A Toy Story Land Surprise | Disney•Pixar

A Toy Story Land Surprise | Disney•Pixar

have no idea what’s going on. I was hoping for details. I got none. I don’t even really
know what to expect. I’m excited. I feel like all of
this is a diversion. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Ashlea Archer. I’m originally from the Bahamas. And today, I’m surprising my
best friend, Carmen Neely, with a day here
at Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I wanted to surprise
her today because she is moving to Los Angeles,
and she’s getting married. Carmen is the one who always
surprises everybody else. So, I’m like, we need
to do this for you now. I’m Carmen Neely. I am from Lake Orion, Michigan. Over the past nine years, I’ve
met a great group of friends. My mom moved here last year. So, when the time
comes, it’s going to be so sad to leave
my family and friends that I have here in Florida. [EXHALES] This friendship
means everything to me. Several years ago,
my mom was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. I shared this with Carmen
and several other friends, and Carmen sort of, you know,
looked off into the distance, and looked at me and
she was like, tell me when her appointments are. And Carmen would move her
classes around and drive my mom to doctor’s appointments. And she basically treated
my mom like her mom. She never asks for
anything in return, ever. She epitomizes loyalty for me. I want Carmen to know
from this send-off that your friends and your
family still have your back, and I absolutely have her back. CARMEN (VOICEOVER): So I’m
really nervous about today. I’m excited, but
also I’m nervous. I’m usually the one
who’s planning surprises, so here we are. I’m trying to figure out
what’s going on today. Carmen loves, loves, loves
the “Toy Story” series, so it felt good to be the
one to surprise her for once. Surprise! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! I knew it! Hi! Hi! How are you? So, I– oh! No tears, no tears. I know we’re going through,
like, a lot of crazy life stuff right now. You’re going to get
married, and you’re moving, and– and you’re one of the most
important people in the world to me, so I figured–
– Ohh. –who else deserves
this more than you? Thank you. [LAUGHS] CARMEN (VOICEOVER): I
just really appreciate my friendship with Ashlea. She’s probably the closest
thing I had to family out here in Florida,
and her friendship means the world to me. Oh my gosh!
Hi! Hi! – My name’s Ryan.
– Ashlea, nice to meet you! – Ashlea, nice to meet you.
– Carmen, nice to meet you. Carmen, well nice
to meet you, as well. Welcome to Andy’s backyard! Thank you for having us. I feel like my little toys,
like, from my childhood. Yay! When in your Andy’s
Backyard, you’re an honorary toy for the day. So, we’re bringing two
brand new attractions to Disney’s Hollywood Studios– the Alien Swirling Saucers
and Slinky Dog Dash. Yay! So, please go enjoy
the attractions. Have a great time. We’re headed to
Slinky Dog Dash. All right.
– Mm. This is so good. Toy Story Mania! Still early, though. OK, I’m gonna switch arms.
Let’s try that. [GROANS] Um, I’m 43,000
and she’s 20,500. There’s no need to– No, no, no. [SCREAMING] [CLICKING] – That’s your own fault.
– I didn’t cramp! – That’s– OK.
– I let you win. There’s a difference. Well, I don’t know
what to tell you. I let you win. You’re welcome. These things happen. Our stories are so intertwined
into this “Toy Story” story. CARMEN (VOICEOVER): Growing
up and moving into a new stage of life, and leaving
behind some things that you really loved
in your childhood. ASHLEA (VOICEOVER): At the
core, we’re still who we are, and I think that’s
why I feel like this– this was perfect. What I want Carmen to
know from this send-off is that distance is
not going to change anything about our friendship. CARMEN (VOICEOVER): I feel
like I’m always scrambling to kind of, like, figure
out what the next step is, and so this was a nice
day to kind of just, like, regroup and just
have somebody tell me, like, you’re going to be OK. Everything’s going to be fine. The memories that we created
today will last forever, I’m sure. [MUSIC PLAYING]

64 thoughts on “A Toy Story Land Surprise | Disney•Pixar

  1. How awesome. I would love to go to Disney World but as a single mom working 2 jobs in Los Angeles that wont be an option for me. It looks like fun and the new rides look so amazing. What a wonderful surprise for her friend. I know Disneyland can't compare to Disney World but I hope she will be able to make new memories when she moves to Los Angeles at Disneyland.

  2. TSL is easily worth the hype, and I think it’s a great addition to DHS! I’m glad that Pixar is becoming extremely prevalent at the Disney parks. Slinky is the perfect combo of a thrill/kiddie coaster, while Swirling is basically DW’s version of Mater’s in DCA. ?

  3. she steps up, goes above and way beyond and asks for nothing in return. why isn't SHE?? rich and famous?? why doesn't SHE have her own reality show?? a woman like that deserves every good and wonderful thing Life has to offer, I wish them all Forever Success.

  4. Hey Disney, do you know a Fan-Fic series created by BrixieAnne called “Futuristic 4”? Where MTR (Wilbur), BH6 (Hiro), Incredibles (Violet), Bolt (Penny) meets. Check it out on Wattpad.

  5. This looks great! On an unrelated note, because Disney won't answer, is it true that all Pixar movies like the Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory and Incredibles will be on Disney's new streaming service and will the service be any good?

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