Adventures of Buttman #4: A VERY BUTTMAN CHRISTMAS (Annoying Orange GTA V)

Adventures of Buttman #4: A VERY BUTTMAN CHRISTMAS (Annoying Orange GTA V)

♫ Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♫ Buttman ♫ Kicking all the butts ♫ Buttman ♫ Punch you in the guts ♫ Buttman ♫ Slap you in the nuts ♫ Buttman ♫ Do the Buttman strut ♫ Buttman ♫ Yeah (farts)
(laughing) – [Annoying Orange] Hey, yo, (mumbles) with another game video it’s Merry Christmas from the Buttman. Guess what? Get excited because Buttman is everyone’s personal Santa this year. That’s right instead of
fighting crime in this episode, Buttman’s gonna deliver
Christmas trees to the needy, which is everybody, ’cause everybody needs
a Christmas tree, right? Uh oh, uh oh. We got problems. On Squasher, on Masher,
on Fart Master 9000, on Pumpkin Migilicutty,
on Dr. Bowling Ball Jones. (yells and laughs) Bowling Ball Jones, you gotta lead the sleigh
a little better than that don’t you think buddy? Ow. (laughs) (explosion)
‘scuse me, Buttman Claus coming through– Hey! ‘scuse me, dump truck. We got things we gotta do. (laughing) We’re delivering presents. What are you doing? Oh, you think you can
race the Buttman, huh? I got turbo thrust– (crashes)
Oh shoot. Don’t worry, those were the bad kids. They deserve that. (laughing)
(car horn) Yes, we have taken flight. Soon, everyone will
feel the holiday spirit of Buttman Claus. (laughing)
(car horn) Might want to work on the controls with the sleigh. (laughing) Uh oh. Bowling Ball Jones, are you okay? Fart Master 9000– Oh they’re okay, they’re good. (laughing) Hey, we really flip out for Christmas. (laughing) All right, we gotta start making our first Christmas tree delivery (laughing). Looks like I accidentally
picked the exploding model of Christmas sleigh. That’s okay (laughing). Looks like somebody
hasn’t had their V8 today. (laughing) ‘scuse me. ♫ Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, ♫ Why do you do so much damage (laughing) Hey, excuse me, you didn’t
get a Christmas tree. (laughing) It’s a season of giving,
have a Christmas tree. (laughing) Yay! They love it! Woops, hey, don’t get mad at me. I was just trying to put it on the back of your car for ya. It’s a Buttman special,
free Christmas trees only 14 payments of $19,032. ‘scuse me, sir, do you have five minutes to talk about free Christmas trees? Yay! It’s the holiday season. (laughing) Although, you know what, I feel like these Christmas
trees are a little too small. Don’t you think? I think we need to get– We gotta get some super-sized trees. You know how Buttman feels, the bigger, the better. And the bigger they are,
the more generous you are. Let’s get some upgrades. Hey, coppers, you interested
in a 50-foot Christmas tree? (laughing)
(yelling) Here, have some more.
(yelling) (laughing) That’s better. Nothing says Christmas like
50-foot Christmas trees. (laughing) They keep disappearing. Apparently the 50-foot Christmas trees come with optional
disappearing technology. It’s a Buttman special. Wow. That guy’s really happy. He’s got 15 50-foot trees. It’s a good Christmas for him, right? (explosion)
Oh. Hey, that wasn’t my fault. It’s not my fault that your car can’t hold 14 50-foot Christmas trees. ♫ Oh 50-foot Christmas tree,
Oh 50-foot Christmas tree, ♫ I love the way you smash everything. Hey, buddy! (laughing) ‘Scuse me, Buttman Claus coming through. Buttman Claus always has the right of way. You should know that. Excuse me, clear the way, clear the way. I told you. Good job, Pumpkin Mcgillicutty. (laughing) You guys like the name of all of my deer? My reindeer? There’s one that doesn’t
have a name, though. So you guys gotta give him a name. Let me know in the comments below what should I name him? Cause we got Splasher, Masher, and Fart Master 9000, Pumpkin McGillicutty, Bowling Ball Jones, and then the other one
still needs a name– ‘Scuse me, driving here. Merry Christmas. (laughing) Woah, woah, woah, woah, you being a bad boy, trying to pass an unpresidential area? (laughing) Won’t try that again. Oh, they wanna pet my reindeer. Here you go guys, pet my reindeer. (laughing) Of course, you can pet the reindeer. Here you go. (laughing) Um, excuse me, clear a path for Buttman Claus. (explosion)
(police sirens) See, now look what you made me do. The only think you’re getting
in your sock this year is midget apple farts. Yeah, that’s right and turds. Thank you, buddy. (laughing) ♫ Jingle bell, jingle bell, ♫ Jingle bell, butts ♫ Jingle bell burps and jingle bell derps ♫ Farting and burping all over the town ♫ Now you just gotta punch a clown ♫ Aye Oh Buttman Claus, are you okay? You’re fine, just rub some snow on it. (laughing) All right, who wants some Christmas trees? Yeah! (laughing) Here you go, sir! Oh, I guess it’s a Christmas tea and tree. (laughing)
(explosion) Woops. I love how everyone’s so appreciative. Wow, wow. I think one of my
ketchup packets exploded. You okay, Buttman? I think Buttman’s had
a few too many eggnogs. (laughing) There went your ketchup packets. Good job, Buttman. ♫ I’m walking on snowflakes. ♫ Woo hoo ♫ Don’t you feel good? (laughing) Comin’ in with a Christmas tree surprise. Here we go, I can shoot some more. Here we go.
(yelling) What happened? Well, that’s what you get for storing Tabasco sauce in
your suit there, buddy. Come on, guys, it must rain Christmas trees from the sky. (laughing) (crashing) Oh, sorry. What ‘re you doing, Fart Master 9000? You damaged Mr. Anderson’s roof. I ain’t paying for that. You’re paying for that. ♫ Rain, rain, go away. ♫ Be replaced by Christmas trees. (laughing) Hey who wants a Christmas trees? (yelling) Wow! Ow! Crushed by my own delightful surprise. Oh look Dr. Bowling Man Jones (yells) How did we end up here? I think we need to refine our
Christmas delivery system. (laughing) Rain Christmas trees (mumbles) Why does that keep happening? (laughing) No, no, no, no, this is a
Christmas no parking zone. ‘Scuse me. Just gotta get through here.
(crashing) Pumpkin McGillicutty thank you very much. Oh, there you go. You needed a Christmas tree. I’m happy to oblige at all times. (laughing) ♫ Over the fields we go ♫ Right into a car Oh no. Where’d you go Fart Master 9000? Come back. You can’t leave Buttman Claus behind. Come back. I need my sleigh. (laughing) Buttman must be deer-sighted. (laughing) Nearsighted– ‘Scuse me. (laughing) Not only do they make great gifts, they also clear traffic
like nobody’s business. (laughing) Phew! That was a close one,
I almost lost my sleigh and my reindeer. ‘Scuse me. I’m delivering the gifts here. (laughing) Buttman Claus always
gets the right of way. ‘Scuse me, buddy. His hip was shattered in
82 pieces when I got here. I didn’t do it. (laughing) Ow! What happened?
(yelling) Did I hit my head on Christmas spirit? Uh oh.
(crashing) (laughing) I gave myself the gift
that keeps on giving and I did a barrel roll because of it. (laughing) Guys, don’t start going
until I get in the car. Buttman stop laying down on the job. (laughs) We got Christmas
trees to deliver. Come on. (laughing) Buttman still hasn’t perfected the art of delivering Christmas trees (laughs) from the sleigh
while we’re flying. Okay, I’m coming in hot. Yeah! ♫ Oh Christmas tree,
(yelling) Hey, you know who could
really use a Christmas tree? The blimp. Yeah! Overshot it. Gotta turn around guys. Okay Dr. Bowling Ball Jones, we just gotta land on the blimp and then we’ll set up
a nice Christmas tree. There we go. (yells and laughs)
(explodes) I didn’t do that. That was exploded when I got here. (yelling)
– Crap! – [Annoying Orange] My ketchup packets. Well, looks like I don’t
have to worry about giving Christmas trees to blimp now. Hey, here’s somebody who
really wants a Christmas tree. Hey buddy, it’s the Christmas season. Time for giving.
(crashing) Uh oh.
(explosion) (laughing) That guy definitely had
a smashing good time. Woops. All this Christmas-ing
is making me really warm. I gotta cool off, hold on. (laughing) Tickles my buns. (laughing) Guys, you should get in the water, feels real good. ♫ Jingle bells, Buttman smells ♫ ‘Cause he just farted (farting) (laughing) Buttman, what are you doing? Really is the season of giving isn’t it? (explosions and yelling)
(laughing) Hey, this house doesn’t have
any Christmas trees in it. ‘Scuse me, your house is not prepared for the Christmas season. You need a Christmas tree in there please. (mumbles) Christmas trees. (laughing) Yeah! Now it’s looking better. See, now doesn’t this
street look so much better, with a Christmas tree? Uh oh. Now it’s gonna roll on you. Oh, Buttman’s getting a
giant Christmas tree massage. Good job, Buttman, way to think with your butt. (laughing) ♫ Buttman the Buttman ♫ Is a butty, butt, butt man ♫ And he butts, butts, butts ♫ And he butts, butts, butts ♫ And he butts, butts, all the butts. (laughing) Quickly, emergency Christmas trees. Oh no, I hit my own. I hit my own sleigh– Oh there it is. (laughing) Come on, guys. Let’s get going. ♫ I said Buttman’s back
(crashes) ♫ All right Ow! My spleen. On Splasher, on Masher,
on Fart Master 9000, on Pumpkin McGillicutty,
on Dr. Bowling Man Jones, and on… I don’t know what your name is cause you don’t have a name. You might wanna pull up. You might wanna pull up,
you’re coming in a little hot. (crashes) That guy did a barrel roll. He got a Christmas surprise, yay! (laughing) All right, thank you guys so much. We’re gonna sign off while Buttman keeps on
delivering Christmas trees ’cause that’s what he does.
(screaming) As you can clearly see,
he makes everyone happy. (laughing) If only they’d just get out of the way. (laughing) Aw man. Well, I hope you have an
awesome, awesome Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, hopefully it’s an awesome whatever you do. I hope you get all that you ask for and you don’t eat any oranges, okay? And if you see Santa, tell
him that he owes me $5. (laughing) Deer, that is. (laughing) Well, thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you hit the like, favorite, subscribe, (mumbles) make this the most popular game Buttman video in the world cause it’s so good. Until next time. Later, hot potaters and Merry Christmas. ‘Scuse me.
(crashes) (upbeat electronic music)

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