100 thoughts on “ADLEYS 3rd BIRTHDAY!! did ya miss us :)

  1. so happy to be back 🙂
    thanks for all the tweets and emails and help
    and huge thanks to everyone who stuck around!!
    p.s. Adley just posted a video with her new toys and you will love it: https://youtu.be/HhjBIdzkoLo

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  5. wow bro thats crazy stressfull i couldnt imagine my channle being Hacked!? gosh im so glad you got yours back!!! Happy DAYS!

  6. Hi. We love your videos. I watch them with my daughter liliana who is going to be
    3. I feel like we know you. Lili always talks about her friends Adley and Niko ( who is also so beautiful.) Thanks for sharing. Your friends in Albuquerque New Mexico

  7. My daughter Zoey is also three and she loves watching adley and btw I think your daughter is gorgeous, she has beautiful eyes ???✌️sending love from the north east of England x

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