#99THINGSINLONDON – Christmas Lights in London pt1

#99THINGSINLONDON – Christmas Lights in London pt1

– Hello. Mina olen Ranno.
– And hello from Marko. And welcome to Two Estonian Beards. Tonight we
are roaming around London. We are doing a vlog about Christmas lights
in London. And this is part of our #99THINGSINLONDON. Number 91. I wonder how many times I can say London. London.
– London. – London. If you are new to our channel – warm welcome. If you are a returning viewer, we are glad
to see you back. Make sure to subscribe to our channel in order
to see few tips about living in London, where to go in London or just check out our
travel videos whenever we go around. Little bit about our route which we’re gonna
take to see the Christmas lights. We gonna start from Oxford Street. Then head down to Carnaby Street. Down from Carnaby Street into Regents Street
to see the angels. And then via Leicester Square, where we are
now, we’re gonna head down to Covent Garden. So anyway, enjoy. So we’re gonna kick off this thing in Oxford
Street. As you can see behind me there are little
snow balls. There are 1778 of them. And amongst them there are little stars in
partnership with NSPCC, which is a childrens charity. And with a little donation you can actually
name one of them, so that’s cute. Christmas lights on Oxford Street were first
lit in 1959, so this is 57th year going. The theme of Carnaby street is “You Say You
Want a Revolution”, which looks back to 1960’s and how the fashion,
design and films and everything in 1960’s revolutionised the
way we perceive culture these days. First Christmas lights in Regents Street lit
up in 1954. And these angels that you can see here are
inspired by the first ever design that was lit up. Pub break.
– Cheers. So, we are on Leicester Square. Apparently there’s some sort of a Christmas
market here. We’re gonna have a little stroll. Before going to Covent Garden, we are doing
a little pit-stop here in Seven Dials. You’ll see behind me there’s a little pillar
with seven clocks and this is a crossroad of seven roads. And their Christmas theme this year is Woodland
Creatures. Now this our final stretch of this episode
of Christmas lights, which is Covent Garden. There’s usually a massive, massive deer in
Covent Garden every year, so let’s see if this year will be any different. Where’s Rudolf? We are now in Covent Garden where we are going
to finish this vlog. We’ll be back in two week’s time and then
we’re gonna do Trafalgar Square, South Bank and we are also
gonna go to Backyard Cinema, which is quite exciting thing to do. But in the meantime take care of yourself
and each other. Take care of your beards.
– And olge muhedad.

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