5 Awesome Craft Chocolate Bars To Try Today! (Even white chocolate!) [CC]

Hey peeps! Jess here and have I got a treat
for you today! We are covering five chocolate bars you ought to know. As we were talking about in the previous video with Lauren at Chocolopolis, chocolate is ever-changing. There’s always new bars, new versions of the same bar. And it’s hard to know where to get started! So today I have picked out five bars that I
am currently really excited about. And actually Lauren was kind enough to build
me a tasting flight! So I’m gonna give you all up-to-date, of the moment tasting notes. And we’re gonna talk about why these bars are freakin awesome. But of course before I go dive into these peeps, I must ask all of you awesome peeps to hit those like and subscribe buttons so I keep bringing you the chocolate action! With that, let’s get going! We are starting with Fresco and their hundred percent
Polochic. And I am sure some of you are watching this and thinking, “Dear goodness, she’s starting me with a hundred percent chocolate bar.” No no no no no no no! This is one of
the most approachable, beginner-friendly chocolate bars to come out in the
hundred percent range in the last few years. What Fresco is known for, and what makes
them really unique, besides being a Seattle local, Seattle area local. Is that
they do different roasting and conching lengths. So you can have two different experiences – or more! – with the same chocolate. (well, cacao, you get the point) And I think that’s really really cool. The Polochic is just… really really beautiful. I need to taste it ’cause it’s been a while. So let’s try some! Got ourselves a little piece here. Yeah just, it
smells of raisins. Raisins and fruit leather! We’re seeing a fruit leather trend today
from the video we shot a few seconds ago. Let us not mince words, this bar is intense! And I’m suffering more for it right now because I just had some white chocolate. What impresses me is just, it’s very citrus and also like red wine noted? But it has a lot of variety of flavor. And it keeps on just going. A lot of
chocolates when you finish have a very mellow one noted after note. No. This
could write volumes just from what you’re tasting *after* you finish eating
it and that’s amazing. If you’re looking for a really approachable hundred
percent, one that is not going to break the bank, and is locally sourced if
you’re in Washington state, here you go! I feel like I should mention that almost everyone here
will be at the Northwest Chocolate Festival. Since I’m filming this before
the Northwest Chocolate Festival. And so if you’re really uncertain about, say, a
hundred percent bar, you can go and get this and taste it at the Festvial. In fact, that’s how I learned about this bar was that the festival! Next, Soma Old School series. I personally prefer the milk over the dark, they’re both fun. But what’s really cool about this is that this is a two ingredient chocolate bar! Sorry three- three ingredient chocolate bar! There is cacao nibs, milk powder, and cane sugar and
that’s it. That’s not actually the surprising part! The surprising bar is that when you look at it it looks like a cookie! This is a really rough, rustic, grind. And so you get this almost fluffy shortbread looking thing. And when I first saw this I was like, are you kidding me? I mean I respect Soma as a chocolate maker, they make excellent chocolate, but what is this nonsense? And then I tried it and I was like, ah! Which means we got to try it! So you can see here just, this is- this is huge! Like here’s another bar we’re gonna be trying
in this little set. And you can just see like, this? This be giant. It’s very crumbly and it doesn’t look like chocolate, doesn’t even look like stone ground chocolate. I- there’s a couple brands like Taza that do the ground chocolate and they still look more like a chocolate bar than this. This is probably incredibly
under processed by chocolate standards. It’s such a cool little loaf! (soft crunch) It’s crumbly! You get berry notes and then crispy sugar. And just- it’s so fun! It’s really just pleasant to eat. It’s clearly not a ‘eat the bar in one day’ bar because 15 bucks for this is a bit much. But if you want something that will *blow your friends’ minds*… yeah. Next! Patric, with a PBJ OMG bar. Patric is known for making some of the smoothest chocolate experiences you can get on the market. And the price point shows. They’re usually about 14 bucks. And this one I’m recommending in particular
if you really miss Reese’s peanut butter cups. Or if you’re just like, you know, I like the idea of Reese’s but I need something FANCY. It is really peanut butter first. If you are.. scared of chocolate and you want something that’s
really more candy? This qualifies as candy. ‘Cuz you get peanut butter first
and then the chocolate as a cocoa after note. Kind of fudgy, kind of shortbread-y, but it’s not really the main flavor there. The main flavor is the
peanut butter. I just love it as a really really lovely treat yourself bar. Next, Fruition! I cannot make up my dang mind when it comes to Fruition. I love them to pieces and I love both these bars for different reasons. Mainly because it’s hard to find the toasted or caramelized whites on the market. And, of course, brown butter makes everything better. Going to sample the white one. They’re both good I just can’t make up my mind. I said five when I was starting
this but, really, I love Fruition. So, *darn*. And it smells- you can smell the roasty notes, and the vanilla really strongly. And you kind of have like a malty finish in
the smell. So I really love the melting softness of the Fruition white chocolate. It’s kind of like settling into a marshmallow in terms of the softness?
It’s not marshmallow sweet don’t worry about that. But it is very soft and almost, just, gentle as opposed to the even, almost fudgy smoothness of the Patric. It’s a cool change of experience! Last but not least, we’ve got the arroz con leche from Mission Chocolate. They’re one of the few Brazilian chocolate makers and they kind of hit the scene with a bang. They’ve been doing really cool inclusions, or stuffs mixed into their bars, including the very rarely seen before baru nut. And now we have rice
pudding and that’s amazing. And I just love how full of inclusions
it is! It kind of looks like eating a crunch bar? You’ve got the crisp rice poking out, all the cinnamon, and very soft white chocolate. Cheers! I just really love how fun it is! You got the crispness of the rice just crik-crik-crik-crik-crik And then you’ve got the warming cinnamon and then the mellowness of the white chocolate underneath, which is quite nicely soft. I feel like I have a
trend here of snacking bars and that’s really because I find the inclusion, or
filled chocolate bars where they stuff inside it, it’s really approachable. It’s slightly closer to candy but still a really fun and enjoyable chocolate experience. And there you have it! Five – well six – awesome chocolate bars I think you should go try today. Whether you go to Chocolopolis or your local
chocolate shop or order online, they’re gonna be really fun. Maybe wait a few
more weeks for it not to be so hot out so they actually arrive. I’m gonna put
the chocolate playlist right here if you need some more chocolate action. Throw me
any questions in the comments below you might have out these bars or any other
chocolate on the market. And I will catch you next time. Laters!

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