how much money
do you get yes you get $100 dollar tree challenge it’s been in dollar tree to celebrate our 100,000
subscriber family on YouTube we just wanted to say thank you to everybody for
subscribing to our channel thank you so much for growing this fam to 100k plus
as of today I think we have like 160 or something but anyway so we’re gonna go
inside we’re giving sorry the power to get whatever she wants are you scary
babe nope I’m kind of scared so anyway you got a
hundred dollars to get whatever you want we’re gonna count things off as we’re
throwing them in the cart and if she wants it is going in the cart but after
the hundredth item we’re cutting you off okay let’s go pick out some stuff alright go ahead she’s so excited okay the rules are
whatever you want you have to put it in the cart one at a time okay are you
ready you know you don’t seem excited are you excited okay go ahead put it in
the cart it’s gonna be a long video all right
it’s one alright let’s keep walking today’s er is your honey dollar tree
challenge go ahead and put in the cart but you got there’s already alright
let’s put a little car very good all right is that number 5 yeah she’s so
confused she’s like that’s it you only want 1
pack of them that was 5 nice a note ball ready okay five we’re keeping track
right here oh sorry can I see it oh it’s a pink
flowers yeah that’s number eight that’s right
I’ll put it in for you doing okay are we done are you still over here honey what this one yes oh that’s lucky for ah here comes a dog nice yeah she’s not there no you smell
it heart’s okay 29 you’re done you done mommy’s trying to pressure you
I’m just showing you what’s available you know you can’t see up here okay
routine they can’t follow mommy yeah is that enough you already have two of those
he’s still looking are you ready to go okay so that’s 39 take on your garner
holder let mommy put another card so you can look at the rest of the stuff
okay you want the mushroom and look there’s some more over here yeah so you want the strawberry that’s
pretty Oh check you thief check those out
okay when you would this way about this mommy and daddy you want that do you want that check it
out baby I see this is a dart what’s that is that a shield okay okay see what is that who is it
Abbi yeah it’s Abbi why do you want that I wanna go over do
you want it what’s that yeah those learning cards money cats a globe
oh do you want that take it out there William any mystery boys I get the one
with the yeah I’ll get you another one there’s toys to your right and toys to
your left okay I got it ready do you want that one Cherie all right look tired arson trolls
well look there’s Bobby’s yeah happy daddy poppy okay let’s get some bubbles oh yeah yeah
she picked up the avengers one yes what’s that
Oh was that Sierra you want it Yes No maybe so do you want it the
bubbles the you said we have that already all right do you want another
one okay yeah you’re told and you can leach it now yes Daddy push push your cart all right
okay hey mommy mommy look you want that one yes Hey you know I can yes yeah what else you
want you might need any other books need help get it oh you got it oh hey missing
so it to everyone cool all right I’m coming the arena mommy alright the cone do you want it okay
alright you better make these last ones count let me see
sure daddy you want you want these say of course daddy what’s that little flamingoes okay here
give it to money all right come on oh what’s out did you have a jacket oh
you want one of those Wow 99 all right let’s make it count okay that’s 100 do
you want it these are great unicorns so are you
gonna get that one all right where’d daddy go that’s 100
oh now you’re trying to swap things because you’re at 100 I was not a part
of the rules Aquaman oh that’s cool okay okay go to the card
and you have to pick out one thing that you’re gonna put back so you can get
that I’m we totally forgot to share with
you guys but sari has decided to donate her toys or everything that she could
picked up well not everything she’s probably gonna keep a few things but
she’s decided to donate the vast majority of the stuff she picked up
today to some kids who don’t have toys and stuff are you gonna donate them to
kids who don’t have stuff that’s very nice of you that’s very kind of you can
I get a high five I’m so proud of you yeah yeah you’re one cool kid in my book all right we’ll see you guys bye all
right bye bye Dollar Tree you

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