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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today I have a New Year’s Eve tip for you so if you’re having a party and
you’ve got a bunch of kids or a bunch of adults that need a little bit of
something to keep them you know entertained while you’re waiting from
you know 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock why not try a photo scavenger hunt now this is
super super easy to do you can do one of two things you can make a list ahead of
time you know like find something gold find something silver find
something that says 2020 on it you know you can do that kind of a thing where
you give yourself a list or you can do it really simple which is to say okay
find 20 things that begin with the letter N for New Year’s and find 20
things that begin with a letter Y for year so New Year’s you know you get it
so it’s 20 and 20 for 2020 or you know any combination of that you could say find
20 things that are using the letters N-E -W-Y-E-A-R-S you know it’s all up to you it
could be your family’s name it could be where you live it could be whatever it
is but you get the idea basically you mix 2020 you mix the New Year and you
mix a cell phone and all they got to do is run around take as many pictures as
they can then when they come back have them make a list and then you look through
them all and you can give points for you know those really interesting pictures
or those crazy pictures or the funnier the better or however you want to do it
but it’s quick it’s fun and it’s an easy way to keep kids entertained on New
Year’s or you know those ordinary adults who are sitting around going oh I’m
bored more great ideas check us out Sophie-world.com and you know what
happy new year!

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