6 BIRTHDAY CAPS & PROPS #Craft Ideas for party #DIY | Craft with Aayu Pihu

6 BIRTHDAY CAPS & PROPS #Craft Ideas for party #DIY | Craft with Aayu Pihu

Sister dad’s birthday is about to come Yes, Aayu so should we prepare for dad’s birthday? Yes Should we make a part cap? But dad dosen’t wears it But he will wear it when we make it right? Yes We should make party props Yes, and then make a cake That we made in the 3 item cooking challenge video Who’s link is here and Dora cake too Yes we made that too So let us learn to make a party cap and to make the party props Yes come on For that we will need sheets, printed sheets Foam sheets coloured sheets and black and white coloured sheets to make the eyes Fabric glue I have taken pom poms for decoration you can take any item you have for decoration elastic, for the bottom of cap Tape, marker and scissors First of all we will take a sheet you can take any sheet of which you want to take the cap start folding it, to form a cone shape Then, glue it from the side properly then we will cut the extra part from the sides and the bottom we will cut it in circle so that it shapes like a cap See our cap is ready now we will decorate it with any coloured sheet cut it into a long strip and make cuts from one side make it a frill just like that we have to make frills of 2 strips our frill will be ready then we will stick this frill, one on top and one on the bottom now we will stick the elastic with tape at the bottom or we can tie the elastic by pun ching a hole too So our cap is ready Similarly, we will make the next cap Here, we have made our cap we will stick pom-pom on it just apply some fabric glue and attach the pom-pom to it in the design of your choice See, isn’t it looking beautiful? and I’ve stuck 3 different coloured pom-pom on top to make it even more beautiful Now we will make the 3rd cap We already showed you to make the cone now we will show you to decorate this I’ve cut this in the shape of a kitty in pink colour and made a dark pink coloured bow and made a moustache and eyes with black coloured sheet See, isn’t the kitty cap looking beautiful? Now we will make the 4th cap You can decorate this cap like the funny faces of your friends like Aayu has a very naughty friend I’ve made this for him We have to cut big eyes like these and stick them on and this one teasing Isn’t it looking naughty? Similarly I’ve made one more cap on which I’ve stuck some eyes and added a frill cap and this cap, this one is for birthday boy I’ve made this with foam sheet First I cut out the cap and cut a mouth with a yellow sheet and cut a bow shape added some eyes made it’s hands and I had this happy birthday sticker and I attached a spring on it stuck it on this See, such a beautiful cap is ready? I’ve made this for birthday boy Similarly, you can make some beautiful caps and make caps for your friends and gift it to them for their birthdays See, they look so beautiful If you like the video, like the video and subscribe Now we will make party props for which we will make a face mask to make the party mask, we will need glitter sheet, beads for decoration stone, tape ribbon, paper cutter, marker elastic barbeque stick we can use pop stick, instead of this or ice cream stick fabric glue and scissor First of all we will draw the design of the party mask on the sheet Like I’m cutting a heart shape here we have to make 2 hearts for 2 eyes but they will remain joint from the center we don’t have to separate them So I made one more heart shape outside it and we will cut it After cutting it in heart shape I stuck a beaded lace around it and a barbeque stick on the side and our mask is ready to make the 2nd mask, we need 2 sheets We will cut one sheet, in the shape of grass just like in a scenery Similarly, we have to cut it in grass shape I’ve made circle in one we will cut this circle in double fold First we will make a single circle and then a double circle so it looks like glasses and then stick grass on top of it So we have stuck grass on both the sides and set it aside to dry and then attach the elastic on it Our 2nd mask is ready to make the 3rd mask, we have taken a pink sheet on which we will make a butterfly we will draw the butterfly shape and make a double lining after drawing so that we can cut it So, the cut out looks beautiful now we will decorate it I’ve stuck a small fllower on it I will stick these beads in the shape of flower on the side and stick the elastic with tape properly at the the back So our third mask is ready Now we will make the 4th mask This one is very simple you just have to draw the shape of your hand It will look like a bird is flying or you can cut it like this You can make 2 different designs using your 2 hands One like this one One with both hands and one like this I’m drawing the shape of my hand here so the shape of my hand is ready and I’ve cut this one and cut the eyes shape in the milddle Now, just add elastic to it So, see such a beautiful mask is ready and here, with red glitter sheets i’ve cut the shape of the nails I am going to stick them as nails here so it looks like there is nail paint here We have made these 4 styles of party mask Aren’t they beautiful? Now share this video of whoever friends birthday is about to come and tell them that you can make these party props on your own My birthday cap is looking cute right? and party props too Yes They are so easy, we waste our money by buying these from market yes If you liked the video, please like And share this with all your friends who’s birthday is about to come and subscribe too, bye bye.

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  2. Ayyu and pihu my brother birthday is on 25 December l also tried this birthday caps & props. it was very nice thanks for Sharing this video

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