2018 Top 30 Bars

2018 Top 30 Bars

One box containing Verb, the predicate
The long n- Nah, it’s three minute rounds they ain’t book me for a long time F*ck the preview, let that beef brew, in 3D too
So it’s Showti-
I’m at your crib! He like a, “It ain’t gon’ be that tho.”
BAOW! N*gga, YES, IT IS! So, Glu’, Joe, Mike, and Nunn Nunn can play they new roles But I was the first White to watch I made this HUE BLOW!!! sh*t before you gained a habit I’d be complimenting you to say it’s average But whatever, bruh… red dot on the can, eight shots gon’ send seven up N*gga, here’s where it ends: you got bars But all them years in the pen you should have a better one And then it’s me: the crypt keeper, y’all hear Twork and think he was a quick keeper And sent him to the only n*gga who wear a hood more: the grim reaper I’M STRAPPED IN! I’LL CLAP YOU IN A COMA! MADNESS! I COULD SNAP AT ANY MOMENT! I pull a pound! 100 clip, he get the fully round! He don’t know who did it… I’M OVER THE BODY WITH THE HOODIE DOWN! all these n*ggas relatin’ to me All I talk is street sh*t, what can — what can lil’ man teach me? We in the south, this Carolina, they should’ve told you, only a real n*gga can understand Geechee (Geechi)

100 thoughts on “2018 Top 30 Bars

  1. Which bars should be on here? URL or Another League ??

    – The bars in this video are in composite order.
    – The numbers are just to indicate there is how many of them.
    – I know that some battles on this video took place in 2017.I added them because it was published in 2018.

  2. Chess’ “tag him, basically I’m coming at him” crazy for the fact that NOBODY caught it the first time he said it…. Mike P “crazy to give a shotgun to a white boy going through some shit” (gotta include the whole set up)… Twork vs Ars “the dog ate it” & Twork vs JC “how u gin criticize the form, if u didn’t see it” ? include those & we good ??

  3. That Rum Nitty Tsu veneer verse is the best of the year to me. That Barry White line should be higher also. That space time continuum was FIRE. Still great list all around.

  4. A few years down the road we gotta see another Twork vs Chess again. And that "nigga where its at" line was sttuuuupppiidddd fiiree!

  5. These boyz Pen game is ABOMINABLE!! Yes, in a great way. When have we ever had a chance to see this many astonishing black writers? This should bode well for the future of black movies and television shows and online content. Imagine if everyone we just watched came together to write a new movie. Am I the only one to see the unlimited potential here?

  6. When i hear this into music it sounds like a pedophile sneaking up on a kid???? i'm just playing, thank you for the compilations though son.

  7. Sooooo it’s showti…I’m at cha crib. He like it ain’t gonna be dat tho. BAOW!!! NIGGA YES IT IS!! BOOOOYYYYY

  8. With all these arm bars i can snap at any moment?☠️? flipping twork's catchphrase..dope??chess?☠️?

  9. I was fired from my job for walking around saying IM STRAPPED IN……. MADNESS the FBI came and questioned me?

  10. So nothin else twork said in the chess battle is on here? “I brought the goons they load the heaters, my pupils follow yu around the room they Mona Lisa” nothin twork said vs rum nitty ain’t in here?

  11. Twerk- I pull a pound, 100 clip, he get the fully round! He don’t know who did it, I’m over the body with the hoodie down ????

    Bar of the year!.

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