Annoying Orange – A Snack on Titan (Attack on Titan Parody)

– [Midget Apple Voiceover]
We never stood a chance. We thought we’d be safe
in these four walls, but they kept coming through. They just eat and eat and eat some more. Three times a day, usually. And never the toasters or the fixtures. Just food. (air whooshing) – Ah, he’s peeling my skin! – Mom, I’ll save you! – No, get out of here, run! Oh! – Guess he should’ve
kissed his mom goodbye! (laughing) – Ugh. – [Midget Apple Voiceover]
Orange and the others, think they can just laugh it off. Think everything will be okay. But they never think about
what I’ve come to realize. – Argh!
– Oh! – [Midget Apple Voiceover]
When the titans, are done with the others, they’ll have to eat someone else. Us! – Ah, oh, it was just a dream. – You have that nightmare
again, Little Apple? – It’s nothing. How’s the survey? – All clear to the west. Not a titan in sight. – East side is clear as a rainbow! (giggling) – That doesn’t make sense, but okay. If the last reports comes up negative, we can bring this scouting party home. – Party, I love parties, yay! – Yay! – Double yay! – Shut up, you want the titans to find us? – You know, I think we might
actually be okay, Little Apple. All the scouting groups
reported no titans. – Not all of them. We still need to hear back
from the south regimen. – Um, which way’s south?
– Right, there! (ominous music) Black smoke! – Oh, oh!
– Doesn’t that mean.. (rumbling) – [Midget Apple] We have to
get out of here, right now! Ready the OMG gear! – The trees, if we hide up there, they’re sure to leaf us alone! (laughing) (air whooshing) – [Marshmallow] Hey guys, why
do we call these OMG gear? – [Strawberry] OMG, we’re going so fast! – But not fast enough! We’re gonna have to fight, ready? – On three. – Three! (air whooshing) (thumping) – Argh! (smashing) – You mashed potato! I’ll get you, agh! (air whooshing) – Something just occurred to me. Humans eat fruits, fruits come from trees. – So? – Doesn’t that make this like, the worst possible hiding spot! They’ll know exactly where to look for us. – Calm down, Midget Apple.
– Little Apple! – There’s no titans here to
find us in the first place. We’re gonna be just fine. (lightning crashes) – You just had to say it. – Delta formation, go! (air whooshing) – Wee! (slashing)
(groaning) – Quick, we’ve got to get
up and help Marshmallow. – What good will we do? We’re too little! – Ah, so you agree, you are
too little, Midget Apple! – Grr! (electrical buzzing) – Don’t tell me you
have a short temper too! (laughing) – Grr! – Orange, lay off him,
anyone got any ideas? – I do, but we’ve got one tiny problem. – What? – Don’t you say it, don’t you say it! (lightning bolt striking) (ominous music) – Wow!
– Wow! He’s, he’s… – Naked, oh yeah! Uh oh, gotta jet! (air whooshing) (roaring) He’s chasing me! – [Pear] Hold on, I’ve got an idea. (air whooshing) – [Marshmallow] That tickles. (giggling) (thumping) – Oh hey Marshmallow. – Hi Orange, whatcha doin’? – Leading a crazy mombo-sized
Midget Apple over here. (roaring)
(thumping) – [Marshmallow] Oh, me next, me next! – Orange, that plan was amazing! How’d you know Little
Apple would grow huge, if he got mad enough? – Say what now? (screaming) (monstrous laughing) (upbeat music)

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