Amazon Black Friday Deals and Tips

Amazon Black Friday Deals and Tips

So as you know is one of the best
places to get the best deals All throughout the holiday season black Friday
cyber Monday But how do you make sure that you actually
get the amazon lightening deals And what are the best strategies I’m going
to talk about that in this video Hey what’s up guys Sean Cannell here with
seanTHiNKs and it’s that time of the year again every year I share a holiday
gift guide series as well as this years I wanted to
share some tips and strategies specifically to get the most savings possible during
black Friday and cyber Monday on one of my favorite sites
and as usual as you are watching this video definitely check out show notes and links
on the YouTube description below this video a lot of times down there I just do a summary
of the entire video include extra tips I forgot
as well as links to anything that I reference during this video
so if you are like me I love black Friday I love cyber Monday but I don’t like staying
in lines and so my wife and I definitely made it a
practice to grab our favorite holiday beverage put on a onesie or a snuggie and then sit
down and do all of our shopping pretty much online and the majority of it on
now this year amazon started early and the daily black Friday deals as well as the lightening
deals are happening all November long and then they
will carry on ’till cyber Monday and into the 12 of Christmas and so this tips will
apply during the whole time now to make sure you get the maximum savings
and don’t miss out on anything you need to know about lighting deals
So let’s jump over to the computer and I’ll share with you my best tips
Im here at and what lighting deals are limited time limited quantity deals
That show up on the deals page And this is also applicable to cyber Monday
black Friday any of the Christmas sales and so if we
Go through to the page here you get a couple things that you usually see you’ll see the
deals of the day that are not usually limited to quantity or
limited time but they just got all day long then you’ll see a lighting deals and so if
you notice here you can see that this Bluetooth speaker
17% of this deal is
claimed within one and three minutes and however the great ones sometimes
As a matter of seconds so here are a few tips to make the deals that you want if you go
to see all deals And however you amazon looks and you scroll
to the bottom of the page What you want to do is you want to look ahead
in the upcoming deals section So when you get to the upcoming deals section
you can actually see That this deal for this phone case it’ll start
to be available in one minute Now during black Friday and cyber Monday you
want to make sure you get the best deals The key is to wait here on the page and when
it hit zero don’t refresh when it hits zero the add to cart button with
appear and just make sure to click add to cart immediately and you are pretty
much guarantee to get it 5 4 3 2 1 boom add to card
So let’s say you missed a deal it still worthwhile to get on the waiting list as soon as possible
So if this is a 100% full and you click join the waiting list
What will happen is people who added it to cart ’cause maybe they just wanted to lock
it in but are not sure if they want to buy it or not
if they don’t end up buying it within the 15 min time from since they added
it to their cart as soon as the time runs out it will go to the
next person on the wait list so make sure you are there when the deal goes life but
if you do miss it jump on the wait list and you still have a
shoot but here is probably one of the most essential
tips for making sure you get lighting deals and that is
signing up for amazon prime and here is why as an amazon prime member you get prime early
access which actually gives you a 30 min head start for everybody else
and so when this count down reaches zero its available for prime members
but are a none prime member you still have to wait 30 minutes
so all of the best prime deals are pretty much guarantee to be gone
and here is just kind of a summery and a few more tips to make sure you have the best
shopping success this season number one if you want to crush on
specially with lighting deals you gotta get a prime membership for that early access
now if you’ve never been a prime member before you can actually do a 30 day trial
and if you want it cancel it after but one way or another to make sure you have the best
deals get that prime membership and I actually shoot
another video breaking down everything that’s included with that so if that’s interested
to you I’ll link it up to the YouTube card and I’ll put a link
to the YouTube description so you can check out that video all about amazon prime
second thing when it comes to lightning deals make a list and set remainders on your phone
there’s been many times when I saw an upcoming lighting deal was super pumped for it
and then got distracted with other stuff and realized that it passed and that I missed
out on the ability to save 50 or a 100 dollars on
something and I was bummed out so set those reminders mark your calendars
for black Friday and cyber Monday but also there’s twelve days of deals from Amazon and
then there’s last minute deals and if you got that
prime membership you still do good with two day shipping for
those last minute deals and then just a couple of practical things I like to do I like to
have just a general list of the gift I wanna get and also things I
am looking for so I don’t get caught up in the hype and I stick to
the stuff that I actually want and not getting things just because it’s such a good deal
I also found that I like to be on the computer with a good internet connection there’s been
times when im on the go and sometimes being on mobile
So my favorite place to be is on a computer good internet connection cup of hot chocolate
strategy list ready to crush it Make sure your address and payment info is
all updated just so you can make smooth shopping And if you want to you can even set up the
one click shopping and just make sure that all that information is right
And then lately do the research ahead of time on your list
So you know ultimately know on this items how good the saving is or isn’t
Question of the day What are your or just your online
shopping in general Black Friday tips I would love to hear from you on the comments
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And until next time keep crushing it and We will talk soon

42 thoughts on “Amazon Black Friday Deals and Tips

  1. Thanks so much for posting. I just signed up for the 30 day trial on prime and I'm determined to do all of my shopping online this year. I never understood the lightening deals so I really needed this. 🙂

  2. your video was really helpful if I had had that knowledge last week maybe I would have been able to get my Amazon TV 50 inch for 150 I was so confused that I wasn't able to order it through the app it showed it was available and I made the purchase but later was told I was too late with your help I fully understand the system now you're the best great video I am subscribing to your channel now

  3. After searching for some videos, I got redirected to this one, looks like a god deal. Another one is Increditopia (google it), managed to save hundreds on this years’ Christmas presents Myself 🙂

  4. Amazon isn't what it used to be. As long as they accept Visa, I find dealing with Chinese vendors directly and bypassing Amazon saves me a ton.

  5. There´s this brand of elite supplements called MyoPharma, they supplementes are really good and in Black Friday they are going to make discounts on some of their products!

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  9. Does anyone know when there's a better deal for DSLR cameras? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Need everyone's opinion because it's my first time doing it 🙁
    Planning to get a Canon Rebel T6i btw! 😀

  10. Evrything you purchase on black Friday is junk old stuff outdated most of the stuff is packed in nice plastic inside parts are very old and junk people some parts are not authentic and are made cheep fake chips fake motherboards and more all made in china to trick the mental people in USA,

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