Are Black Cats Unlucky? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #13

Hello! I’m Simon. Welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do. Today we’re finding out about black cats! Well, I love black cats and over the years I’ve had a few. I started off with little cute round Hugh, who was the inspiration for Simon’s Cat. A few years later, I got really fluffy Teddy. Who’s now grown in to a huge bear! Basically, he was the kitten in Simon’s Cat, and more recently I’ve got a new little kitten and her name is Poppy! Most of my cats are rescue cats so when I go to look at a cat to adopt, I’m always drawn to black cats because I know how difficult it is for them to find good owners and to be adopted. [Finding homes for black cats] Black and black and white cats account for over half of all the cats in Cats Protection’s care. They often take longer to re-home and are often overlooked for the brighter colored cats, such as Tabbies and Gingers. Our theory is that when people come to visit their eyes are naturally drawn towards brighter colored cats compared to the black cats. Black and black and white cats take an average 13% longer to re-home compared to cats of other colors. Whilst we work hard to find every cat a loving new home, black cats can easily be overlooked. Each and every cat in our care is capable of being an ideal and loving companion in their own way, no matter what their color or appearance. [Superstitions] There are many negative AND positive superstitions around black cats For example in ancient Egypt the cats were worshipped as sacred. Whereas in Japan they’re thought to bring good luck and in Britain they’re thought to bring affluence to any home that they occupy. [But our survey says…] Our research shows that over two-thirds of the UK population think that black cats are neither lucky or unlucky. However, when we then showed our survey respondents photographs of black cats, ginger cats and tabby cats, the black cats were perceived as less friendly, less playful and less attention-seeking. This indicates that there is a tendency to find black cats less appealing by those looking to re-home a cat. That’s why we have national black cat day on October the 27th to remind people of the love warmth and interesting characters that black cats can offer. So, if you’re looking to re-home a cat, especially a black or black and white cat, check out our website or your local shelter to find cats in your local area that need a new home. [STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT ABOUT SIMON’S CAT AND WATCH MUDDY PAWS] Well people say that black cats are
unlucky but in my case that simply isn’t true. Well my little black cats have given me nothing but a lifetime of fun and laughter and there’s such massive
personalities all of them one of my favorite memories was when I already had
Hugh and I introduced Teddy as a little kitten and watching their relationship
grow and they would have little play fights all day long in the garden in the
house and just watching them bond and becoming good friends was lovely
so it’s not true about them being unlucky at all Subtitles fixed and synced by Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai

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