A New Year Of Lying | Sanders Sides Reaction

A New Year Of Lying | Sanders Sides Reaction

Hey buddies its ya girl AyChristene and it’s
time for us to do the next I would say favorite thing the community has been
highly engaged in comment wise and topic of comic want comment wise since
Hamilton and it parodies are the Thomas side these are very beloved on the
channel by me and by you guys and the comments that you guys are sharing and
how you guys are so excited for this series and for everything that I’m going
to encounter in this it’s very lovely endearing and sweet so we’re checking
out a new year of lying to myself in song by Thomas Sanders so this is
obviously supposed to be coming out in the new year
so what makes sense if I did it in the new year but I mean December is pretty
much pretty much almost over and you’re seeing so many new year things coming up
already why not you know why not us with the new year select see what he’s saying
with this pokeball and you can check out the link in the description box below
let’s get it what’s this 2016 has evolved into 2017 or devolved we don’t
know yet we’re gonna find ya another year has come and gone so long
2016 and you know despite all the things that happen during this I was able to
hang out with depends who’s asking okay you don’t spike Lee show in that place
I’m actually excited because he was on Hamilton I love it rick yemm’s and
steven universe steven different countries VidCon I went
to playlist and had a huge birthday surprise anybody call your girl I’m in
Florida – breath caller girl I would love to collab with
him he’s pretty cool first original musical and majority of our guys across
17 different cities in the US and Canada games what comes next
oh okay my logical side is back everyone it’s the beginning of the year which
means we well you don’t have to set this year for my video good videos come when
we set a better lifestyle for ourselves Tom okay what are some steps we can take
to achieve this really can’t think of one no wait a second this is a long turn
this is the video where I come to help you except I’ve already gone through
this okay I represent Thomas’s morality oh come on
what about learning to cook and all those other steps towards perfection
that’s not Oh that that doesn’t mean right thoughts
right yeah well whatever the word is don’t you think that’s something to work
towards a soldier is not that way we were just working out what he needs to
focus on this year which in my opinion is expanding your mind okay content will
only come to your viewers if you educate yourself Thanks
well that’s all well and good but how is he supposed to do that when he still
needs to work on eating right and taking care of himself sure I got a chance to
we can do that just fine he’s severely lacking in the knowledge that he’s cook
technician plenty of time since you’ve talked to him how’s he now well I might
need to see some proof of that should we did someone say principles you
know I am your hopes and dreams and you need to dedicate this year to doing all
the things you’ve ever dreamed of travel how can you do and I do care about that
but here’s the thing I don’t oh good my anxiety right on time are you doing back
here all these emotions and thoughts and complete turmoil how could I not
this was get over it you’re the least popular oh that is rude curse you this
whole thing just amuses me because you’re gonna waste all this time picking
out goals for the new head what you need to start doing or stop doing and in a
month probably less it’s all gonna be for
nothing you’re gonna stop trying and go right back normally what happens
meaningless no we’ve got this he’ll definitely state fruit well looking at
facts we have been pretty bad about sticking to goals in the past see he’s
infected then dunno it’s different right yes it can be you wrote the song give it up
resolutions are nothing more than empty that is not the way to go but thank you
yes good good don’t kid yourself you know your year
can’t be that it can’t be baby right but I’ll find out in there by your workings thank you you’re not
gonna let him be lie doing fine you sicken me you can’t
always rely on it so the bottom line here is do start with jams to work on
and then go from there no pressure either way even a little progress this I
can work with okay yeah you know just get out all right like rate perfect
right all right now you get out great okay continue thank you you’re welcome
see this was my video I hope you figure out some nice achievable goals to work
on for this year and slash time take it easy guys gals and non-binary pals wait
you say my new year’s resolution is 1080p crisper balance without what is
funny that was funny but it’s for him to be like to pop up right at the end and
logic is like no I’m the one who’s that do this video and dad’s like no I’m
going to be the one who hits the video and I like the Dodger fan at the end of
that but yes I completely agree like I think we put a lot of pressure on
ourselves when it comes to the new year I’m not I’m gonna eat like though the
normal ones I’m gonna eat better I’m gonna workout lose weight when you
weight and put all that on top of yourself with a new year comes a lot of
the times you know yeah you have people that make their goals and a lot of times
you have people that don’t that aren’t able to follow through on that so making
smaller things like for him cooking at least four meals but but that something
small to start on and from there I’m sure he’ll expand in
a year or at least hit us for meals he’s got to write did he cook his formulas I
need I need to eat him and ask him but not that I don’t know if he’d ever seen
an answer but nonetheless you know you never know unless you try but what are
some things that you would like to do for the new year that are like small
they don’t have to be ginormous out of the you know out of space type of big
things but with little things do you want to work on this year let me know
down below in the comment section if you like the video check out link in the
description box below to sports it Thomas if you like this video like
button don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram I love you guys
as always

100 thoughts on “A New Year Of Lying | Sanders Sides Reaction

  1. Hey Christene can you plz live stream Roblox again sorry but I just wanted to play with you yesterday but it is ok if you don't. Ps Love you :3 😄😆❤️

  2. Nice! Also just so you know, Sander Sides usually have after credit end cards that are fun to watch so I’d keep an eye out for those

  3. I went on YT to rewatch Thomas sanders and I see Patton and was like:


  4. Hey Christine! Love your channel! And I wanted to let you know something a fun fact about Thomas! He use to play JD in heathers 😃

  5. Heyy Ay Christene love your videos. Plz can u do another 21 jump street anamatic or an another anamatic called 'I know it's today.' I know it's pretty old but I really like it. Especially by the YouTuber SugarberryArt

  6. Hi i made you something on my channel because you are one of my favorite YouTuber and I made you a music video and I put a beanie on one of the guys because everyone knows you always wear your cute beanie! I gave you a shout out on that music video and you don't have to make a video while watching it!It's called This Is Gospel!It is kinda like in a heartbeat what you reacted to a few mouths ago!

  7. I cant wait till you get to the more recent sandersides videos because the sides get build on so much as characters, especially anxiety. Its so amazing and im enjoying these reactiong so much w

  8. You haven’t even reached the major character development yet!!! I’m so excited. MORE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE AHHHHHH

  9. Although it's probably best to watch the rest of these, I think you would enjoy the 'Accepting Anxiety' parts1 and 2, they are pretty great (Plus they all get development and manage to get along, somewhat)

  10. Anxiety is my favorite character out of all of the Sander Sides. He is always seen as the bad guy, always complained about and is always the bad one even if he's trying to help or if he means well. I relate a lot to that and I think you should watch another video about Anxiety to see how much his character has grown and how he isn't just the sassy bad guy anymore.

  11. Um, Hello. Can you do one for Thomas Sanders Can Lying Be Good? If so, that would be great.

  12. Am I the only one who’s actually trying to a) learn this song and b) find some way to buy it on iTunes

  13. I got a preroll ad for Mean Girls Broadway, heh
    And yes I am watching this yet again because it hits differently~ I guess some people don't mind this song

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