A Commodore 64 Christmas

A Commodore 64 Christmas

You kids and your Nintendos, and iPods and Playstations… I didn’t have any of that when I was a kid. But I’ll tell you what I did want for Christmas… [ukulele strumming] It was December 1982 I hoped that my dream would come true That there would be waiting for me A Commodore computer under the tree I want a Commodore 64 Christmas [instrumental] Now LEGO’s nice, LEGO’s fine, But it won’t scratch this 8-bit itch of mine It was December 1983 What would Santa bring for me? Would I finally get my wish? My very own computer, with a SID chip I want a Commodore 64 Christmas [instrumental] I wanted, and I got A Commodore 64 Christmas

14 thoughts on “A Commodore 64 Christmas

  1. The gift that keeps on giving! The best 8-bit ever. Great song, too. My family and I were dressing the tree to this. 😀 …and yes, I had a Commodore Christmas with the games Falcon Patrol and Flyer Fox to keep me entertained.

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