Adrienne Houghton’s Pajama Party | All Things Adrienne

Adrienne Houghton’s Pajama Party | All Things Adrienne

– Hey, what’s up everyone? I have a heart that is
just ready to explode because I’m so excited
that my family is in town. My familia is here and we
are getting ready to have a pajama party! – [All] Pajama party! (upbeat electronic music) – You guys obviously know,
if you’re a real fan, no I’m just kidding. You know my sister, Claudette. – Hey! – And these are my nieces. This is Jet Marie and Beau Harper. – Say hey!
– Say hey, what’s up? – Hey, what’s up? – (laughs) I teach her
all the craziest things like when Jet was little
‘member I would be like “Hey girl, hey girlfriend!” and Jet would actually say it, right? If you don’t wanna do
something, if somebody is like “hey, do you wanna drink
frog juice”, what do you say? – Nah Fam? – (laughs) Nah Fam! And literally one day, I kept telling her, “say nah fam!” And she was like “um, Titi”, that’s what they call me. They call me Titi which
is like aunt in Spanish, and their like “Titi, I
don’t wanna say that too much ’cause then I think I’ll forget
how to say “no thank you”. – That’s right. – She is like, the manner patrol. And this right here is my spirit animal. – Her twin. – And my twin, you guys, I
looked exactly like this as a kid my personality was exactly like her’s. – Yes – So, if you see she’s not having it, it’s ’cause she’s gonna
grow up to be just like me. – Exactly – So prepare yourselves.
(Claudette laughs) I have such a close nit
family and I love, love, love, you guys catch on, – Okay. – Love, love, love, all at the same time. One, two, three. – [All] Love, love, love! – I love, love, love, my family and we’re pretty much
obsessed with each other. I’m so grateful that my mom
raised my sister and I so close I know a lot of people talk about, What is that called when
siblings don’t, sibling rivalry! – Ooh yeah. – We have never experienced
that, we don’t understand it because I’m so grateful
my mom taught us that at the end of the day all
we have is each other. She’s my only sister, we grew
up only three years apart. The girls are two years apart and pretty much my goal in life is also to have two daughters,
and raise them just like this – And it’s the only person that, and I tell you this all the time Jet, Beau is the only person
that’s gonna know you from the time you were this little and you’ve had the same experiences, and no one will ever love you
the way your sister loves you – Your sister is your best friend. – Even though she just kicked
you in the face right now. (Adrienne laughs) – What’s so fun about this is that, Claud I know you understand
this as a parent, a lot of young girls want to
start having pajama parties ’cause they see them on
television or even sleep overs but if your kid is not at an age yet where you feel comfortable letting them sleep over at someone else’s house. – Exactly
– You’re not having it – Nope, not yet. – She’s like, not yet. Then you can have, like
a day time pajama party. And its also something
fun to do on the weekends with your kids, whether is a Saturday. – It’s really nice quality
time, I think that as a mom it can be kind of hard
to get out and about and do all this fun, you know. – Girly stuff! – Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. – And I feel like growing up
we spent a lot of time at home, and sometimes kids now, they
expect an event to happen to spend quality time together. And some of it can be as
simple as putting on your PJs and doing really cool stuff. You guys ready to have this pajama party? – Yeah, woohoo!
– Yeah! – Show me some excitement, Bowie, show me! – Really?
(Adrienne laughs) (cheerful music) – Well Beau is already getting started but some of the fun
stuff we’re about to do is create our own popcorn sundae. It’s a “build your own” situation, You’ve got popcorn, you wanna
show them how to do it Beau? – [Claudette] Come on lets see
– [Jet] Me too – [Adrienne] Okay, so you’re
gonna take your own waffle cone which is so cute. – [ Claudette] This is
actually really fun. – [Adrienne] Yeah, like that. you wanna pass around the waffle cones? Can I get one too Bowie, I mean Jet. – [Jet] Of course! – [Adrienne] Beau can I get a waffle cone? – [Beau] Waffle Cone? – [Adrienne] Yeah, can get one? Thank you so much. You wanna give one to mommy? – [Beau] Mhm
– [Claudette] Thank you baby. – So, some of the things that we have, actually in our builder
bar for our popcorn sundae are gummmies, we’ve got jelly beans, we’ve got chocolate covered raisins, and chocolate covered
almonds, which are my fave. Cheers, we’re cheersing with our cones? – The girls already got started. – I haven’t filled mine up yet. Can you fill mine up for me? You want me to hold yours? You wanna fill this one up for me? Oh my gosh this is literally
an entire thing of jelly beans. – Do one for momma – I’ma add a little more
popcorn to mine over here, but this is something super fun to do and it’s super simple right Claud? – I love it, and this is
actually kind of time consuming which is great, you kind
of want to fill the time. And actually they can stay here
for a good 15 to 20 minutes and just kind of spend time
while you and your buddy chat. (clicks tongue) Oh my gosh, I never thought
that gummmy bears and popcorn tasted good together. – Titi likes weird
things though, together. – Mhm! (playful music) – Now that we’ve been eating
our amazing popcorn sundaes, Jet was getting thirsty so
she’s already gotten started, we’ve got some sparkling pink lemonade to share with our girls. But they just like to
drink this kind of stuff ’cause it makes them feel fancy. – [Claudette] Yeah, a little bubbly. – [Adrienne] A little bubbly – [Claudette] So, it’s pink
lemonade with some seltzer or any type of juice. – Yeah you can either
make it at home yourself. Where you actually make
some seltzer water, some sparkling water and some lemonade. You guys ready to cheers? – Alright, ching-ching ladies, come on. – Beau you want the whole bottle. Beau, stop hogging up all the lemonade. – Little Adrienne, little Adrienne! – [Adrienne] Give some to Jet! Cheers! – Ching-ching
– Cheers – Okay the girls say “ching-ching”, they’ve been doing it
since they were little, all the time when we go out
as a family, there you go, (laughs) when we go out as a family, we’re always cheersing to good
life, good health, happiness and just being able to be together. – Exactly, and enjoying the moment. – That’s the kinds of things Latinos do we create words out of the
sounds that it sounds like. – (laughs) That is so true
– This becomes – Ching ching. – Since we’re having a
pink and very girly day we figured it’s also be fun
to play with hair and makeup. So, we’ve got some fun little
makeup her for the girls. Ladies, warning, don’t
use your good stuff. – Yeah, don’t. – [Adrienne] Use the stuff
that they can kind of mess up and have fun with. – [Claudette] I even go to
like the 99 cents store, has brushes, and I’m so serious. I stock up on those. Or even when you go to, shh,
when you go to like Sephora or something, you know those
little mascara samples? – Oh the samples! – They love that and they
think something’s one it, shh, and they just have at it. – I heard you! (laughter) – So let’s get started, who
wants to start with what? You’re doing mommy’s hair,
you’re doing my make up. – Alright, come. – [Claudette] Do you want momma to stand? – Right now we are using red
lipstick and we are going to… – Today – Okay, so tell me, yeah
tell me what happened today. – Ooh, that lipstick looks good on you. – Good job. – Oo, you’re looking good. – Now what’re we gonna do? What’s the next step in
your makeup tutorial? You gotta raise them young. Oh, what a beautiful job you’re doing. – I love it looks so good – Are you excited about your work? – Oh, thank you baby. – [Adrienne] That’s beautiful. – So, whenever I, and I don’t know if this is gonna sound crazy, but anytime I need a downtime I literally will sit in front of the mirror
and just let them have at it – I love it – It is relaxing for me
although I’ll probably end up looking a little, but it’s all good. ‘Cause it’s quality time with my girls and the TV’s shut off there’s nothing, it’s just one to one and
they tell me about their day, this is something we actually do a lot. – [Claudette] I’ve probably
posted a thousand times where the girls are doing
my makeup and it’s relaxing, it’s fun, and again, they’re
actually very chatty. – You’re hair is gonna
look like flutter shy. – [Claudette] My hair’s
gonna look like flutter shy? Thank you! And they tell me about their
day and they’re just chatting and its actually kind
of a fun bonding time. So, they love this, she loves it. She can spend like a good 30
minutes just brushing my hair and I don’t mind it at all. – I just got an updated lip
color, Jet is concentrating very hard on this beautiful lip color. – That looks so pretty on you. Do you want to use a mirror? – Oh my gosh! – Yeah, oh my gosh,
looking at my final look, Jet you did an incredible
job thank you so much. And we have matching lipstick! Mwah! – [Both] Mwah! – Now that we’ve had some fun snacks, our pink lemonade, and my hair
and make up has been done, thank you very much. It’s time to have a fiesta! – What else is it fun to
do at a party, to do what? – [Claudette] To do what? – Dancing! – Woo! – Dance party begins, now! Wave ’em, wave ’em in the air like this. – Jump!
– [Adrienne] Jump, arms up! – Yeah, a lot of jumping. – Show me how to do
this, what’s this thing? – What’s that? – You know how to do it? Show us how to do it. – [Adrienne] Oh yeah, oh yeah! – [Adrienne] Go Jet, go Jet, go Jet! Go Beau, go Beau, go Beau! – Woo!
(Claudette laughs) – Another really fun thing
to do with your kids, right Claud, is we do
like little fake spa days, whether it be pedicures
and those kinds of things, and kids love bath bombs. So, I went to lush and I
got them the coolest ones. You guys are not ready for this, it is unicorn bath bombs that actually have glitter
and they’re so much fun, We’re gonna show you how we set it up, but you’re not gonna
see us get in the bath. One, two, three, drop it! – [Claudette] Oh, look,
look, look, it’s working! – [Adrienne] Woo, it’s working! (fun light rock music) – Woohoo! (Beau laughs) – Yeah, so remember downstairs when I said we weren’t getting in, Titi lied, my bad! – [All] Bubble party! – I love nothing more than
spending time with my family. This was so much fun, right you guys? And the party is just gonna keep going. They’re with me for a while and
I’m not letting ’em go home. So, let me know what you do
with you family and your kids, just to have a fun time at home. Let me know in the comments below, and, – Don’t forget to subscribe! (Adrienne laughs) – Don’t forget to, to scribe! – Don’t forget to scribe
people, don’t forget to scribe! [Claudette laughs) – [All] Adios! (techno pop music)

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  1. i remember i wanted to name my daughter jet marie bc i saw adriennes sister named her daughter that. i heard it & was obsessed! beautiful girls

  2. I love this video! What type of material is your sofa? I’ve been wanting a sofa that color but was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to really relax due to being concerned about staining. You all look so comfortable jumping around on it carefree!

  3. I had a pajama party when I was Jet’s age. I had pizza with Capri sun. I had a lot of my friends from school that came. We did each other’s hair, we played games, we danced, and we watched movies.

  4. OMG, Adrienne this is the cutest. This is why I wanted 3 girls. I miss my daughter being this small. #family is everything.


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  7. This is so cute I love the concept and only the girl in the Family Pajama parties are not only Between Friends 😉

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