.999 Silver Hand Poured Skull Bars & Ship

.999 Silver Hand Poured Skull Bars & Ship

hello my name is silver
hello my name is silver well I’m much cooler because I’m a shit well that much
cooler because I’m a school shit school ship school shit chips cool shit school
school school school shit shit shit well okay how about this
we vote for cool shit school shit school shit ships full school ship
schools schools shi’ite schools wait what point being proven they’re both pretty
awesome don’t you guys think welcome to my channel these are custom silver bars
by silver X gold I don’t think he makes silver anymore these are really cool little bars I started buying from him when he first
started however you know he stopped doing silver I don’t know if he followed
another career I think it was just for fun for him but I had purchased a couple
from him over the years couple here couple there
come boy here some more there some more there and they just keep them coming it
won’t stop all these little bars say yeah I got a
couple things from him um he did a good job with hand pouring them and stamping
them everything’s tested it’s all legit so he
did a really really good job on that so I’ll give him credit for that too bad he
doesn’t make him anymore unless he started with another company I don’t
know but uh if you guys love custom items what’s your favorite custom silver
bar or round or just unique item mean maybe you guys got a nice little pistol
if we can get that view to change here or maybe guys like bullets let me know
what’s your favorite in the comments section and thank you for watching my
video don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and guys if you don’t like my
random videos that I post normally go to my main channel hit that playlists tab
and save my playlist that is dedicated to silver and related videos so you guys
can never miss out on a video take care subscribe love y’all

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