Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Playlist

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Playlist

July 20th, 1969 was one of the most important
days in space and science history. It was the day that the Apollo 11 mission
landed on the lunar surface. The day humans walked
on the Moon for the first time. The day we explored another world. This event and the missions that followed
it taught us so much about our closest neighbor, but even more than that, they showed us what
humans are capable of. And maybe unsurprisingly, they proved that we can accomplish a lot if we
just put our minds to something. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo
11, and we here at SciShow, along with creators all over YouTube, have
been making special videos to celebrate. Our team decided to honor this mission by
producing our first-ever documentary: an episode called “Was the Apollo Program
a Bad Idea?” In it, we travel all over the country trying to get
answers about the program’s risks and rewards. Because while Apollo is totally worth celebrating,
it was also really hard to pull off, and it kind of makes you wonder if all of
our success was just good luck. To explore this question, we talked to some
fascinating people, including some YouTube experts you might recognize. And we hope that you’ll check out our episode
after this. But we’re not the only creators celebrating
this milestone. There’s some amazing content out there,
and in this playlist, we’ve put together some of our favorite
Apollo-themed videos. So whether you’re learning about the lunar
landing for the first time or got to watch it live when it happened, we hope you will enjoy them and I’m sure
you’re gonna learn something new.

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  1. The SciShow documentary comes out Wednesday, July 17 and we'll add it to the playlist then. To watch the whole playlist now, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsNB4peY6C6LazjKFZQAzCjqPr3-Y8M1T

  2. I swear that I had a teacher in Sussex that's swears that we did not land on the moon and that it was a fake production directed by Stanley Kubrick. And also something like Richard Nixon even you it was fake and made comments about it being fake. I'm not even joking. I can even give this teacher's name and the exact school if anyone wants to investigate this as to why a teacher is spreading this kinds of information to children.

  3. It's crazy to think that the computer that powered the command module was less powerful than the smartphones we have today.

  4. If the moon landing took place on April 20th instead of July 20th, it would have taken place on 4/20/69

  5. I want to celebrate, but I don't know how. I'm Russian, so that my complicate things. And grandma thinks the landings were fake, so not much I can do, I guess

  6. It's amazing how we were able to achieve such a huge scientific milestone 50 years ago with computers that had the same power as three potatoes.

  7. I thought this was going to be about the songs played to the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission

  8. I’m pretty sure they picked the year 1969 for Apollo 11’s launch for the meme. It just can’t be a coincidence.

  9. I'm spending the launch watching Apollo 11 in a cinema. It would be the landing be no one else was available.

  10. Oh I thought this would be SciShows recommendation of music to mark the Apollo landing (I listen to filk, so there are more of those than you'd expect). I'm excited to watch the actual playlist and learn some things. But I'm also going to recommend the song a Toast to the unknown heroes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zotaRLROtw&list=PL8394E70A4DB81B5D&index=4) as a song honoring those oft forgotten people who worked to make the Apollo landing possible.

  11. Sucks that space is fake though lol, kids just believe this crap because they love cartoons and cgi. Gravity turn on a rocket is fake news it would expel far more energy then going straight up, it is landed in the ocean destroying are reefs. Fake x just has the ability to catch them on a ship instead of crashing them.


  13. Hi scishow..
    Its always exciting to listen and learn about apollo11 mission..
    One of the milestone and greatest acheievement humans achieved..
    Long ago,we had dreaming how is to go to space,how we can travel to moon..
    This apollo 11 unlocked many answers… And it seeded to learn more about space research…
    Can't wait to see the documentary.
    And i will check your playlist too..
    Thanks for the video..
    You are best in giving us knowledge…🙏👍😊

  14. Sure it was hard, but not so hard that we just got lucky. After all, we replicated the feat five more times. That does suggest that we knew what we were doing.

  15. History channels did 2 special collaboration playlist about the navy and revollution history.
    Those videos were made by small history channels, in order to increase their subb count.
    Is nice to see this for other educational channels!

  16. I remember it like it was yesterday and I am 56 years yung and in August 57 and it seems like it was yesterday to me great subject and Video Thank you

  17. Program should be called did we actually go to the moon on Apollo 11. I mean there's so many people out there with conspiracy theories when you look into it the footage looks so janky there's no stars there's no Shadows everything that they would need to fix get rid of they did it all adds up you know it's just a little weird man

  18. "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." — JFK

  19. My grandchildren will go to Mars- a 10 year old boy watching the Apollo Moon Landing July 16, 1969.
    Don't make me a list, humanity.

  20. It's a shame your list does not have the most important video ever recorded about the Apollo mission.

    Do a search for Apollo and Dionysus by Ayn Rand. You have never heard a video like this before.

    Celebrate the wonderful achievements of powerful individuals through their pride and production.

  21. You mean SmarterEveryDay, Objectivity and It's Okay To Be Smart missed the opportunity to upload their moon rock videos on the 50th anniversary after a 4 year delay on those videos? Wow.

  22. The solar radiation on the moon while standing on it would be so stong youd get radiation sickness and probably die in a matter of hours. We never went there, 🐑 and dont say they had protective gear, unless they were wearing full lead its impossible we dont have any other protective material that would stop that level of radiation.

  23. Here we go with conspirators.
    No-one went to the moon. Space is false. Van Halen belt (or whatever it's called🤔) would irradiate people. The world is flat anyway. Vaccines cause autism. Elvis/Micheal Jackson are still alive. Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent. Etc, etc, etc.
    All lies made up by the tin foil manufacturers 😂

  24. Has it been that long? I was 19 when it happened. I was just 11 days short of being 11 when Gagarin took his flight. So, there were only 8 years between the first space flight and the first (well, the only so far) Moon landing. And now, fifty years after that, that is still the farthest any human has ever gone to? WTH?

  25. If you're gonna be spending the 50th anniversary examining whether the Apollo program was a bad idea, then I'm gonna be spending the next 50 years avoid anything to do with Sci channel.

    Where's Buzz Aldrin to knock some sense into the Vlogbrothers when you need him?

  26. My dad was telling me a story about when they were watching the moon landing he was 6 and my grandfather who was a hardcore no nonsense ww2 veteran actually cried when Neil Armstrong made his speech and my grandfather said “I never thought I would see that”. The moon landing was more then a science experiment it was a world wide social shift in how people view the human race and what we can accomplish if we work together

  27. Exactly why I can not and will not tolerate people who claim the moon landing as fake,
    they deny one of mankind's single greatest achievements and milestones,
    they deny the blood sweat and tears that went into making it possible.

  28. I watched it LIVE on July 20, 1969, on a black and white TV in a pub in Czechoslovakia. Afterward, I walked out of the pub, looked up into the night sky at the moon and my mind was blown! 10 days later I escaped from Communism to Canada on a DC9. I was 13 years old. 👍🏼❤️🇨🇦

  29. I hope you talked to at least some people who were alive back then. So far, the people you have mentioned appear to be well under 50 years old

  30. Guys, help me out
    Hank's pin, what's on it? Is it Cthulhu? Or an UFO with the thrust? Can't figure it out 🙂

  31. Probably the only people that is celebrating this except the ton of beer commercials that I'm suddenly getting.

  32. I guess form our privileged position fifty years in the future. It's difficult to imagine a time when the Apollo missions weren't obviously going to be a success. Six successful missions seems to confirm our confidence. But Apollo 13 stands as a reminder of just how fragile and dangerous the program was. The fact that Nixon had a speech written and ready to deliver should the Apollo 11 astronauts have died is telling. That for all our national bravado. We were basically strapping pilots in to a bomb and hoping we did all the math right.

    I've heard that there's no such thing as luck in space exploration. Because, if you attribute failure to luck, you can avoid blame and won't learn from your mistakes. Ether you did a good job or a bad one. And you need to prepare yourself to learn from both. I wasn't alive for the Apollo missions. But I was alive to see Challenger go up in flames. That was my first real memory of space flight since it made big news.

    The Apollo program wasn't a bad idea, no. It was a big idea with stupendous risks involved and a lot riding on it politically and internationally. It's important to step back and remember that it wasn't always guaranteed to work. The whole world really did hold it's breath.

  33. In my lifetime man hasn't been to the moon. 43 years and counting. Lets go back, setup a moon base and call it Bowie 1.

  34. From the quality and the amount of research put into other videos on this channel, i'm hyped on your documentary

  35. This playlist better include Spaceship Superstar, Rocket Man, Ground Control to Major Tom, Moon Over Parma, some Dark Side of the Moon, The Galaxy Song, several Star Trek themes…

  36. Hank, I just wanted to ask. If you print your own Hank bucks for Tangent, is it still considered counterfeit. I mean, It is your Bucks. Rights. Than you could win every day. Keep up the great shows.. I listen to Tangent Everyday on my lunch break.

  37. NASA – Masters of lies and deception ever purported upon the general public. And I have to say they are very good at it too.
    Pretty simple really. keep selling the lie and more people will believe it.

  38. My 50th anniversary messsage to the Hollywood department known as "NASA": “You can fool some people some times but you cant fool all the people all the time”(Bob Marley). And no, Earth is NOT flat… NASA is.

  39. I cannot get passed the answer for the question: "what exactly did the astronauts do on the Moon ?" and "how is that important for mankind?"

  40. SciShow celebrates Apollo 11 but doesn't even mention NASAs celebration of Apollo 11? Well, don't forget to check out NASAs webpage and youtube channel.

  41. Too bad we weren't told why all visits to the moon were stopped nearly 47 years ago. There was a reason. 🙂

  42. "Who Started the Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Theory?" from YouTube channel "Today I Found Out" from May 20, 2019

  43. You guys should watch bill whittle's 4 hour 4 part documentary it's posted on the daily wire and it's fantastic (still waiting for part 4 lol).

  44. Probably not one person you showed in your promo was even born until 20 to 30 years after the fact.

    It's hard to get really excited about your opinions.

  45. I remember watching it! I was nearly 8yo. During school a whole heap of us were crammed into a teachers office and watched it on a small black and white TV. It was awe-inspiring. 🙂

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