4 DAYS in LONDON to celebrate our wedding anniversary | Ursula & David

4 DAYS in LONDON to celebrate our wedding anniversary | Ursula & David

Music by David – NVTHLSS hi everyone welcome to a new vlog and today I’m taking you with me to London and it’s our second time in London and we’re
going for our two years wedding anniversary so it’s gonna be fun I can’t wait to show you everything we did the whole trip so I hope you’ll enjoy the
video and keep on watching this time we’ve decided to choose an Hotel in a
Shoreditch because we didn’t know the neighborhood and it seems really
interesting really Arsty really fun Hi everyone we are in London and it’s a beautiful day so sunny we are in Shoreditch and it’s… overwhelming… yeah and interesting as a neighborhood so yeah we’re gonna see. we had a coffee which was really good. I think it’s called Di Stefano I think it’s that and because we didn’t want to spend too
much time eating and finding something nice to eat we went to Prêt à Manger we have this type of restaurant in Paris but I chose something I’d never eaten. Looks really good. we don’t have this in Paris. Always bring with you this type of hand cleansing gel because it’s so useful when you
travel because sometimes you can’t wash your hands and this is very cool and by
the way this was gluten free and it was really really good then we went for a walk in the neighborhood because we couldn’t access to the room right way when we
arrived so we’ve seen the neighborhood which
is really interesting a little bit overwhelming at first but then you can
do so many things you have so many coffee shops, shops and restaurants and
everything so it’s really interesting if you want to walk around and discover the place it’s supposed to be really sunny today and tomorrow so we’re gonna take
advantage of that to walk a lot and see as much as possible and now we’re going back to the
hotel and maybe have access to our room we hope. we’re going to the
room 4th floor. Let’s go ok come with me 436 ok it’s the other way Let’s go the other way. That was the wrong way that way (laughs) it’s so big are you ready? yeah if it’s working? It doesn’t work ok this one works oh it’s big wow like on the pictures. it’s so so pretty
it’s like an apartment so cool the room is beautiful we have so much space and
we have I don’t know how you call that vinyl deck some vinyls here
a coach that’s crazy let’s see the view wow it’s really nice. Omg. The view is so pretty we have a guitar here if you will. let’s go see the bathroom oh nice we have a bathtub. very cool that’s the bathroom David is already looking for some vinyls to
play. I think we are only gonna stay in the room (laughs) Music by David @nvthlss it’s a second time here in London the
first one we went together and it was four years ago
yeah it was at the beginning of a relationship so it’s been a while we really
like London we hadn’t seen everything the last time and we hadn’t come here so
it’s our first time in this neighborhood so that’s gonna be really interesting
and we’re gonna try to see other neighborhoods that we never saw and maybe go to places we haven’t discovered yet. the weather is really
nice so I changed my outfit for this skirt now we don’t really know what we’re gonna do I want to go to… I think it’s a outdoor restaurant with some igloos I don’t know how to call that in English but maybe we’ll go there I don’t know I need
to convince David. You want to go to Soho yeah so anyway you come with us and we’ll see
what we do let us know in the comments if you have already been to London what
are you favorite places and yeah if you have any recommendations for other people under this video or for the next time that would be interesting and I’m gonna
ask you on Instagram we’re gonna see if you have if we have other places to go to and I’ve
finally decided to wear tights just in case it will be a little bit cold
outside maybe tonight. are you ready? He’s ordering a uber. visiting the city by car is also really interesting because you can see part of
London you wouldn’t have seen if you were taking the subway but you can also
take the bus. their buses are really nice the last time we will enjoy taking the
bus I think it’s over here. You have this sort of “igloo” so i’s called Coppa it’s really nice we didn’t booked a table so we couldn’t
stay outside we went inside but it was nice we really enjoyed the restaurant
and the cocktails were really good should I mix them? I don’t know. how is it? sugary we had a great time there and then we
decided to walk in the area. did you enjoyed you drink? Yes it was really nice. really good. and we came across this walk
and I think we came across it last time but by the other side and we didn’t do
it so this time we did it this walk is so pleasant I really like this walk. This is really romantic with the sunset this is so cool Are you happy to be here with me? No. ??? (laughs) you’re not nice (laughs) and it was super romantic because the
sunset was so beautiful and it was reflecting on the water so it was really
nice. I would really recommend want you to do that then we took the train to go to Camden
because we wanted to go to Jazz Cafe where you can listen to artists and I
think it’s also like a club but I don’t know so maybe next time and that because
we booked a table so yeah we had to go back to the hotel yeah but at least we
saw a little bit of Camden we just stopped by the hotel for a little pause and and now we’re gonna go eat just in front of the hotel. burger and
beyond they have great burgers and it’s just here and we booked on their
website so it’s really easy to get a reservation. don’t forget to do that
because if you don’t all the restaurants will be full and you won’t be able to
have a table so book your restaurants the place was pretty cozy we were downstairs and there were a lot of people there so a lot of noise but the burgers were super good outfit of the day
and David doesn’t like my outfit he hates my outfit but I love it? you don’t
like the color? it doesn’t like the skirt. I’m ordering the uber babe. Today we’re going to Skygarden. yes it’s wonderful. The view looks really good. We’re gonna go eat there… hopefully because we haven’t booked anything so I hope they have a table for us Yesterday was really cool. the burgers were really good. Mine was
super spicy I wasn’t expected that but it was good and the room is really good
we slept pretty well I have my new piercing which really annoys me to sleep yeah
let’s go So the entry ? The entrance ? I don’t know (laughs). It’s this way on the other side of the building and the
sky garden was actually the rooftop so the view was amazing really really nice
we ate there as we didn’t book anything it was nice but I think it’s better if
you book before going there unless if you just want to see the view that’s
possible but we really had a great time the light woow it’s just crazy we took some nice picture there. my name is Osla today (laughs) The first pumpkin spice latte of the season. We walked in the area and took some pictures and went shopping and actually it was really nice
because they were really just a few people in the shops which was really
surprising and very nice at the same time then we went to Oxford Circus
Piccadilly Street and there were a lot of people there but you sure have a lot
of shops there we went there last time and this time David wanted to go to a
vinyl shop so we went there there were an event downstairs so it was a nice surprise it was an NBA event so really cool and then we walked in the neighborhood
it was super pretty super nice we never been there before so it was really nice
to see all of these streets really cute and we went to Chinatown and Chinatown is really interesting. We didn’t eat there last time but this time we wanted to try some food we weren’t disappointed so
nice discovery then we went to attendant coffee shop it’s like a subway station you have to go downstairs the coffee shop is pretty small so we took our coffees away and some cakes and we went to regent’s park it’s a pretty big park so
at this point we were a little bit tired so we just walked a little bit inside and
then we took an uber to go back to the hotel this my makeup for tonight I added a little bit more of the Glossier glitter gelée the copper one so it’s very sparkly and this lipstick is from from Sephora ans this is my dress we went to the hotel bar downstairs and we actually wanted to
go to the rooftop but it was closed so maybe next time and so we went around in the neighborhood to find something to eat and we actually found a really nice
restaurant and we took away some food looks really good it seems that is
really good it smells so good so cool! Bon appétit we watched this show which is really
interesting and that takes place in London so it’s a little bit scary and
creepy but really interesting (I love it) oh my god some pancakes so nice babe we decided to eat at a hotel in sunday morning because it was raining outside and the weather was so
bad and it was our two years wedding anniversary day so yeah we went to go
golfing like inside I don’t know how you call that in English but it was so fun
it was super quick because we did it in something like 15 minutes so yeah quick
but nice intense and then we went shopping to Urban Outfitters and then
we went to box park and there were some really nice artists and really nice
music hi everyone I hope you’re well
so today it’s our last day in London we are leaving at 6 so we have still a
little bit of time left so we will be able to enjoy the city a little bit more
we’re gonna eat first and then visit a little bit so that’s the plan for today
before leaving and we had a really good time here yesterday was our 2 years wedding anniversary so yes 2 yeah it was really cool when we went to Box Park and we were very lucky because there were artists : singers they were performing yeah they were really good so we had a great time there. We’re sad to leave this room. It was so nice really big and the bed too. So big and the desk too. Let’s go! Music by David @Nvthlss Our last day in London a little bit sad because we didn’t want to leave the city even though we’re always happy
to go back home because there is no place like home but we love traveling
and visiting cities like London which is a really interesting really fun to be and
to discover it’s so big that you can always find something new and something interesting to do and to see then we wanted to see Big Ben but it
was still under construction so maybe next time and then we went to st. James Park which is a really beautiful park and we walked around we just spent time in the city visiting we went to Paddington which is a really
interesting neighborhood really calm I would say and you have some nice streets to take some pictures David wanted to buy me some scones and there were so good like really really good and we also went to the Beatles shop and that’s it that’s
all for this trip we had a great time even though it’s not a city where I feel
like home compared to other cities in the world
it’s a city that I love visiting so I hope you enjoyed this video I hope
you’ll be able to visit it one day let me know if you like London let me know if you have places to recommend if you liked this video please tell me in
comments I’d love to read you and I’ll see you next time in my next video see you
thanks for watching

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  1. I didn’t know how to pronounce Pret a manger lol. Thank you for saying it, I was pronouncing it “PRET-AH-MHAN-GER”😩😂

  2. I was smiling troughout the entire video lol. T'es tellement cute 😍😍 !!! I loved this vlog. Thanks for sharing a bit of London with us 💜 and happy anniversary to you two ^^

  3. Super vidéo ! J’aime beaucoup le fait que tu le fasse en anglais sous tirée ça me force à apprendre l’anglais😊
    Continue ce format
    Moi j’y suis allée une fois avec ma famille mais ils n’ont voulu que faire la picadilly place😂 tu m’as trop donné envie d’y retourner

  4. super votre petit séjour! Londres me manque.. J'ai adoré ton vlog, je file voir tes autres vidéos! N'hésites pas à venir voir ma chaine je fais pas mal de vlogs aussi 🥰 à très vite!

  5. AwWw Happy anniversary!! You guys are so cute !!! You just spread some good vibes through your video. Thanks for that!

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