5 Ridiculous Christmas Crimes

5 Ridiculous Christmas Crimes

Don’t open your Christmas presents
early –it could get you arrested! Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– It’s Christmas time, y’all, and everybody’s distracted by
those trees and lights and presents. It’s the perfect time for a
criminal mastermind to strike. Uh, it’s actually true. There are a lot of
crimes committed over the holiday season but I don’t think that these are actual
masterminds, as evidenced by some of the ridiculous crimes that people have
committed around Christmas time. Especially not the ones that we’re
gonna talk about right now. Colorado Springs, in 2014, Carrie Carley
and her husband Jeremy Lewallen were arrested for stealing $2,000
worth of Christmas decorations – from their neighbor’s yard.
– Oh! – Here’s the couple.
– (Rhett) Oh. They look industrious. (Rhett) They look like they
could use some decorations. The word “mastermind” does not
come to mind for these two. They look like– yeah, there’s a lot of
good decisions they make together. So how were they caught? They put up all
the stolen decorations in their own yard. Well of course! Where else
are they gonna put ’em? – (laughs)
– That’s what they’re for, they’re for them! So all the neighbors– like, “Uh, uh,
that was mine. Yesterday it was in my yard and today it’s in your yard.” Carrie, her
story was, she had nothing to do with it. – Of course.
– She was quoted as saying, “Every morning he’d go out for a walk at
like 2 or 3–” 2 or 3 AM, I guess– “And then there was
just more stuff in the yard.” – Yeah! You do the math.
– I don’t know. – I can’t!
– (all laugh) I bet she can do a little bit of math.
Um, here’s a note: Jeremy was previously arrested for stealing
Halloween decorations. – Oh, okay.
– So yeah, he just loves plastic yard art. – He’s always in the spirit.
– Any time of the year. – Carrie is 42 years old; Jeremy is 18.
– Oh, good for him! – So um…
– (all laugh) So, I don’t know if she was influencing
him and then… but when he was confronted by the police, it was reported that
Jeremy, quote, “chuckled.” – (both laugh)
– Yeah, I did put up the decorations – in my yard…
– It’s pretty cool, though, in’it? – Look at the yard.
– Kinda obvious what I did there. Carrie was released early. Jeremy spent
Christmas morning behind bars and the – next 6 months. Eat it, Jeremy.
– Okay. – They didn’t make him eat the decorations.
– Stealing Christmas decorations is one thing, but what about the crime of setting
up decorations? You can leave that to 44-year-old Terry Trent
of Vandalia–? Vandalia, Ohio. – Sure!
– Back in Christmas 2011, he let himself in the back of Tamara or Ta-MER-a…
I’m gonna say Tamara– Henderson’s home. – He “let himself” in the back?
– Yeah. – Okay. He broke in.
– Yeah, well, apparently it was, you know, not forced entry, but he wasn’t supposed
to be there. But he did leave a wreath on the door that he came in. That was a nice
touch. And then he proceeded to deck the – halls with boughs of holly.
– I didn’t know people actually did that. – That means “decorate for Christmas.”
– Okay, okay. I was just using a euphemism which, for a
lot of my life I thought that meant put – Holly’s intestines all over the place.
– Ew. Bowels, I get it. – Ew, gosh.
– Just has to ruminate there. Okay, so he decorates the house, then he
sits down on the couch, turns on the – television… at which point–
– Gotta watch that Judge Judy! It’s time! Tamara’s 11-year-old son, who thinks he’s
home alone, hears the TV going and he goes – out and sees a man watching Judge Judy.
– (laughs) and he calls his mom who then proceeds
to call the cops. In the meantime, while he’s looking at Terry, Terry notices the
little boy and he sees him and he says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.
I’ll get my things and go.” – He’s a proper, proper infiltrator.
– He’s the decorator! – He’s just a decorator.
– (dramatically) The decorator! But it turns out… why did Terry do this?
Did he know these people? Was he trying to serve them? Was he
really into Christmas spirit? – I wanna know.
– No, apparently he got a Christmas present early and opened it up.
It was bath salts. – (crew laughs)
– That’ll do it! And he ate them or snorted
them or whatever you do. – He didn’t take a bath with them, okay.
– Yeah. – His problem.
– Keep ’em in the bath, Terry! Again going back to last year South
Johnstone, Australia– Going down under for this one Rhett, they celebrate the
Christmas down there– a man looks out his window and sees four women stealing
his plastic candy cane yard decorations. – Again with the yard decoration stealing!
– Yep. It happens. But these four women were
dressed in nuttin’ but bikinis. – Oh, wow.
– Bikini-cladded ladies. – (mocking) Bikini cladded ladies!
– Bikini-cladded ladies stealing your candy cane. So, obviously
he chases them. It is unclear… – For the candy canes?
– why he was chasing them exactly. But apparently, four girls in bikinis is
not enough motivation for this guy to turn on the juice. He did not catch them, and
they fled across a nearby football oval – and vanished.
– What’s a football oval? In Australia, that’s what the story said.
“Football oval.” Soccer fields are rectangular. I Googled that.
I actually Googled in prep for this, “What is the shape of a
soccer field in Australia?” – Rectangular?
– and it just said “rectangle” so I don’t know what’s up. The group of neighbors
searched the area for the missing lights the next day and the women. They did not
find them and these women are still at large. – Really?
– But I don’t think they’re large women. I’m just gonna clarify that. I thought it
could be like a Cinderella situation if one of them dropped a top… so then
it’s like… you’re like, “No, it won’t fit.” – (chuckles)
– “It won’t fit… it won’t… You must acquit!” I dunno how it works.
That’s my Australian accent. But the thing is that– yeah, but you want
to fit the slipper when you’re Cinderella. You don’t want the top to fit
when you’re a bikini bandit. No you don’t. You want it to be a
little small, is that what you’re saying? – (crew laughs)
– I don’t know how you want a bikini to fit. You know what? I’ve worn a bikini
many times on this show. Sadly. I have thought, “You know what?
I should steal something while in this bikini.” Nothing’s more liberating than
wearing a bikini and stealing candy canes. I’ll leave that to you. In 2006, 12-year-old
Brandon Jones was warned by his Momma to not open up your
presents before Christmas, boy! – Okay.
– But he did it anyway. He opened up a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, which I don’t
know if he’s a student of irony… He’s like, “I’m gonna
open this up in advance!” (laughs) I’m sure he was.
But he didn’t know what it was. I think it was just a coincidence. So he
hides the Game Boy and tells his parents – that he can’t find it.
– Okay. Classic move. This is not gonna work Brandon!
Brandon, this is not gonna work! So his mom did what any good mother
would do: she called the cops, had Brandon – cuffed and taken downtown!
– Woah! I don’t know if it was downtown, but it
was to the station, which… I would like to address my children, because Shepherd,
just the other day, was sneaking around in the guest room where we have the mail that
Santa sent, early, and is in boxes and he was in there snooping around. And let me
tell you, Shepherd: I know sometimes you watch the show. Son, if I see you in that
room again I’m going to put you in prison. Just like Brandon’s Mom. Now the reason
that Brandon’s Mom did this is because he had a little bit of a track record. He
was caught stealing from the teacher’s – desk in kindergarten…
– He’s a track star? He was constantly being suspended from
school and then he arrested in 6th grade – for trying to hit a police officer.
– Oh. Okay. So this was maybe called for. And Brandon
was quoted as saying, “I plan on changing my attitude and working on my behavior,
because I know that my Mom wants the best for me and I’m trying to make it happen.”
But that Game Boy Advance though! (laughs) Yeah, and the people at the jail
wrote the letter for him. All right, one really good one for ya: 2011, Chestertown
Maryland, Frosty the Snowman was struttin’ his stuff down Main Street in the
local Christmas parade at 10 AM. By 10:15, he was in cuffs. Frosty was
walking across an intersection when Police Officer James Walker was doing
traffic control with his canine– – that’s a dog– named Henzo.
– Henzo! – Unrelated to Enzo.
– No, I think that’s how dog relations work. – (both) If your names rhyme, you’re related.
– Yeah, that’s it. – And we speak in unison about it.
– You’re related! Okay. – I tried to but it didn’t work.
– It didn’t work. It’s true. Apparently, Frosty don’t like dogs,
because he kicked the dog in the head in front of the cop, which is stupid.
So the cop escorts Frosty out of the parade and away from the crowd
and that’s when things get crazy. Listen to what happens:
Frosty pulls off his head! – What?! –
– Yes! And hits officer Walker – across the face with it!
– Pulls his head off?! Yes! But then it turns out Frosty is just
a 50-year-old guy named Kevin Walsh. – Oh, Kevin!
– From Chestertown. – Okay. That clears things up.
– He participated in the parade for the last 10 years, and as they were shoving
him in the car, husbands and women and mothers and kids and
all types of normal people… – Husbands and women!
– (crew laughs) – Everybody!
– … were watching. Kids, mostly, were watching Frosty– headless Frosty!–
being put in the truck. – Yeah, that ruins Christmas for everybody.
– He was screaming, – “You have no right to arrest me!”
– He’s Frosty the Snowman! – “I’m Frosty the Snowman!”
– He’s just gonna melt in the backseat – anyway before you get him downtown.
– (laughs) He was released on personal recognizance, and I don’t even
know what that means for a snowman. Okay, well, if you’re thinking of
committing a crime this Christmas, – you have some great examples to follow.
– Don’t consult with us, but – do like, comment and subscribe.
– That’s right. You know what time it is! – I’m Nathan!
– I’m Dylan! – I’m Madison!
– And I am the Snow Queen! And we’re from Ottumwa, Iowa. (all) And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! Make sure you go to rhettandlink.com/store
where you can get things just like this hoodie that Link has been wearing this
entire episode that you didn’t notice. Yeah, here it is! It zips and it unzips.
Click through to Good Mythical More where we’re gonna share our
adventures in holiday decoration-ing. (Rhett) Rhett and Link
are opposite magnets. Hey bro bring it in, bring it in. Merry
Christmas. We’re gonna Christmas Hug. You gonna north it up?
You gonna north it up? Christmas hug. Just wanna
give you a Christmas hug. – I’m gonna north it up.
– (both) Whoah! – Hey, come in this way.
– Hey! (both grunting) Get it! Bring it! Bring iiiiit! Bring it iiiiiiin! [Captioned by:
GMM Captioning Team]

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