An Unexpected Christmas

An Unexpected Christmas

Have you ever wondered what we might see if we could pull back the curtain of time to that very first Christmas? If we could, I imagine the story began in Heaven something like this… God was looking over Heaven’s balcony one day shaking his head at all the wrong things people were doing down on Earth. Oh man. This isn’t quite what I had in mind when I created Earth – I feel so far away from kids down there. Why? It’s just hard to be friends with people when you don’t like what they’re doing… I think it’s time. Time for what, Lord? Time for us to step in. Shall we ready the army, Lord? Teach them a lesson? No, I don’t think we should send an army. Maybe just one person. One person?! Brilliant! They won’t be expecting that. Lord if you’re sending just one person, it’ll have to be someone very powerful and very strong, ’cause there’s tons of people down there. No, they don’t have to be strong… they’ll be going as a newborn baby. A newborn baby?! Brilliant! They won’t be expecting that. Lord, this plan is rather risky. A newborn human baby is small and weak. This baby must be born to people who will protect him – maybe a great ruler or a mighty king? Actually… I was thinking I could send him to a young peasant girl, whose heart is beautiful and full of courage. A peasant girl?! Brilliant! They won’t be expecting that. My Lord, I see you are planning to take Earth by surprise. No-one will be expecting a newborn baby born to a humble villager. But what good can a baby do? This will not be just any baby, I’m sending the Prince of Heaven in disguise. The Prince of Heaven?! Our Prince? Your Son? Brilliant! They won’t be expecting that. Lord! This is too risky! Sending the Prince in disguise as a tiny baby, born not to kings but to humble villagers? Surely our Prince cannot be born in a cottage. He must be born in a palace! You’re right, he shouldn’t be born in a cottage. Whew! He will be born in a stable. A stable?! Surrounded by animals? Filled with hay? Filled with poop? Brilliant! They won’t be expecting that. Lord? How will all the people know he’s there? What if they don’t notice? Those who are looking will find him, and his mission will bring all people closer to me, even if they do something really wrong. When the Prince is done, nothing will get between them and my love. Can we leave some clues for the people looking? Like in the stars? Clues in the stars? Sure, why not. We can make one huge one that points to him. Can we sing for Him? Yes, can we sing? Sing to welcome Him? Please say we can sing. God looked at their hopeful faces and his heart was touched by their love for the Prince. Alright. You can sing. Yaaaay! But not in front of the whole world, that would just be weird. And no kings or rulers. How about if we sing for some shepherds? That’s a lonely job. Those blokes could do with some cheering up. Brilliant! They won’t be expecting that. You know the rest of the story. A angel visited a humble girl with a courageous heart and told her the good news; she would have a baby and he would be the Prince of Heaven who would help Earth to be close to God again. As planned, the baby was born in a stable – about as far from a palace as you can get. A group of wise men noticed some strange clues in the stars. They packed their belongings and followed the star, right to a baby. And of course, a bunch of lonely shepherds were guarding their sheep, when all of a sudden the sky was lit up by thousands of angels singing: Nobody would ever expect that. Arise Emmanuel The Light has come, you’re the saving one. So shine Emmanuel The Light has come. God with us… God with us…

100 thoughts on “An Unexpected Christmas

  1. This is so great.  They showed it in our church tonight in Naperville IL on Christmas Eve.  I've never seen it before and I love it!

  2. This is a wonderfully creative, honest, fun and glorious production. Very well done to cast and crew – the costumes are absolutely incredible. Great creative vision. Excellent :)R

  3. Absolutely magnificent! awesome photography and editing and the cast were fantastic

    Thanks so much, I really enjoyed it

  4. This was a wonderful story ,I would love to use this for a school play at my school in Esperance.Who can I contact to ask for permission.

  5. Loved it would love the script as well who can I contact for permission please.I have tried via the link under the video but it is not working.Thanks

  6. honestly if I'm ever having a down day i would turn this on. Its soon cute!!! i just love it great job media team!

  7. God bless you for that production of 'The Christmas Story'. This is what the world needs right now, something unexpected, that brings love, freedom and peace among the nations.

  8. This is absolutely wonderful! we would like to link to this on our Facebook page … if we have permission to send the script to anyone who wants it that would also be fabulous! May we? Please? We are in the North East of England – Were you expecting that? xx

  9. This is wonderful! Would it be possible for you to send us a copy of the text? We would love to look at using it in a service! Sending best wishes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  10. This production, while precious and funny, is overwhelmingly profound and powerful. Thank you for creating it. It cuts to my heart every Christmas.

  11. This video is wonderful, with your blessings I shall be showing it to my congregation of Jesus Kingdom Ministry in Bristol, UK.May God bless you for sharing this, Reverends Eric & Marcelline Robinson……. you weren't expecting this :0)

  12. I watched this at my local community church today and I thought it was wonderfully funny, although with my hearing problems their accent was hard to understand at times.
    My favourite character was the one who kept quoting "That's brilliant! They won't be expecting that!"

  13. Sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone, I was just joking about angels mustn't need glasses! The children look cute with their big glasses!

  14. Writing from Genesis UMC in NC, USA. We would like to use your beautiful video in our Christmas Service. May we ask you for the ending song, its title and lyrics? We would love to teach it to our children's choir. Thanks for your blessing to the world.

  15. What a unique and captivating way to present The Good News of God's Only Begotten Son-Jesus! Some underestimate the power of children to make a difference! Bravo!!!!!

  16. Hi There.
    We are hoping to do a play in church.
    Would it be okay if we were to do this.
    If so do you have a copy of the script.

  17. This is still one of my favorites! I come back to it every year. I'm still so grateful for it. Still Brilliant! Even though I know exactly what to expect!

  18. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨I make sure I watch this every yr.I so Love it,Very Well Done,✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ the Children did wonderful !!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Omg so funny watched this in school and laughed so hard this is so funny oh well that’s great they won’t be expecting that

  20. This is my favorite children's Christmas video ever! I watch and laugh and cry every year! So well done. Thank you for the joy this video brings. I post it on Facebook every year.

  21. Hi, We are from City Blessing Ministries, Orlando, Fl. We would like to re-make this video for our short Christmas movie and it will be airing on our Church for Christmas. So, we are hoping that we have permission to do so. Thank you and God Bless you.

  22. really love it! so cute and adorable, I will use it to teach in sundayschool class at my church. Thank you again for making this film 🙂

  23. Brilliant brilliant brilliant..
    I can't stop wearing this smile on my face…
    Awesome job… 😄😄😄

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