishing that light for Jharkhandi Rider never extinguish.. Never extinguish.. Light for Jharkhandi Rider never extinguish.. Always keep the light on.. Baba (The God) has given..

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