ALL DAY Shop with Me! ?Back to School Shopping 2019 + Huge HAUL | DOLLAR TREE, COSTCO, WALMART!

ALL DAY Shop with Me! ?Back to School Shopping 2019 + Huge HAUL | DOLLAR TREE, COSTCO, WALMART!

– So we are out and about today, so I am doing a Shop with Me because we’re shopping, and I might as well show
you what I’m shopping, take you into a whole bunch of stores. I brought my van to the city today. We went by Costco and a friend of mine, who just bought a new dining room table but doesn’t have a big van, it’s helpful to have friends with vans, needed to get her table home. So we went by there,
picked up their table, helped them drop it off, and now thinking we’re
doing Dollar Tree first. Let’s do that. Oh my goodness. Look at all this gorgeous fall stuff that’s out. Oh fun. All kinds of back to school stuff. Cute. Oh, look Naomi, Amelia’s gonna need this, huh? Yes, yes definitely. I don’t
even think she needs one, but she needs it. Look at all these binders. Very nice. So, watercolor pencils,
that would be neat. And then some more graphite pencils. I think I’ll get some of these. So when we’re looking for
foil pans for freezer cooking, those of you who need
to know where pans are, this Dollar Tree has a huge stash. I do not always see
this, but here they are. That’s awesome. These must have the lids. Yeah, so, maybe your
Dollar Tree has these pans. This goes with my little Thankful pillow. They make it easy to get a
little pumpkin collection going. I think I’ll get one of these, too. Several of you asked me about
where I find little trays. I don’t need anymore trays right now, but here are some at Dollar Tree. There’s PJ Mask and Elsa. All kinds of kitchen goodies everywhere we look here. So, now I’m checking out their make-up. Sometimes they will have name brands like Cover Girl and
Maybelline, high end for me. Lots of Wet n Wild stuff in here, though, and some Colormates. Kids have been asking for
more kites, look at this. I’m definitely gonna
get some fun mom points. Okay, so this looks like
a lot of Dollar Tree fun. Of course, I will lay
it all out and do a haul when we get home. Now off to the next store. Okay, so now we’re at Costco. We’re gonna go do all
the Costco things, yay. So looking at couches. Nice. I like that one. Well, now here’s a large family couch. And this one is, whew, pretty penny. Pretty penny for this couch. Okay, we got laundry totes. Okay, there’s those baskets. Many of you told me in the
comments in my last Costco video that these baskets don’t
pop in and out very well. So there’s that drying rack. Ooh. Ooh, shoes. Always about the shoes. Now, these drawer organizers
look super helpful. They’re, at the moment, 24 dollars. Beautiful bowls and plates. Those feels good. And these stoneware,
these are very pretty. Very nice. And then this set, ooh.
Bowls and plates thoughts. Maybe this summer will be the summer. Oh, and then look at this. Porcelain bowls. Oh, these are nice. Only 8.99, oh. I love ’em. So plot twist: I have decided
to get my new plates here. I’m like “Woman, these are great
plates, and you want them.” And I don’t know the last
time I bought a new plate set. Ten years, fifteen? This blue set, it’s actually,
you get four pieces: a dinner plate, salad plate, sorry, plastic is hanging, this little bowl and a bigger bowl. So I’m just comparing them. I put them down so I could look at them. And the blue is very pretty. And I really like the brown, too. And I like how, with the
brown, both of the bowls, since I’m taking this apart, are really usable. Like, you could eat cereal
out of either of these. And this set, oh look at
this, isn’t this gorgeous? And then wait until I show you the price. Are you ready for this? 16.99. And then for this chip
and veggie set, 10.99. We are over in the food. Not getting anything in
this section at the moment, but we are looking for some
things for the family reunion. Made it out of Costco, whole lot of thunder and lightning going down right now. It’s not raining yet. We’re gonna try to get in the door at one of our favorite thrift stores and see what they got going on today. Blazers, I always love a good blazer. Got some paintings here. Okay, so they got a slow cooker here. And they’ve got a food steamer with the
instruction book, interesting. And then, this thrift store is always so good about
having bread machines. And look, it’s got the
dough hook in there. 4.99. This is cute, Cookie Master Plus. Now how could we say no to that? This is hilarious. This is my full cart. Can you tell the lady with all the kids is raiding the thrift store? So Zion and Naomi are loading
up the back of the van for their mama. Now we’re gonna go over to Walmart and get some last things. Then we’ll drive that hour home. Aren’t they cute? They’re
like little happy faces. Does this show up? Yes, so cute. – [Zion] This would be
cute on the girls’ desk. – [Jamerrill] Oh, yes it would. – [Zion] It’s got a
little bow thing on it. – Perfect. That’s why all this, so, Silly Scents, we got the sweet side and the stinky side. Let’s see, what are their names? Oh my, here we got mushroom, pizza, onion, dirty potatoes, Ooh,
old rotten teeth, oh my. Then we have good things, coconut, watermelon, happy thoughts. We always need scissors and these are two packs for 97 cents. And then I always love the consumable art supply
deals this time of year. Now these Rose Art colored pencils are down to 64 cents. I think I remember last
year getting these for 50. And then the Crayola ones are 97. But I’ll get these. Now I probably shoulda gotten
these at the Dollar Tree. They’re 9 .97 here, but I just realized, Oh, the way I’m that I’m setting up our home school this year, with the curriculum that we’re using, I could totally use these. Just each kid would have their own. Yes, I’m liking this idea. Okay, guys, this might make no sense, but I want to show this to you. I am home, it is the day after. I have this room full of stuff I wanna show you in this haul. So for our family reunion
that we’re going to tomorrow, I got one of these big
60-count cookie trays. I love these Costco cookies; they’re always a big hit at a party. 15.99, it’s just a quick fix. I thought this was another good, like, “I don’t have time to cook, “but let me contribute
to the reunion food.” oh, so at this family reunion, the way we do it is obviously every family just brings a pile of food. And everybody eats all day long. So this is a 36-count of dinner rolls I got for 4.99. I got two of those. I got a thing of pretzels, and then we got the big
Costco-size bag of Doritos, big bag of Veggie Straws, big bag of tortilla chips, and big bag of these
Himalayan salt potato chips. So okay, right now, but,
ha ha, a few days later, here’s the rest of our haul. So these’ll be the haul
videos that never end. Happy Monday. Did all this shopping on Friday. Saturday was family reunion out of state. Yesterday was church twice. All this stuff has been in
a pile by these shelves here in our home school dining room. I’m gonna finally show ya all the loot that we got. First let’s take a look at Dollar Tree. Doesn’t this look like a whole lot of fun? So as you could tell in the video clips from Dollar Tree the other day, they have all the best
fall stuff out right now. Naomi set up this table for me. I said, “Okay Naomi, “time to start working
on the family business “and get Mama’s haul table set up.” So I got this little thankful sign and I thought it would just go so cute with the Always Be Thankful pillow that I got at I got at Hobby Lobby, I don’t know guys, was that
last year, the year before? So just lots of fall stuff. Got that, got the little cute Welcome Friends sign. We got another one that
says, “Hello Fall”, and what I’m planning
to do with these goodies is put them on different shelves. And then, “Hello, laundry basket,” whole bunch of home
school curriculum boxes that have come in, but I plan to just decorate
the shelves and such with fall things. You can see I loaded up on the pumpkins because for a dollar, I mean, I just got, let’s count here, two, four, six, eight. Yeah, I got a instant pumpkin collection, all of these, of course, one whole dollar. Thought “I can just set these all around “and make the room so cute.” Also got this little sign. So this I thought would be
more hang by the front door. We’ve got autumn, apple cider, hayrides, pumpkins, and fall leaves. Super, super cute fall stuff. Oh, and then this one. Thankful and Blessed, yes. I might hang this in my kitchen. Those are the fall things. Now, as you can tell, we’ve got lots of school-ish type stuff, and kites. So the kites, I told the younger kids, once I was done filming, they can go after the kites. Also, as I mentioned in the store, we’re going to start back with
our fresh school year here in about two weeks. And what I wanna do on our first day back is have a fun little pile of goodies for each kiddo. So that’s stuff I’m gonna show you now. As example, I got this nail art, and look, toenail art designer for Naomi. It has the stickers, and
the little color stickers, just so cute. I know she’s gonna love that. And then this is Fashion Friends Forever, and it has all the clothes. This is just, you know,
twelve-year-old girl, right up her alley, and it’s got the little models in here. She can do, yeah, just all
the cute fashion design. So these’ll be two treats for her. And then something else for Naomi, I got her, these are
scrapbooking stickers. I got her those. Here in the coloring books, I was thinking this would be a fun one for Daniel, he is getting some
school books for this year. He’s only four and a half;
he’ll be five in December, but since I have everyone else rolling, he’s gonna start doing some
more things with us, too. And so Benjamin, the two-year-old, will be the only one running around. Daniel, his school
books that I ordered him do not have stickers, and he keeps asking me ’cause
he’s used to doing these in his little preschool
time if they have stickers. So I picked up some more, the numbers one and then the animals one. These, again, are so great for little fun. Look at all those stickers. I mean, those alone are worth a dollar. He really enjoys these. And then I knew if I got him one or two, Amelia would want one, so I got this one with
little household things with her in mind. This is for Benjamin. Again, he’s two, but I know when I have
the kids around this table he’s gonna be over there on the bench and want to do his school, too. So I got this cute little book just for him to scribble around in. This was for Daniel, and then
this one might have been Liam. Back to practical things,
yes, I got some floss. These, I was thinking
for my artistic kids, they had watercolor pencils, so I was thinking Zion,
Naomi, Gabriel, and Liam. And then these graphite pencils, I know, let me get my kids straight, Gabriel and Naomi have
been using a lot of those, so these were just some
little, some bigger kid things. And then also these are rector sets. This was for Gabriel and Liam. These cute little backyard
bug kits, aren’t these cute? So you get the little bug container, pair of tweezers, and a net, and then it’s got a magnifying
glass and such on top. I thought this would be
on Daniel and Amelia’s first day of school stack. Oh, yes, and this pen. This was for girlfriend, too. So this is for Amelia, also. And then those two puzzles. And then, let’s see, I thought
these pencils sharpeners were so cute, little piranha sharpeners. I mean, we’ll lose these in a heartbeat, but they’re still cute. These were for, they’re little slingshots. That’s what you wanna give
your kids on school, right? They can go outside on
their break and do it. This is for Gabriel and Liam. Here’s some safety pins,
’cause I just need safety pins, and, yeah, got ’em at Dollar Tree. These were also both for Amelia’s fun first day of school pile. And then these were also,
these were for my Naomi pile, only because I have her pile started. Says, “This girl won’t stop”
and “Chase your dreams.” And then, let’s see, over
here we have some puzzles, and I was figuring on this one being more like something
Benjamin can poke around with, and then these two would be for Daniel. So then back here with these stickers, these are so cute. They have little googly
eyes, so I was, like, Amelia and Liam and then probably
Gabriel with those. Yeah, not intended at all for their fun back to school treats. These are just more. They got some kites a few
weeks ago and loved them, have been asking for some more, so just to have on hand. So now I’ll put this away
and get out the next load. What? Look at all of this. So yes, at Walmart, part of
our back to school haul, and if I was doing this all proper I would’ve done a separate,
like, back to school haul video, but you’re just getting
everything in this video, so you’re welcome. So anyway, I’ve got us a fresh checker, it’s got chess, checkers, and tic-tac-toe. I got this, I mean, it
looks like it’s, you know, it’s a decent quality. Yeah, it’s foldable,
it’ll all store in this. And we will use it, and we will like it. There, that’s what that’s all about. Got us a fresh version of Connect 4. This was like a six dollar game and so was the Sorry, and a couple cents. We have copies of these games, but they have been well-loved. I mean, I used to play them at the pond at the farmhouse with
little Jaden and little Zion and we all know Jaden’s an adult now, and Zion’s real close to it. So it was time for fresh
copies of these games, and then the old ones that
are missing pieces and such, little kids can just feel like
they’re getting those out. This brings me to the question I get all the time about games. So we have a separate collection for our good games and our games that we don’t want
little kids getting into. And then we have a section on
the shelves that’s down lower and little kids can just, you know, “play Monopoly” together, but the pieces aren’t
there; we don’t count on it. That keeps them out of
the good copies. Yes. Okay, we’ve got some Jenga. I don’t think I’ve ever
actually owned this game, although I’ve played it. So I thought this would be lots of fun. Yahtzee, Apples to Apples, this is one, Zion and
Naomi have played this just many, many times lately with friends and on our camping trip, and
we needed our own copy of it. So Daniel is kindergarten, and Amelia’s marching right
on through first grade. And so these, just for the younger grades, I love using these wipe clean books. Dry erase, there you go. So I got both of these, and I just figured if they have a time where I’m
working with someone else, they’re waiting for me
to get back to them, or I might just say, “Hey, okay, now you two get to do
dry erase board time”, or dry erase book time. We don’t have any of the books right now; we have several boards. So these were on the pricey
side, 8.98 and 11.68. But the two youngest
homeschoolers will use these. Also game-wise, I got Phase 10. We don’t have copies of these, and I got a copy of Rook. I’ve never actually played this, but I’ve seen some people play it, and I want to learn. So back to school things, we got 10 packs of colored pencils, I got a bazillion Rose Art crayons. Rose Art crayons were only 25 cents. And I got a bunch of Crayola crayons, those are 50 cents. Also, these were only a dollar, we got eight new pairs of kid scissors. I got a stapler because I remember now I have one back in my office, but I wanted one for up high
out here on the school shelves. And then, of course, the good pencils. We got four more packs. Now we’re using a whole
lot of a curriculum called Master Books this year, and I wanted to get each of
the kids their own book bin. So I got these at Walmart,
and so I’ll have one for Naomi and Gabriel and
Liam and Amelia and Daniel. Zion has more than will
fit in one of these bins. But it’s a Christian consumable
workbook-based curriculum, and I hate the word workbook, but everything is self-contained,
open, and go in the books. Plus we’re doing a bazillion read-alouds. I will do a video on some of that, or Homeschool Day in the Life, or something here shortly and show ya, but I was thinking I would
organize their individual books in these book bins. Okay, now onto the thrift store. We just had such a fantastic time. Something I got at the thrift store because they had them this time, is I got these blankets. This one is cute; it’s
got farm animals on it. It was, like, 2.99. I got this comforter set for Amelia. It was around six dollars, it has a bedskirt, too. And then this is just
a fun design comforter that was about five bucks, and so those three have been washed, and they will be dispersed
now. Then I got this. It’s a Vera Bradley, yay, which probably isn’t even a thing anymore, but it was 2.99, and Amelia
just had hearts out of her eyes when she saw it. She will put babies in here and pack it and take it with her. This was Liam’s treat; it was 2.99. But look at what happens here. Let’s see if I can do this with one hand. Yes. Look at that. Cute little, like, dragon,
kind of like a Pillow Pet, just really cute and fun. Yes. Just looks like something Liam would love. This was Naomi’s treat. It is a kid metal detector,
but it does turn on and it does work, and it was 1.99. So whenever I get the kids treats, I’m always like, “You have
to let Mommy film it, okay?” So this is what I picked up for Gabriel. I opened it, but it had not been opened, and it’s all packaged inside. So it’s the magic rocks,
the crystal-growing kit, it’s a shark theme. I thought he would have fun with this. I got us, just for our family cups. They had a Dumbo cup
there, and it was 49 cents. So, yay, new cup. Baskets were two for a dollar, and I have thing for good baskets. And I know we’ll put books
and different things in these. This was so cute; we
could not not get these. Naomi loved them; they were 49 cents each. So she got a Oreo one, and
she can put lip glosses or nail polish in them. Bubble gum one, and then
we have a Life Savers one. She’ll just do stuff with it. And then for Daniel, oh, let’s see, something for Mama. Just another rubber spatula for 99 cents, and it feels like a good quality one. And then for Daniel, this was so cute. So I found this bucket, and then I kept finding puppies. Now this is actually, yes, this is one of Daniel’s
that got mixed up there. Okay, this was a kitty for Amelia, and then these are all Daniel’s, so he got a bucket full of puppies. Yay. Yes, that’s a thrift store. Now I’ll show you Costco. Okay, and now the new plates. So these are the plates I
ended up going with at Costco. I love browns and that
stoneware look anyway, so I figured with these I also, the whole thing about the bowls. In the other sets, like
that beautiful blue and the other white that was there, you had a bowl that could
be a soup bowl, salad bowl, cereal bowl, but then the
other bowl was really little, like a little, I don’t
know, not even a cup; a very small little side dish bowl. And so I thought with this, “Well, now wait a minute, service for 16, I’m actually getting 32 usable good bowls. The reason I went with 16 is as you know, we feed nine to ten
here all day every day. Then when my mom comes that’s another one. And then we have some other people that end up coming over from time to time. So this will give us enough,
pretty much for any meal, and then a count for some
that may be, you know, dishwasher and being
processed at meal time. So let’s open this up
and have a look at these. Gonna just bust these open. So here is one of the lovely new bowls. Love it. So this little plate, Miss Amelia, this would be for you
guys to have breakfast on. It’s a nice little, these
are traditional salad plates. Okay, then this is our next bowls, and I really liked the
size of these right here. So in comparison, just
like I showed in the store, again, 24 dollars a set for a sixteen-piece set. And then here’s what the
big plates look like. There’s the full size plate. See how nice that looks? It’ll be our new plates. So there you go guys, that is the result of all of that shopping
I did the other day out. I’m glad I just went ahead and jumped out and got these plates. I think we’re going to use
these for many years to come. I’m also filming kinda like A Week in the Life video right now, so be on the lookout for that next one that’s coming out this week. It is my birthday, my 40th birthday week. I don’t know what I’m calling it, but 40’s gonna be the numbers, okay. In that video, I will show what I’m doing with all my other plates and getting these plates set up. So I will see you next time
with another brand new video. Thank you for watching all
this shopping as always, and I’ll chat with you
in those comments below. Bye bye.

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  30. Happy birthday Jamerrill. I hope that you have a day where you can relax and even have breakfast in bed maybe. I was 40 last year and it was a real celebration because I was told when I was 32 that there is no way I'll make it to 40. I knew that God wanted me to fight and I have fought everyday. You are a big part of my day because I watch all your videos and I'm still watching you past videos and they distract me from being in pain. You are a great Mum, wife and friend. Thank you for always being positive, you are a role model for thousands of people. Im praying and thinking of you all. Xx

  31. Hey girl. I just love watching your videos, even ones I have already seen. I had ankle surgery Monday so I'm laid up for awhile so I'm watching every thing of yours I can get my hands on. As always I love your family and your ways of doing things. You are so wonderful with your family. You are always on my prayer list! God bless, Mary from Ohio.

  32. Not true about the laundry baskets! We LOVE them! They’re such a huge hit at our house that we’ve gotten all of our family using them now! Such amazing space savers and fantastic quality!

  33. I will be 40 this year too! It's interesting to see how very different our lives are. I see you as a much more mature 40 than I but you have 8 kids and I have none. Two completely different life experiences! I absolutely love your channel even though I have no good reason to watch you. I guess I just like to see life on the flip side.

  34. I always loved "Back to School" shopping for the kids supplies – that way mommy, got new stuff too! 😉 Love the new board games you got as well – we too, need to re-stock our game shelf. I get so many good ideas from watching your videos, thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  35. Great choice on the stoneware dishes. Food looks better on earth tones. Blue dishes are not appetizing, in my unsolicited opinion.

  36. Happy Birthday Girl! Just saw your baby picture on your instagram and you look so much like your momma! ❤️ Hope u have a great day!

  37. We are also doing Masterbooks this year. We are on day 32 and loving it!!! Those book bins are amazing. We have a very modest childrens library and use them. Books are actually being put back where they belong now and there are no more piles of the younger readers below the shelves yay!!!

  38. I love the wipe clean books for the littles during school time too! Any tips on getting dry erase marker out of clothes? We’ve had clothes stained by these.?

  39. Any tips for getting 4 year old more involved. Mine rarely wants anything to do with it. He’d rather play with his animals.

  40. How do your new plates fit in the dishwasher? I've gotten a few new sets in the last few years but the plates seem too big to sit the right way in the bottom rack. I'd like to be able to put 2 large plates next to each other and have them sit straight up so that they don't interfere with the water sprayer thingy without coming too close together. Don't know if any of this makes sense. Just want big plates that aren't oversize, lol!

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