100 thoughts on “3 Transgender Woman Say Bar Forcibly Removed Them — After Straight Couple Attacked Them

  1. Do you see how these grown man are Acting swinging on women but you guys don't see that though right you guys just see the hate crime get together people

  2. How convenient they just have half the story. If they get charged with a hate crime I’m leaving. Fuck that they were disrupt full as hell. The aggressors left politely you trans fuvk. Now there is riots n shit, smh these poor guys will go to jail for throwing MEN out a of a bar. Fuuuvk you LA. What a freak show

  3. “Hate crime” shouldn’t be a thing. Anyone can say that for literally any reason. Next one I get beat up imma show up in court with a dress and wig and say I’m trans. Now all you have to do is proclaim womanhood to be a woman. I’m now a black Jewish woman. It’s been said, therefore it is.

  4. It’s a hate crime by having to explain to my 7 year old son about why is that man dressed like a woman on tv and at the McDonald’s drive thru

  5. 1990 – Trans people, 'We don't want to be treated differently'

    2019 – Trans people, 'Give us special treatment and tiptoe around us or else'

  6. I need to see their behavior at the argument. Here it does seem like the bouncer used a little too much force specially on second girl. But i have seen how some people just won't leave and they believe they shouldn't have to that the start acting up with an "get me out" attitude. There needs to be more info on here. A hate crime isnt anything lightly.

  7. When you start shit at a place like this they will ask you to leave, if you don't what the fuck do you expect, these men act like it's a hate crime

  8. this one guy I knew had a problem with a bouncer who was picking on him, the second that bouncer attacked the man, 4 bouncers took him to the ground and stomped his face, he needed plastic surgery and nothing happend to the bouncers. don't fuck with bouncers while your in there workspace, comply and leave no matter who you are.

  9. I bet if they wasn’t transgenders this would’ve not gotten no media attention.. people get kicked out thrown out of clubs/bars all the time!

  10. That bar is going to become a crime scene and it will be ENTIRELY their fault. They really shouldn't feel safe operating like business-as-usual. I would drop them if I represented their insurance company.

  11. There's no story here, people getting kicked out of a bar for being assholes. That shit happens all the time. I'm getting tired of people polling the victim card for shit that happens to everyone, no matter who they are.

  12. When a business tells you to leave you leave. If you dont leave you're are trespassing it's that simple and yes trespassing is a crime.

  13. So the recorder happens to record when they were thrown out and yet didnt feel the need to record once outside when the couple was said to verbally harrass them some more before the police shows up? They said the female of the couple slapped one of them. What led to the slap?

  14. They got what they deserved, People have become such Betas it isn't even funny. Hey I got kicked out of a bar once, can I call it a hate crime. I'm a white straight Christian Male, I feel they profiled me😂😂🍾

  15. I'm not Black, but you're not going to convince me that LGBT or females (especially whitey ones) have it as worse or even as bad as Black people did.

  16. These are NOT women but SHEMALES (males who act like females but are physically fit to fight back)! Fuck their Libtard/Progressive Rights! They were warned and taking out of the bar. Just like us drunk MALES at 2 am at any bar. Civil Rights? Libtardism 101!

  17. I’m embarrassed to be part of the LGBT community. I’m sure these Trans were loud, annoying, and escalated it themselves. Then using the ‘trans card’ to seem as victims. People are thrown out of bars all the time, that’s why bouncers are there!

  18. I'm a biological woman that got thrown out of a club once. I accidentally lit a cigarette right after the laws changed and smoking was no longer allowed. After a few drinks I just forgot. A bouncer grabbed me unexpectedly, threw me over his shoulder, and tossed me straight out of the door onto the curb. In front of everyone. Just like that. I pleaded, apologized, all that. But I broke the rules so….quit your bitching and welcome to equality! All parties involved were asked to leave. What makes LGBT people think they somehow are above it all?

  19. The couple slapped one of the friends first and security still chose to kick all of them out and not protect the person being attacked first

  20. Wow 😮 crazy man! They should have called the police before physical altercation Ensued. Service and restaurant Etiquette was overlooked.

  21. I'm an an actual lady. A bouncer asked me to get out of the VIP section and I complied because I did not feel like being manhandled that day. The end.

  22. "The only thing progressives are progressing, is human misery." – Thomas Sowell

    "Doesn't matter how many times you change your rulers or forms of government. Without ethics, morality and religion you will not have a lasting liberty." – John Adams

    "The most dangerous man, to any goverment, is the man who is able to think things out for himself. Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable. – H. L. Mencken

  23. If anyone believes that transgender group they are stupid. I bet everything they said was lies. I just hope the owner of the bar had cameras installed in the bar to catch the liers

  24. I don't care who you are, you're a bad person, if you threaten to kill anyone. Everyone has a right to live their lives, going out to bars and, whatever else they like to do regardless of their Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Race, etc.

  25. sometimes guys get out-of-control in bars. That's why bouncers are there (a cost of doing business).

    I dont understand why this is news

  26. So basically, kicking transgenders from any place because they refused to comply with the company’s policies is now considered a hate crime.

  27. To all those people who don't know …The straight couple was a complete asshole (like a lot of folks in the comment section here) to the 3 trans-women….There were other straights guys in the bar but nobody had a problem with the trans-women…The straight couple had NO issues with the other straight couples who were also shouting, talking loudly and creating ruckus…This is the TEXTBOOK definition of HATE CRIME. Sad to see people that the in the comment section have absolutely zero understanding of gender and sexuality.

  28. Obviously I dont agree with their lifestyle choices but MAN HANDLING (no pun intended) them choke holds etc isnt appropriate either

  29. This is crazy. So many people saying that they weren't even drunk. When does being drunk have anything to do with being drama to get kicked out of a bar? Seriously, if you have ever worked at a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol there is a huge stereotype that all people who work in the hospitality industry know. Drama is highest to lowest from transexuals, quiere men (not gay but quiere) and then women. Notice I said drama and not violent. Violent would be men then quiere men. If you dont believe me ask any man who's been to prison (not jail) that the most ruthless fights are from quiere men. They will literally try to rip each others eyes out. The bouncers or security know this. They would have tossed ANYBODY out the same way. The only exception would be if these transexual people were petite. Anyone who has ever worked in the industry knows this. Now if you dont believe me then ask anyone of your friends who is LGBTQ and NOT DRAMA who has worked in the industry if I'm wrong.

  30. I think u mean "3 MEN were forcibly carried out"


    I hope the bouncers washed their hands after touching them ✋

  31. They are MEN not women….hello…yes its a Hate and the crime is on those who break God's laws…God hates sodomites…wake up world….this society loves to throw this garbage in our faces and we are suppose to treat them special? Hell no 👎.what a weak club bowing down to these wicked groups…they will face the wrath of God on judgement day!!!

  32. That’s weird, because I’ve seen gay men and women be at Las Perlas drinking and not once has anyone been hating on them for their sexuality. If there is homophobic attendees, it does not reflect on Las Perlas. On a side not – Spaghetti, amazing live band.

  33. i just think its funny how these clowns talk about respect when in there own community there’s no such thing as it…

    Bienestar is filled with devious people

    And I say that with Capital letters

  34. Headlocks? Do people know what a headlock is? What I see is people refusing to take direction from the security. If they were guys, they would have gotten knocked the hell out. From what just this video alone it seems the reason why they were treated differently, is one party left, as reported by even the victims, while the video shows the alleged victims not being cooperative.

  35. A law suit needs to happen and charges must be pressed and this trash box needs to be shut down. Get to work babies. They are jealous and envious and we can NOT allow this and be selfish cause guess what? This time its them,next time it will be YOU. ACT UP.

  36. They were flirting and harassing straight men at that bar. Unwanted flirting is a form of sexual harassment. Straight men go there to relax and have a beer. Not to be sexually harassed by three gay men

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