100 thoughts on “Adam Schiff: Republicans Have ‘Made Their Choice’ To Support Party Over Country | NBC News

  1. Just like you did Schiff, you playing a con game that you and the democrats will not win. See you in the Senate clown boy.

  2. When do we get to impeach democrats i can't wait not for no crimes although there are many but just because I don't like em

  3. Adam you pig sucking motherless ugly demon. ????????????? I am or was a Democrat I'm going to change to Republican everybody else that I know is going Republican too.

  4. Trump has never been faithful, how can he faithfully execute anything? He's a fraud, 3rd wifer, cheater, criminal syndicate trumps, russian mole. Oh and Impeached in his firat term.

  5. Look it up in the dictionary… Statestman: 2: a wise, skillful, and respected political leader. Schiff demonstrates a lack of wisdom every time he rambles about impeachment; Schiff has demonstrated a lack of honorable skill in his position of committee, he has abused his office by avoiding sound legal action; Schiff has lost respect by many. Even some of his Democratic colleagues are distancing themselves with this sham impeachment action. Thus, Chairman Schiff lacks wisdom, skill, and respect. In a word he is no Statesman. He has abused his office. He should step down.

  6. Schiffy boy pass the house so we can go to the Senate and block you down. Then we can investigate you all with fisa and start locking you up

  7. https://www.aol.com/article/finance/2019/12/18/trump-country-was-in-recession-during-2016-campaign-data/23883377/. Obama President ? ?? ?

  8. Big love for our best elected President we ever have
    Lets make America Great again
    ALLAH akbar and stronger than you shifty shif

  9. Why has Trump not released the documents why not send his folks to testify. That is the part that bothers me the obstruction. Why obstruct if you have nothing to hide. He should have addressed this right away.

  10. Adam Schiff is a true American warrior, a champion, he just burned trump and the republicans to the ground!.
    whatever happens, it's relief to know that there is still decency in america.

  11. To the criminal in the House, Adam Schiff. . . . . Can you quote a single word from the Constitution? I doubt it. Can any of you on the internet, on any site, who are supporting these DemoRats quote a single word from the Constitution. I doubt it. You can google it. I memorized it more than 30 years ago and I once took an oath to uphold all that it says. I implore every citizen to relearn it. If these DemoRats continue, we are going to have a tough road ahead of us and I fear, civil unrest. The anger is building and they haven't a clue. God Bless the United States of America.

  12. I can't believe this Schiff stain is preaching about putting party above country. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. How does he do it?

  13. To all democrat congress members that voted yes, time for pitchforks and torches, tar and feathers… on to the house OF REPS and push these dems down the stairs, THE TIME IS NOW!

  14. EXPOSED: Adam Schiff had a quid pro quo deal with Ukraine in 2013 … campaign funding for weapons sales.

  15. And Adam must be called in the senate hearing, and Adam will be proven a liar, and Adam will be censored in congress, and Adam will soon shrivel up and die, bye bye Adam…another grave for me to whizz on…..#23 and counting.

  16. So much cheating went this past election.



  17. I can't wait until the nail Schiff's butt to the wall
    His friendship, relationship with Ed Buck and the boys they picked up at LGBTQ
    will all be coming to light shortly

  18. Oh my gosh, what is this… oh he's talking about what the Democrats have done, "choosing party over country!" Sounds like the Dems. This is disgusting to watch… still a Schiff show…

  19. lol – only stupid poor people are like, i'm working without health insurance… leave Brittan… TRUMP alone! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  20. Last time I checked in America 16 to 29 million illegal immigrants who broke the law and are protected by the Democrats !!

  21. Who else knows Schiff used taxpayer slush fund to pay off a sexual assault claim by a 19 yr old male? Standard Hotel links? Ed Buck donor & buddy ties? Adam Schiff has repeatedly leaked to DNC media agents & directly lied repeatedly to the American public. Under oath in Senate Intelligence hearing about Transcript of Ukrainian call by President Trump. Do better research. Vote these Dems out in every election. Utube Dems districts they ignore.

  22. Once you understand the Democrat's extensive use of Saul Alinsky 101 "Accuse your enemy of that which you are doing, while you are doing it to create confusion" It is relatively easy to keep up with what they are doing as they are doing it.

  23. As has been reported on many news outlets…..the Democrats accuse the Republicans of what they have been doing for years. This guy is the biggest CLOWN of all

  24. If Anyone thinks they are above the law it's You Shciff! If your lips are moving, you are lying. Karma is a b*tch and it's coming for you and you constituents! You can count on it!

  25. Comrade, why don't you take your lying mouth and Pelosi and look at California. Then tell the week minded who put party before country. You do know where California is don't you comrade?

  26. Communist Democrats lost all credibility and have been rejected globally take the UK elections for a example of whats to come.

  27. Nancy Pelosi made the choice for the Democrats, but they never saw Q coming; now there will be NO democratic party. Sorry socialists. WWG1WGA

  28. That's some big smack talk from the man from Burbank, California. My home state which because of ideologies like Adam's, has truly become a 3rd world state, i.e., a Schiffhole!

  29. Sciff is a WEASEL!!! There is NO EVIDENCE, which he claimed was OVERWHELMING time and time again, WITH NOTHING!!! The SENATE will conduct a trial, but guess what the documents for Impeachment haven't been sent to the Senate!! NOTHING THERE!! SCHIFF is a WEASEL MSNBC, please report TRUE and Honest JOURNALISM!! I used to think MSNBC was straight up. Not ANYMORE!!

  30. Coulda got the supreme court to overrule his executive privilege to refuse subpoenas but instead you rush to impeachment without evidence ?

    Democrats are a joke. I don't even know what the point of this circus was because they know he's going nowhere. They are members of congress there is no way they actually felt they could get this to fly by the senate so I don't understand the end goal unless their end goal is to get Trump re-elected.

  31. By the way comrade, it was the demorats that said they would derail Trump. It's the demorats that are trying to start riots and race wars. It was a real traitor who started this impeachment bull Schiff with a fictious whistle blower. It was a real commie traitor who hand picked other commie witnesses. It was a scum bag who wouldn't let the Republicans call their witnesses. You are a lying commie pile of Schiff.

  32. That's the pot calling the kettle black,demonrats haven t put the American people 1st in decades,they talk about it but that's all.

  33. It's very surreal the way the media and the house protect this clown, and continue on with this phony story- the way more and more people figure out the lies and yet they continue to parrot them. There is no class at all with today's leftists. Nothing. No conscience, no sense of fair-play. Just pure evil, openly protecting pure evil.

  34. This tryhard bolshevik wannabe thinks he can suspend habeus corpus and get peoples' sympathy? God help you all when it's your turn to be in the minority.

  35. Schiff just described our Constitutional principals to the tee! Awesome! Now he should take a good look at himself and apply those same principals. To not do so would be a great transgression upon the very document that he speaks so eloquently of. History will find this man to be a treaterous piece of garbage. A servant not of the people but to his financial backers.

  36. So where is Adam's proof that Trump is a Russian agent? Adam told us for 3 years on a daily
    basis he has the proof. So where is it? Is Adam a lying corrupt POS? You bet he is.

  37. God help Schiff's Neighbor who doesnt use a bagger on his mower. I want supenea his entire family's phones history, put signs in my yard saying my neighbor needs to be removed from the HOA. He doesnt know how to mow. The 8 year old down the street told the 12 year old across the street that he refused to mow the way I told him to. I want a trial NOW and I want this guy given life sentence for not mowing or doing the thing I have accused him of. End quote from the schifftster.

  38. Lol 65% of democrat party is gone!!!! Lines were out doors at many city clerks offices last week they are finished in America!!! America sees through their lies!

  39. Here it comes mr. Schiff, your good friend and business associate dr. Hensel has been arrested by the LAPD attempted sexual contact with a nine-year-old child! When your career is over, if you're not in prison you can go work for ABC News you pedophile protector!

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