Alternative Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town | JEOPARDY!

Alternative Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Starting off with
Alternative Santa Claus is Coming To Town. Oh, gosh. – Alternative Santa Claus for 200. – [Alex] Sinterklaas
arrives via boat from Spain, where he lives the rest
of the year, why not? And parades through this Dutch capital. Claire. – What is Amsterdam?
– Yes. – Alternative Santa Claus, 400. – [Alex] In 1810, the New
York Historical Society drew up a picture of
this saint giving gifts, but he wears a robe, and
whoa, whoa, whoa, is bald. Claire. – Who is Saint Nicholas?
– Yeah. – Alternative Santa Claus for 600. – [Alex] Not sparing it to spoil the child in “The Children’s Friend” In 1821, Santa left parents a long,
black birchen this to use. Lucy. – What is the rod?
– Yeah. – Santa Claus for 800. – [Alex] In an old print
ad, Santa says a gift bringing pleasure to
every home is rare indeed. Such a gift, my friends,
is Lucky Strike these. Claire. – What are cigarettes?
– Yep. – Alternative Santa Claus for 1,000. – [Alex] Flossie and Glossie were two deer of much intelligence, casually
chatting about sledge work with Santa in a tale by this Oz author. Lucy. – Who is Baum?
– Good.

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