1. Shockingly ugly tatoos. Looks like trangle handgrips around neck. Would look good if not painted by some madman

  2. Hey bro thanks for this video… I like when you refer to "unlock this movement" makes me feel like this is a video game and unlocking this move is the next level… LOL

  3. Hi Chris love you work and youtube channel. You do pull ups with such an ease. I was wondering What is your hight/weight ?

  4. I am learning so much from you specially how we can utilize negative motion to progress to the next level.

  5. Another way to scale down the intensity of the one-arm pull up is to grab your forearm with the other hand! The further down you grab, the more difficult it will be. I learned this from a video with Magnus Midtbo on Jujimufu's channel

  6. Show, seus vídeos e canal, são tops, além de me ajudar com os treinos, me ajuda tbm com o inglês, pq me amarro tbm em línguas estrangeiras, parabéns pelo canal

  7. if your doing the negative for a muscle up, how do you get to the top in the first place if you can't already do it?

  8. This video is amazing: non only this exercise are pure gold, you are also showing progression, so thath everyone can di this
    Thanks Thenx

  9. I haven't been able to get my pull up bar f4om my ex's house so I've literally been using and old clothes line bar in my back yard 😂

  10. I gotta say this dude is 100% legit. I was 6'1 224lbs I decided to get back in shape after cancer and started lifting and eating right when I found Chris Heria videos and Thenx program. I couldn't do pull ups yet and didn't know about proper forms of push up etc. I started his program on Thenx app and followed all his steps and now able to do chin ups and start to try these exercises. Your programs and exercise are the best oh and I'm down to 188 and in the best shape of my life because of your programs.

  11. I love how he talks then says "let me show you…" and then breaks it down into easy to follow steps. Seriously this is one of the most underrated channels on youtube, this guy deserves way more subscribers.

  12. Hey man , where can i get the music u play in this video. i cant find it. i tried looking up Heria music and even the official thenx spotify but none of them have these songs.

  13. Excellant. Really enjoyed it and this work out is gonna be on my list this up commin week bro. Thanks for this great content bro.

  14. I love Chris and he’s a certified badass but the tats are distracting, I wish he didn’t tat himself so much like that, a few nice ones would do. He showed us that we can build a strong, beautiful, functional body with just using your body weights, so why cover your body with all those tats?

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