Annie & Hayley EXPLODE WATERMELONS w/ RUBBER BANDS! ? | Pool Party – Ep. 3 | Nick

Annie & Hayley EXPLODE WATERMELONS w/ RUBBER BANDS! ? | Pool Party – Ep. 3 | Nick

– Oh, my God, it’s leaking!
– Run! Last time on Annie VS Hayley, the girls were getting ready
for the Ultimate Summer Pool Party and they had to fill up
100 water balloons with just a hose. The girls had to pop
balloons full of slime and Annie found a prize
that helped her win the challenge. Now they’re getting ready
for the final challenge before the party guests arrive. Alright, girls, we are at the final stage
of party prep, are you ready? I kinda wish
we could have showered first. Yeah, well you have no time for that,
your guests are coming in 30 minutes. – Yeah, I’m kinda hungry.
– Oh, well perfect timing! You girls will each have
to serve your guests watermelon but unfortunately, after your Le Bakeoff, we don’t really trust you
with knives anymore. – Wait, what are you talking about?
– I see it. Just chop ’em up! [banging] – So, how do we open them?
– Well, this might be a bit of a stretch. – You’re better than that.
– I thought it was funny. Alright, girls,
using just these rubber bands, the first person
to crack their watermelon wins. I feel like I’ve seen this before,
doesn’t it like explode? Why does every challenge have to be messy? Oh, come on, don’t be so melon-dramatic. Yeah, that one was bad. Your guests will be here
in a half an hour and you know what they say,
“when live gives you melons…” Wait, that’s lemons… Never mind, three… two… one… go! – Go, OK!
– OK! – This is not gonna fit!
– Well you can do it! Oh, look at me, look at me,
I’m going, look at me! [giggling] Was that a good scream
or a bad scream? – This is gonna take forever!
– No! [smashing] – Uh-oh, cheater!
– It didn’t break! What did the watermelon ever do to you? Ah-ha, your rubber hands have snapped! I’m gonna let you have some fun. How many rubber bands do you think
we’re gonna have to put on this thing? I’d say like 30 to 50. I say like 200 at least! Have you ever seen a video of this?
I have… Our referee actually did a video of it. – Our referee.
– Our referee, Katy. You said it’s gonna take like a day,
so our party will be way over by then. We can just like throw the party
and also be doing this. Like, whoo, guys, be right there! [giggling] – I kinda lost count.
– I’m at like four. [laughing] – Oh, my gosh!
– We should name our watermelons! This is Jerry. Rhode Island. Annie! Why not? I think Rhode Island
doesn’t get enough like recognition! Oh, my gosh! Don’t worry about it,
worry about your own watermelon! – Call my watermelon by its name!
– Rhode Island! This is taking so long, Katy,
why do we have to do this? Are they really gonna appreciate this? If you guys had been more careful
with your knives in the earlier episodes, maybe you’d be able to use them. Ouch. You winked at me. I feel like I should be a professional
rubber band on watermelonist… [laughing] Let’s just repeat what you said. I feel like I need to be a putting on
rubber band watermelonist. Putting on rubber band watermelonist. Watermelonist! This has to be entertaining for everyone. [laughing] – Hey, anybody hungry for a summer snack?
– Not really, kinda busy. Well do you have an appetite
for an advantage in this challenge? – Yes!
– Alright, here’s the deal. You don’t have to play anymore games,
you don’t have to get slimed and you don’t have to jump in the pool, but we do have
some friends here to help you. – No way.
– Come on out, girls! Hi, hello! – Here for help.
– We’ll go for a handshake, – ’cause I’m kinda sloppy.
– Alright, alright, OK. – Handshake, handshake!
– Handshake! – Hi!
– I’ll give you a hug! I’m a bit slimy too! Alright, so… goggles, goggles. – Are you not wearing your goggles?
– Na, you gotta! And you do it for a test. – Oh, cool, OK.
– Stretch, stretch! – Oh, gosh, OK, you try.
– Yeah, try to put them in the middle. – Wait, they have so much, no!
– Yeah. – That’s not fair, they’re stronger.
– We’re like, bigger. They have more muscle mass! I know, but that’s not good
for us little ones! – Oh, I’m sorry.
– Here’s my contribution. – Thank you.
– You took one off! You basically helped us with nothing! I hate that I’m like flinching,
every time that I put one on. – Annie, what happens when it blows up?
– It’s just gonna go boom! I’m still trying to figure it out. – And now I know!
– And now you know! Ow, this kinda hurts! This is what I’d be like
if we went to school together, Annie. [gasping] Why are we ‘awwing’? -I am very nervous!
– Oh, gosh! I’m so nervous,
I feel like it’s gonna explode! – My stomach is in knots right now.
– What if it cracks here? [squealing] OK… Boom! I dunno if I’m shaking
or if the watermelon’s shaking. It’s scaring me so it’s making me shake. How is this not breaking? They’re tough, they’re tough! I feel it coming. – This watermelon is…
– Woah… I kinda feel bad! You had a great life,
rest in peace, watermelon. I get scared of things
when they explode so… Why are you doing this? I don’t know! Come on, buddy, old pal, break for us! Oh!
Oh! This is gonna be quite the scene! My finger, look it! Look at theirs! – OK!
– Nothing is happening! When you say “nothing’s happening,”
that’s when something’s gonna happen. I know, that’s what I’m tranna like…
Universe, nothing’ s happening! Nothing’s happening! The butterflies are screaming
in my stomach! How do my rubber bands keep snapping? Aww, OK. Explode! [groaning] It’s like getting old! Oh, my God, it looks like
it’s gonna explode, go! [creaking] [explosion] [music playing] – That was crazy!
– Insane! I can’t believe it exploded,
I mean like, boom! Amazing job, ladies,
let’s get this party started! [cheering] Hi, guys! [cheering] – Thank you guys so much for watching…
– Annie VS Hayley, Pool Party! I hope you enjoyed all the fun,
the slime and the party! And I hope you had the best summer ever! – Bye!
– Bye! [music playing]

98 thoughts on “Annie & Hayley EXPLODE WATERMELONS w/ RUBBER BANDS! ? | Pool Party – Ep. 3 | Nick

  1. ❗EMOJI POLL❗How would YOU spend a day with Annie and Hayley? POOL PARTY ? BAKING ?OUTDOOR ADVENTURE ?️

  2. Hayley:why does every challenge have to be messy
    Katie: oh come on don’t be so melon dramatic
    Annie: yeah that one was bad

  3. I would have got a bunch of rubber bands,stretch then put them over the water melon to speed up the process

  4. did anyone else notice the melons in the corner when hayley dropped hers?? they probably didn’t do these all by themselves lol it was rigged a little

  5. Please make a season 3 to Annie vs. Hayley!!! This is such a fun series – but Asher needs to be in one of them!!

  6. Annie ❤❤❤❤❤, fist bumps ?????, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋, extra thumbs up ????? Hayley ❤❤❤❤❤, fist bumps ?????, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋, extra thumbs up ????? Katie ❤❤❤❤❤, fist bumps ?????, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋, extra thumbs up ????? Piper, Winnie, and GiGi ❤❤❤❤❤, treats and tummy rubs. Fans ❤❤❤❤❤

    Rhode Island had Taylor Swift. Maybe they still do.

  7. 1:35 did y’all see those watermelons in the back that already has rubber bands they probably didn’t do this by their self

  8. no matter how many times i say this. im still "wow" when i see katie and annie get back together because OMG IM SO HAPPY YET IDK WHY THEY REALLY JUST SUDDENLY GONE FOR VERY LONG BUT IT DOESNT MATTER. I LEAVE THEIR PRIVACY TO THEM BUT OMG THIS IS GOLD

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