Acepedia needs YOUR help! 11th Anniversary Celebration

Acepedia needs YOUR help! 11th Anniversary Celebration

Hello, everyone! SlyCooperFan1 here. For those who don’t know, I have been the head admin of Acepedia, the Ace Combat wiki, for a couple of years now. Today, August 19, is our observance date for the anniversary of the wiki, and this year is our 11th anniversary! With so many countless editors over the years, we’ve rebuilt Acepedia to make it the best Ace Combat wiki on the internet. And we have mobile apps and social media accounts to help spread the word. As we all know, Ace Combat 7 is fast approaching, and while we don’t have a release date yet, Acepedia is gearing up for the game’s release. We’re doing what we can on the English wiki, but a big part of the Ace Combat fandom is international, and many of our fellow fans speak languages other than English. Ace Combat Fan and I have discussed the future of the Ace Combat fandom, and we both agree that we have to help expand internationally. While Ace Combat Fan continues on YouTube, we’re asking for *your* help to contribute to alternate language versions of Acepedia. The following languages are the ones that have an Ace Combat wiki at the time of this video: If you know any of these languages, these wikis are currently open but are inactive or progressing slow and need your help to build them. Of course, if you know any other language, you are free to create a wiki for that language as well. In addition, do not be scared by the prospect of being alone. Acepedia has an official international Discord server, which is now completely set up and ready to go for each individual language wiki. This server allows us to coordinate our efforts together, and ensure all wikis will grow. If there’s anything any of us can do to help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the Discord server. The biggest needs on all of these wikis, even the English one, are articles for each game, as well as each of their missions, major countries, and major characters. Of course, Ace Combat 7 content will take absolute top priority. However, you will not need to reupload images, since we can set it up to share images from the English wiki to all the other language wikis. Again, please coordinate with us in the Discord server if you have any questions about how to get started. I’d like to give a million thanks to Ace Combat Fan, without whom this international effort wouldn’t have even started, as well as to the numerous users who have contributed translated captions to both his videos and Acepedia’s uploads of old trailers. Thank you to everyone who’s ever made any edit to Acepedia or visited the wiki! Your efforts and support have helped bring us where we are today. Despite my admin position, a wiki is made up of its editors and the community, and we couldn’t be here today without all of your help. Thank you all again, and I’ll see you in the next one!

27 thoughts on “Acepedia needs YOUR help! 11th Anniversary Celebration

  1. To address the question before people ask it repeatedly: yes, Everything Wrong With Ace Combat is going to continue, I've already started writing down sins for Ace Combat Zero. I'm not going to give a timeframe because I don't want to make false promises, but EWW ACZ is definitely happening soon.

  2. I will gladly help on the Spanish side of things

    I see that there are a lot of articles are missing from the Spanish wiki

    How exactly can I become and editor or a redactor of the wiki?

    Love from Venezuela, SC

  3. Well I speak portuguese and understand a bit of spanish but I don't have time to work for a project like this ūüôĀ

  4. Happy 11th anniversary Acepedia! Let's make Acepedia great again‚̧ԳŹ! Thanks for saying that to ACF! He and you are the best AC Channel on YT.

  5. Hi Sly!
    Well i think you've alredy know me, im Santlord
    I can help by doing some spanish pages, i know both english and spanish.
    Also, happy 11th Aniversary from Mexico!

  6. For the acecombat fans in Indonesia, i've added Ace Combat Fan LINE SQUARE, click the link to join :v
    [Ace Combat Fan] You've been invited to join a LINE square.

  7. I support this message and could not have said it better than Sly! AC7 is approaching and each one you can make a difference in operation #MakeAceCombatGreatAgain by helping Ace Combat go internationally by erasing the language borders inserts Pixy's meme by contributing to the non-English versions of the wiki and thus bringing the glorious Strangereal lore to new fans and converting the HAWX fans (aka, the HAWX infidels). But even if you just speak English you can still help by becoming a missionary to our Lord and Saviour the Demon Lord of the Round Table by sharing AC content on your social media accounts,
    talking to your friends about upcoming games (AC7, obviously), introducing AC to people who are into aviation, making content (videos/illustrations) and of course, the most effective way, going on the street and asking random people if they have time to hear about our great Lord and Saviour mentioned above.

  8. Can I ask, what ever happened to the "Miles Above Magazine" that was being released over on the Electrosphere 3.0 website?

    When that website went down, mention was made of it being kept or even continued over on Acepedia, but I haven't seen any more of it.

    Which is a shame because it was a really good fan magazine with some really interesting articles.

    Any news about it?

  9. I speak English as a third Language. Most of my official languages are very exotic, Sindhi and Balochi. I don't think anyone from my region plays Ace combat other than me but I can help if you say so

  10. I just created a French page ( and can start translating some English articles (my French isn't bad, even if I'm not fluent), but I'm both new to wiki editing and I'm not sure how names (both characters — like Jack Bartlett — and countries — like Osea — get translated in the international versions). I've only played NTSC-U (NA) in English.

  11. [PT-BR] S√≥ refor√ßando pessoal, quanto mais conte√ļdo tivermos na vers√£o brasileira da Acepedia maior a chance de reter os novos jogadores quando eles forem jogar o Ace Combat 7 pois voc√™s sabem que hist√≥ria e um fator MUITO importante nos jogos Ace Combat e esse pessoal novato vai com certeza pesquisar a hist√≥ria da s√©rie! Al√©m disso eu j√° tenho a impress√£o que a Bandai vai lan√ßar o AC7 legendado em portugu√™s j√° que eles est√£o publicando os pr√≥prios trailers legendados – ent√£o essa √© nossa chance!

    Al√©m disso, voc√™s v√£o deixar essa gringada da R√ļssia, Jap√£o e esses cantos que falam espanhol fazer uma wiki melhor do que a da comunidade brasileira? BORA L√Ā PARA MOSTRAR QUE QUEM MANJA MAIS DE ACE COMBAT √Č O BRASIL AEHOOOO!!!!!

  12. Yo, do you want me to create one for Indonesia? I could translate english to indonesia well. Tell me bout it.

    Edit : still a beginner in term of coding. But I have some experience in wikia editing. Shouldnt be too hard.

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