65 Year Anniversary

[Valena] hi i’m Valena the CEO of Jackson County
Teachers Credit Union [Christy] and I’m Christy this year we’re celebrating our 65th
year of business in Jackson County under the same name
never bought out never sold always Jackson County Teachers Credit Union
serving our membership as well as our community Christy has worked with us for
about two and a half years however she’s been a member for [Christy] I’m not saying [Valena] almost all of her life I just want to know Chrissie what’s kept you a member of the credit union for so
many years [Christy] well I think just it’s a hometown credit union that you can rely
on and trust that you know who’s taking care of you that when I call the credit
union even back in the day I’ll say that somebody answered the phone now so many
times you call a big place of business and you get a recording and I love the
hometown feel the sincere people behind the teller line the folks in the back
that you know you can call and that’s been from day one actually because my
mother was an education she signed me up at the age of two to become a member I
learned how to save money there I learned how to balance a checkbook there
at the ripe old age of nine or ten and ever since that time I have really built
my credit around the credit union they’ve given me loans and have always
been loyal to me and in return available to them [Valena] so if you would love to have
that kind of service and family atmosphere brought to a business in
Jackson County please come visit us 44 66 clinton street Marianna Florida

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