3 Birthday Party Games for Kids

today I have three birthday party game
ideas for your next birthday party these games are simple quick and easy
and will be demonstrated by myself and my family hi my name is Shawn welcome to
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I post new content like this twice a week alright let’s get into today’s
video here we go the first game is called ice cream cone smash you’re
going to need ice cream cones and some frosting but for the party
make sure to lay out your ice cream cones but stuff an odd number of the
cones with frosting and then place them upside down on a pan so that nobody
knows which ones have the frosting and which ones are empty. now kids will have
to pick which ice cream cone and they are going to smash with their fists yes
they get to smash ice cream cones with their fists as you can see here we
really really enjoyed this game this is my sister by the way I didn’t introduce
her but my sister came over for a visit so she decided to play these fun games
with us she had a lot of fun smash the ice cream cones as did my 11 year old
son the winner is the one who gets the least number of the frostings
as always guys I will put a supply list down in the description box below as
well as a list of all these games and if you didn’t know I also have a couple
more birthday party and game videos that I will link in a card right up here as
well as in description box down below that you’ll want to check out next
alright moving on to game number two game number two is called arm candy
you’re gonna need some M&Ms for this game hey Google set timer for one minute we’d like to use the mini M&Ms you put
as many on your arm as you can and see how many M&Ms can you eat off your arm
in one minute? as you’ll notice here my sister has a little bit of a different
technique than my son does she goes puts one M&M on her arm and then eats it off
where if my son likes a line of a bunch and eat it off it was pretty close but
my sister did winning this game with 23 M&Ms she ate
off her arm in one minute in the lab how many can you guys eat off your arm in
one minute? I want to know we’re at the party game number three for this game
you are going to need Pocky do you guys know what Pocky are? you can find them
we’d like to find ours and Target and like the Asian food aisle are usually
where they are there are cookie coated with chocolates they have cookies and
cream ones playing chocolate ones as well as strawberry ones and we
absolutely love them in my household I shall watch this video my daughter who
is 17 months old she tries her first Pocky for the first time ever and of
course loves it like we all do bread your Pocky all on the table and
everybody has to pull a Pocky off the pile without moving any of the other
puppies the winner is the one who has the most Pocky sticks at the end of the
game alright you guys I will see you in my next video thanks for watching okay alright get the full amount without
disturbing the others over we can do it messy messy fun

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