Good Morning Everyone! Good Morning Everybody and Welcome To Vlogmas Day 15 10 Days til Christmas I’m so excited
I’m so glad we’re Christmas shopping today
Yeah we really really need to Christmas shop We’ve just woken up, I’ve edited my video and breakfast has just arrived Look how delicious
We’ve got yoghurt, fruit, that’s Alfie’s scrambled eggs and salmon Toast, butter, like posh butter Grilled tomatoes, boiled eggs, oh they’ve done me some little soldiers!
Soldiers Cute! Um, some smoothies, some little berry shots she said And like, the most delicious pastries you’ve ever – like, what is that That looks like legit eclair,
Chocolate Poo
Yeah! Then we’ve got ooh, all the jams Okay I’m very excited for this Look at these little bits like a crown
I know, that’s definitely one way to display your fruit in the morning isn’t it?! Can you imagine I come downstairs one morning and you’re like preparing this beautiful little fruit salad
That’s what my Dad, my Dad literally does stuff like that Awww,
But you know when you order a fruit salad and sometimes it’s really disappointing because you get like two different fruits Yeah
That’s like a proper fruit salad
Yeah There’s like mango in there
Orange, blood orange Banana, Apple, Pineapple Yeah it looks really good I don’t know what to eat first, I think maybe the eggs and the soldiers, and then I’ll go for the cold [Laughs] I’m actually crying [sighs] I just called Alfie a pix- I was like you look like a little pixie He’s so offended! He’s like, I don’t wanna be called a little pixie! Oh, God That made me laugh We’re still here
Oh What’s going on with that But I am ready to leave I think I am just going to have to leave my hair like this today
Oh no! Proper ruined my makeup! Alfie’s just been editing And I think now we are about ready to leave I look very… pale today Yeah, I don’t know which shops we’re going to head to first I feel like wherever we go, it’s going to be really manic And I’m in two minds about whether to take my coat or not, because is it going to be one of those things where every shop we go into is so warm And when you spend most of your time in the shop rather than out of the shop, and then you just end up carrying your coat, d’you know what I mean? So I’m weighing up those decisions Very important decisions for a Friday afternoon Either way, I know we need to get out of this hotel room, like ASAP Because the amount of time we have to actually do some shopping before going to Tanya and Jim’s is getting smaller and smaller Ooh, look how cool it looks! Hello,
Hey, How’s it going? That is
*Alfie scares Zoe*
Don’t even joke that is so high I can’t even like see how far down that goes It’s so high What a beautiful lift Oh look I can see you in the mirror a bit It’s so cool
You look a little bit French
Do I?
With your little hat on Look how beautiful this hotel is, honestly it’s like, so crazy It’s like being the Kardashians
Yeah We’re finally in a taxi Going where we need to be going To do some Christmas shopping, we’re actually heading to Selfridges first And we’ve made a list of who we need to buy for, so there’s no like guessing or ending up buying things for people we don’t need to buy for I tend to always do that, I over-buy, specifically for Poppy I – whenever I start wrapping presents
For Mum as well
I have so many presents for Poppy
Yeah So there’s not actually too many people we need to get presents for which is good Like, I’m happy about that, because that means that the liklihood that this is a successful shopping trip Just got one more person I need to buy for
Is quite high Who?
Can’t Say It’s secret Claridges Look at that Zoe,
Very beautiful building What? What is that? A person eating cake off the floor Why? Art
Is that art? It is Wow, that’s very interesting art isn’t it Oh that flower shop looks lovely ‘Wild Things’ Cheers buddy
Here we are! Look how cool it looks
How do you reckon they get all of those plants?
All decorated Thank you [groans] Bloody hell Look at our faces! From the disco balls, they look amazing! Oh, there’s your mate On the accordian! That’s what you want! An accordian!
Can you imagine me playing an accordian, I can imagine Joe playing one Yeah, no I kind of like the size! Just trying on engagement rings Nothing to do with me! I think it’s nice Not too sure how that just happened He was – He was really nice
Oh, you’re not too sure?!
It was your fault you said – you said
You literally walked over –
try on the biggest engagement ring for my thumbnail as a joke
But not near that guy! Then you walked over to-
He watched our videos so he was like, do you want to try some on, I was like alright then
And then you were just grabbing them all Putting them all on –
No, he was grabbing them and giving them to me to put on!
Guys we’re not getting engaged
This one is um £31,000 I’m like woah Also, I would like – I would want Alfie to pick a ring without me there That’s not how the ring choosing is going to go down But it was interesting to learn about diamonds and things Very interesting How have we ended up looking at men’s watches? Because we just tried on diamond rings
for ages
Okay Still shopping! And it’s happened, I’ve had to take off my coat Because it is too hot in here We’ve left Selfridges, we did get some presents to be fair Um, but now I think we’re on the hunt for one more present And then I think we’re done actually Haven’t we done quite well!? Oh, I’ve lost him to Google maps I think we’re going along this way
Yeah? Okay, I’m going to follow you because I have absolutely no sense of direction even when I follow google maps Ah, there’s a Wagamama! I’m actually not too hungry, our breakfast has like, filled me up to the max Where are we? This is not Oxford Street We’ve come out the back of Selfridges,
Where’s Duke Street?
I don’t know I don’t know where we are.
Oh, this is Duke Street Oh, so do we need to go the other way? I found Alfie a perfect Christmas present Below the belt grooming for men, fresh and dry balls, all day comfort no sweat! I don’t really get that I get, not as in I personally get –
I don’t really get sweaty balls
I understand fresh, I don’t understand why your balls wouldn’t be dry. If you’re sweating? If, do you – If you go to the gym do they not sweat?
I’ve never noticed my balls being particularly sweaty No, I don’t think I’ve ever had that I can understand fresh Not saying that mine aren’t fresh Just stop No one has – no one has non-dry balls that’s what I’m saying, everyone’s balls are dry Oh God, I love that we’re having this conversation in a taxi. And in a vlog It’s quite a funny Christmas gift for someone though You could get it for Sean,
Shall we get it for Poppy? We do still need a present for Poppy I’ve just remembered we’re going to Tanya and Jim’s in a bit! I’m really excited about that What?
What was I meant to get in Selfridges An outfit for tonight I’ve legit got nothing, this is the only clothes I’ve got But you look smart! I’ve got literally, a painting on my white hoodie. I look the opposite of – That’s w- We’re gonna have to go back to Selfridges I can always go back, you can head to the hotel When you’re getting ready in the hotel I’ll run to Selfridges
I’m not gonna take that long to get ready! I just don’t know what el- that’s what I was meant to do wasn’t I?
Yeah you were gonna buy an outfit Cause – Oh my gosh how did we forget?! Look how Christmassy Oxford Street looks! Look at Liberty, it looks so pretty and Christmassy Okay, another present has been bought we’re now heading to ‘Crumbs and Doilies’ because I really want to see if they’ve got any like Christmassy cupcakes Is it down there? No, I don’t think it’s down that one, I think it’s further down Yeah.
I’d quite like to buy some for us to take back home tonight, but also, I’d love to buy some to take to Tanya and Jim’s this evening Because I think they’d be enjoyed by a lot of people And I uh- Dishoom! That’s meant to be amazing!
Oh yeah! Oh is that the place that had like a 3 hour queue outside it in Edinburgh?
Yeah Look how lovely and festive these lights look I do think there’s something really magical about coloured lights But I love the Golden ones, I think they’re very nice and classy but
Oh they’re changing – each bulb is changing
Yeah I know! I love them! My God this is so cute in here! Why’ve we never been in here? Okay, where is it? We found it Oh my God, we do this every time, we always can’t find it! So funny, Okay, let’s hope they’ve got some cupcakes left They might not have any left! Here it is Look at the little mince pie ones Cakes have been bought! Look how pretty Carnaby Street looks! I’ve lost him Got ya I love all the birds, like the parrots it’s magical Hello
Just about to start my vlog! We’re now back in the hotel room And, uh, we’re about to eat dinner I’ve gone for the same, because this pasta was absolutely delicious, and Alfie’s also gone for the same
Because my pasta was absolutely delicious It’s the bolognese and mine’s just the tomatoe-y one. And we’ve also got mash, but because Alfie ate most of mine yesterday, he’s ordered one for himself today! Good?
It’s like The p- is it called el do- el donte?
Al dente
like slightly hard
The perfect
It’s insane Slightly hard
And we’re about to watch episode four of The Syndicate!
Me and Alfie are actually watching it together! This never happens, I always like go ahead or Alfie goes ahead because I fall asleep
I go out for one meeting and could come back and Zoe’s like four episodes ahead of me. That is normally what – that is normally what happens, ow We are on episdoe four, it’s so great would highly recommend, it’s getting really juicy, so we’re going to eat this now, watch this and then get ready to go to Tanya and Jim’s. And it’s slightly hard My pasta We are all ready to leave to go to Tanya and Jim’s! We are off, we have cakes And, I’m excited to see everyone! Poppy and Sean are going, Mark’s going, there’s lots of lovely people going and so I’m really excited to see everyone! Did struggle to shut my suitcase but it’s all good. Whenever I leave a hotel room, I’m one of those people that has to check every plug socket a million times, check the bathroom, check we’ve not left anything Not that I’ve ever left anything in a hotel room before apart from, once when I went to vidcon. I left my camera battery charger. In the wall, and that really is an annoying thing to leave in a hotel, because how do you buy a camera battery charger without buying a whole new camera. There probably is a way, but at the time I couldn’t get another one Look at Tan’s spread. That is a spread and a half Look at all the hummus! [Sean] The sausage rolls are amazing
Yeah, they look amazing So good. [Alfie] Oh, they’ve even got that jelly stuff! QUINCE That’s the one [mark] it’s either that one or that one
Mark’s here
[Mark] Oh, Hello I’m saying that like it’s my house Mark, Mark’s arrived He’s going for a cheese [Mark] I think it was this one but it hasn’t been cut
That’s blue cheese [Mark] I feel bad being the first one
That’s a blue [Alfie] That is a skinny slice
[Mark] I know
[Alfie] What is that?
[Mark] I just wanna make sure I like it [Mark] The next day after my party, I literally ate the rest of my cheese board [Mark] Like, while I was cleaning my flat. I love that! You didn’t have that Camembert though [Mark] No! I tried to make it and my friend came round the next night and I tried to do it soberly and it didn’t work! Is it from M&S? Was it from M&S?
[Mark] Yeah it was from M&S There is a camembert in M&S that does not melt, I 100% can vouch for that [Mark] That’s probably the one I got then
I bet you! It just doesn’t melt! [Mark] Maybe because it’s a fan? Fan oven.
No, no it doesn’t melt. Maybe, maybe because a fan made it [Alfie] Maybe because Ah. [Mark] I was gonna bring it down and surprise you!
What did you go for?
[Mark] Beauty and the Feast
What’s Poppy’s [Mark] Jingle Mingle
Jingle Mingle – Oh look, the drinks menu, let me have a look Jingle and a mingle What’s a christmas pick me up? Rum shaken with Frangelico and Amaretto. Served with dark chocolate OOOH Down it! [Poppy] Oh my God, if I downed that! [Mark] So who’s in this?
Who’s in this?! [Mark] Is this it?
[Barman] Yeah
[Mark] I thought it was going to be chocolate! It is!
[Mark] Oh, chocolate rim
[Laughing] Three, two, one [Mark] Oooh, Marzipan
Nice? A wake me up?
[Poppy] Oooh, Marzipan!? [Mark] Marzipan Marzipoon [Mark] I’m actually quite vibing that
Yeah Poppy, you never really normally do shots!
[Mark] Yeah [Poppy] Never, but Tanya’s drinks are always stunning
Yeah. Yeah, she always gets em right
[Poppy] No! These are the only shots I’ve ever tasted [Mark] That’s true Look how I’m sat [Mark] What does it look like? Melted Butter [Mark] Butter
Butter [Mark] She’s been hanging out with me too much Thats –
[Mark] NO.
Mark Ferris, that is really strong It’s lovely though!
[Mark] It’s lovely, really refreshing
I can feel it burning my throat!
[Mark] Got a nice little frog lily on there Frog lily?! Do you mean waterlily? I love frog lilies in my melted butter [Mark] Melted butter [Mark] It does look a bit like bile though doesn’t it I don’t know I haven’t seen that in a while In a bile
*laughing* [Mark] haven’t seen that in a bile We found Tan! Get in Mark!
[Tanya] Hi! [Mark] I look so pale!
Everyone looks pale compared to Tan right now! [Tanya] I’m the brownest one
[Mark] I was so close to getting a spray tan last night
[Poppy] Did you!? Someone’s here! [Tanya] I’m not going for that [Tanya] It’s so great because you’re so similar to Alfie and I’ve loved and known Alfie for years [Tanya] So it’s just so lovely [Tanya] To have a girl version
Of Alfie
[Tanya] She’s just like Alfie!
Yeah! But she doesn’t think she’s like Alfie! [Poppy] I don’t think I am! [Tanya] You’re so like Alfie
[Poppy] Do you think so?
[Tanya] Yeah [Poppy] That’s so funny, Alfie with a vagina! [Poppy] You’re also like your mum and I love your mum [Poppy] Yeah I am like my mum What do you love about me? [Tanya] What I love about you?!
Yeah, let’s take it in turns [Tanya] You are so annoying, no you’re just so naughty, I’m trying to give Poppy her moment and Zoe won’t let her have it! I’m like, now what about me?!
[Poppy] So naughty
What about me!?
[Tanya] Okay, hold on I probably can think of something. Just give me five minutes. There he is! [Tanya] My favourite song! Right, that’s it Tan, that’s it. [Tanya] I can’t I honestly can’t because people will think I’m being meant to you. [Tanya] I love Zoe, she’s my best girl [Joe] How’s it going. Bloody hell Tan, you’re brown [Tanya] Joe! Hello! [I’ve gone so brown] [Joe] No, you did I saw your instagram story! [Tanya] So, I think off the top of my head, my favourite thing is that one, the history we have together, and how long that we’ve been really close for. Two, is you’re just so kind and so so funny Awww
[Tanya] You make me laugh so much [Tanya] I know that whatever happens at any time of day, I can go to Zoe and she’ll be there for me Aww, that’s so cute I love you [Tanya] Aww I love you so much [Joe] I look so pale
So do I, it’s this light Look, if we turn this way
[Joe] Oh
That’s better [Joe] I look like a potato thumb Are you on the espresso martinis?
It smells like Roses Coffee Cream! [Joe] really?
What do they put in it?
You know roses
Yeah Yeah, no I think it smells like a coffee cream No, I see what you mean I’m smelling more coffee I’m not gonna lie We’re home That felt like a very long journey home There was a diversion And I was very tired So Alfie did the last little bit And now we’re back and I’m really wrapped up Had a really really nice time at Tanya and Jim’s as always. It was really nice to see everybody there And to catch up And everyone was in great spirits And yeah it was just really really nice So I think now, me and Alfie are gonna eat a cupcake and probably go to sleep My camera is not really focussing It’s probably for the best because I don’t look the best Oh, they didn’t quite stay upright But I think they’re okay So we’ve got a mince pie, an apple and cinnamon, an orange and cranberry a nutella, a salted pretzel or the, was it cookies and cream? Or oreo? Which one do you reckon [Alfie] are we sharing?
Oh, we don’t have to share if you dont want We could always have two, and half each so we can try The other person’s I think the cookies and cream one is looking dapper This is the contenders guys Mince pie I think, apple and cinnamon Orange and Cranberry
And then the pretzel Sea salt, caramel and pretzel I think Mmm I think this one, do you want one each, or do you wanna share? I may have got impatient waiting for Alfie So I had a bite of that one, a bite of that one and a bite of that one They were all delicious I am going to go to sleep now, but thank you so much for watching and give the video a thumbs up as always, and I will be seeing you again tomorrow Same time, same place Love ya, goodnight!


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