Access The Bars® | Access Consciousness

Access The Bars® | Access Consciousness

What if you could change the thoughts,
feelings and emotions that limit you? What if a simple body process
could change you … AND the world Introducing ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS…
32 points on the head, releasing thousands of limitations at a time with total ease Money, Control, Creativity Ageing, Sexuality, Body Sadness, Joy, Peace Time, Space, Awareness Kindness, Gratitude, Communication Healing… ACCESS BARS is a simple body process
that is now in 50 countries worldwide
by more than 2000 facilitators THE BARS are 32 points on the head
which, when lightly touched, effortlesly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive.

These points store all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and considerations you have stored from any lifetime. This is what people are saying about ACCESS BARS… “Thank you. You came like a breath, swooped in, and made me see the potential within. Never had I thought a stranger could bring so much power.”

20 thoughts on “Access The Bars® | Access Consciousness

  1. Grandioso !!!  This song and ACCESS are just GRAND !  Thank you Gary e grazie anche a Joy for singing it so well !! Love to the world e benvenuti

  2. Hey! I totally love this song, the video and its energy 🙂 Thank you guys! What would it take for me to have 'welcome to the world' – this particular version as my mobile ringtone? I have been replaying it for the song 🙂

  3. Great synopsis of Access Consciousness – this is my go-to offering for people wondering what is is I do. I never tire of watching this!

  4. why would you make a second website to promote your services rather than help provide any way we can remedy ourselves. I have social anxiety disorder and dont want to be touched by your random people

  5. Best intro song ever! Thank you for using the Original Herstorical Marcia Griffiths, One Love to Consciousness! One Love, Irie

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