A Christmas Tree – Caleb Lane

A Christmas Tree – Caleb Lane

Snow flakes gently rest upon the window sill Every pot and flower bed do these crystals
fill Every branch upon the tree,
heavy with winter’s white burden The landscape lost, beneath that
dove-tailed feathered curtain Smoke rises from every chimney
and descends to the street below Filling every nostril and causing
that anticipation to grow Of that warm home where their family will
be All gathered round that Christmas tree That Christmas tree like a grand old
giant in the corner Arrayed in his suit of fine jewelry That glints and glows in the presence
of that roaring fire That warms and enchants the soul
like an exuberant and passionate choir When they sing every note bursts a flame It rises like sparks up into that tapestry
of lights Where every star shines ever more bright
at the sound of joyful melodies Who can resist such lyrical rhyme
Oh holy night! Oh night divine! That reminds us of that precious time
A time when One stepped from His heavenly realm and broke through our atmosphere
To become mere human to dwell with us here. To trod our earth beneath His own hand crafted
sky, To breath our oxygen,
To bear our griefs, to know our pain to deliver us from sin Time shall not erode what was done that fateful
day That One baby’s infant cry would shake the
earth and dawn a brand new day The snow and ice cannot withstand the power
and heat of the sun’s glorious rays That causes flowers to burst forth from the
hardened soil and cry out in songs of praise Winter is gone, death is no more
All can enter in through that blood stained door Upon that darkened hill,
against that lilac splashed velvet sky Stands a dark and lonely cross An empty cross A Christ less tree That’s what Christmas means to me.

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree – Caleb Lane

  1. Yeah. You were right there. Christ less tree… Not Santa comes at Christmas.
    The three King to celebrate Jesus was born. 😉

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