“ANA” First Birthday Part -1 | A Day In My Life vLog | ShrutiArjunAnand

omg what are you doing! I know its your birthday! it doesn’t mean you are going to beat mommy daddy! o my small baby, happy birthday dear! o she got bangles! good that we didn’t got the same design! we just bought the new bangles for her! its for you, keep it! she got a coin made in 1917! give it back to mommy, I will buy a nice dress for you. now hold these, wow ana got new bangles! ana cracked a lottery lol I am going to feed her, yes please! its so sweet! I am talking on phone with my friend in background sona pari please come to mommy! omg my pants are not tight baby! please understand!!!!! i said it so many times, don’t do it! don’t do it! but she din’t get it i was trying to make her understand don’t be mad! but seriously she is having her mind in her knees i think she made pickles out with her mind! after that she regrets! and said why did it happened to me! I did a mistake my small baby! you are smiling, laughing ana, small baby

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