Ari’s First Christmas feat. Weeaboo Misaki (read description)

Ari’s First Christmas feat. Weeaboo Misaki (read description)

Merry Christmas everyone! And if you don’t celebrate, then… a happy normal day for you… Psh Happy chrismahanukwanzaa! I hope you had a great holiday season, this is actually a very special year, because it’s the first time Ari has been alive for Christmas! Me: YYAAAAAYYYY Happy BEING ALIVE for Christmas ARI! We can’t forget little ol’ Ari even tho he’s a BRAT So we’re all gonna share Ari’s first Christmas together 😀 YAAAAAYYYY! Ari, look what you got! Ari: Presents NOW! You wanna open that one first? No, Open it, like, on the blanket. Aww, it’s a bandana! What do ya think? It’s so festive! Wanna put it on? Aaawww, Look at you 😀 *laughs* Just chewing on the strings.. Ari: I only want the strings let’s open this one next! This one sounds good Awwww You like the Jingle Ball? Can you say thank you? *No. I’m a bird.* … No? Rude. Let’s look what’s inside this one. Come on! What are ya doing? No, it’s not… Why are you running away? Take the gift!!! *Awkward Silence* *Ari squawks* *laughs* Ari what’s the matter? Don’t you like clothes? *Silence* We can put that on later. Alright, we’ve got one more present. Ari loves these, like, little bagels, so I gotta bunch of them for him. *Ari waddling* Why are you walking like tha- *Jaiden giggles* *Ari finally takes the bagel* There you go *Excitement Chirp* Ari loves bagels 😀 Or loops, I dunno what you call them Ari loves to look out the window So we got, a nice little perch for him *squawk-chirp* And look *speaking with a happy tone* he’s looking at the rain *Ari squawk-chirps* *Cute head tilt* Of course it would be snow somewhere else but *laughs* We get rain *Chirk* *Squawk* Can you say Merry Christmas? Ari: mery crismus *Jaiden laughs* Now these weren’t all the gifts we got for Christmas A very nice *laughs* A very special cinnamon roll sent us some presents as well *Adorable Misaki* *Fangirl Squeals* Santa Senpai Weeaboo Misaki IS BACK EVERYONE!! He actually messaged me again after iDubbbz called my Samarai Buyer Video Pretty Good *seal of approval earned!!* And wanted to do another He’s asked me before if we could collaborate again And I wasn’t planning on doing another one even though y’all seemed to enjoy the first video, But then the idea came to my mind that he could send us some Christmas gifts. I asked weeaboo if he wanted to say another message to the people And this is what he sent me Hi guys! This is, uh, Weeaboo Misaki. Samu-from Samurai Buyer. Um, Merry Christmas guys! And uhh… Merry Christmas to Jaiden animation, and her…. puh… pet…Ari. er, come to my website! Uh *breathes into microphone* You see bunch of… weeaboo Japanese merchandise Thank you. Isn’t he sweet? Everyone loves Misaki, right? Let’s get into the box. BLEAAAAHHHHHH!! Misaki sent us a nice…Box too! And there’s like, these cute little dogs on it. Do you like them? Oh he’s still playing with the loop Aaaalright *determined tone* Let’s get into the box! Merry Christmas, what did he send us? Woah, that’s kinda creepy. *creepy tone* Merry Christmas Let’s look at this. This looks…pretty. Awwwwwwww! It’s a mug! What do ya think? No? I think it’s cute. Alright, let’s see what else is in here. Is this one of those, like, Japanese banks that, like, you press the button and then the thing… *double clack* opens. Do I need batteries? We’ll get batteries later. Wow we’re getting a lot of-a bunch of mugs. Okay. *putting the mug down for Ari* You like this one more? Do you have any input at all? *Ari clanks the mug with his beak* I don’t know what any of these things are. I don’t really watch…too much anime. Are these like, wallets? *Ari squeaks* What was that? Where are you? Ohohoh *laughs* What are ya doing? *Ari goes toward the camera* *Jaiden laughs while Ari bites the camera* If you like this sorta stuff then… more power to ya. I have no clue! *throws packages to the side* Alright I got it free…. *plastic crackles* What in the world?!! *shocked Jaiden laughing* This is… terrifying! So it looks like it’s a stuffed animal but it came with…instructions. Umm… But I’m not gonna listen to those; I’ll grab it like this. What the…there’s more battery stuff???!! UUUUUUUUHHHHHGGGGG!!!!!!!! So I got batteries for this thing, I got some coins. *puts coin into the toy* *takes off the coin* Ya gotta turn it on… Toy: Piiika! *the opening rises, revealing a Pikachu* Jaiden: Um.. Toy: Pika? Toy: Pikaa… *steals the coin that was on top of the toy and goes back inside* *mischievous sounds come from inside the toy* Yeah, I see… Toy: *laughs* Pika… You done? Yeah I’ve seen these things before. I didn’t know there was like, a Pokemon one. I’m gonna do another one. *puts another coin on the toy* Toy: Piiiika!! *Pikachu comes from inside the toy* I didn’t know that little… Toy: Pikaaa… Jaiden: hand was kinda.. *Pikachu continues making sounds* reeeally creepy! *more Pikachu sounds* Look at it! *more “Pikas” from the toy* Doesn’t even look connected, what the heck? *giggle* I also got batteries for this thing. Let’s see what this guy is gonna do It keeps saying not to grab it by…the head. Let’s…. …I don’t care. What are you gonna do? How do I turn it on? Do I squish its head down? I don’t know Japaneeeese. Is this all the instructions? Or is this all the, like, hazards? Is this-uh-Is Misaki gonna kill me? Me: Yes Jaiden he wants to kill you… :3 With this bear? Actually it kinda looks like it will. So like… I don’t get it! What do you want?! Ahehhhh *annoyed tone* What do you want?? Toy: *lets out demonic gibberish sounds* Jaiden: AHHHHHHH What was that?! *gasp* I gotta-I got… *terrifying screaming bear sounds* OH… *creepy bear sounds* *Jaiden gasps* I see what this is!! Toy: I see what this is! That’s seriously… Toy: That’s seriously. jumpscared me. Jaiden: Stop Toy: Jumpscar- Jaiden: interrupting me I don’t even know what I’m gonna do with this thing. I don’t want this xD What do you think? *Jaiden attempts to bring Ari close to the bear but Ari tries to go away* *bear makes short noises as Ari steps away and Jaiden laughs* STAHHHHP It’s not even doing it like good, it’s like terrifying… *bear repeats* I can’t even say anything, turn off. It didn’t even do it, like, good It’s just like… *Horrific noise* So this is the Misaki haul Not as good as the other one. There’s a serious lack of ducks. And even Ari’s afraid of this thing Merry Christmas Ari!! aww ari are you eating that? *Jaiden tries to get the Christmas tree out of Ari’s mouth* No.. I hope you all had a great season I’d say “I hope you all had a good 2016” But we all know that was an absolute trainwreck Here’s to another year together and I hope we all don’t implode as a society next year.

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  1. Just an update regarding Samurai Buyer. I highly suggest not buying, or at least being very cautious before making a purchase from their website. I haven't been involved in this situation, but I don't condone any actions Misaki has been/is allegedly doing to scam/rip people off. Be careful everyone.

  2. That pikachu was both creepy and adorable. My brother has that box, it sings some sorta music I think. And its annoying

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  4. 3:37
    On the right of the mug, There's a Rowlett. Was this before or after sun and moon released because I forget XD

    – UHF (watch it is has weird al in it

  6. Ari: can I have bagel, jaiden's mom?
    Jaiden's mom: (gives bread)
    Ari: (throws bread away) you'll never understand me

  7. I think the things you call bagels that Ari lkes It actually Might be rings but if they’re not that’s fine then you can call them what you like it doesn’t master

  8. that bear was from a show called yo kai watch though I've only seen that bear from the movie you can google it if you want

  9. Poor Arizona I wish I could create a snow bomb to hit Arizona then you guys could have a snow day because I am filled with determination. QwQ

  10. That bear in the container
    His name is Kumamon. He’s apparently a regional mascot. (In the Yo kai Watch game at least)

  11. What is the most likes on a comment u got
    A- 1 from urself or 5-10
    B- more than 10 but less then 200
    C- 200 to 500
    D- more than 500 or thousands

  12. Hey jaiden when ari said Merry Christmas my parrot just staired at Ari and my parrots name is charlie he is a boy 🐦

  13. Hatsune Miku is a virtual Japanese singer, a blue, extremely long haired 16 year old girl who’s an anime girl. She’s part of Vocaloid, a voice synthesiser. Just google it because it don’t really know much about vocaloid apart from the fact I love it and Kagamine Rin is my favourite and I want to go to a cosplay convention as her with my friend going as Kagamine Len

    Don’t judge me please

  14. Personally I'm kindoff scared of taking care of small animals, the last time I had a hamster I was cleaning its cage she was in the ball and somehow broke free of the ball! I found her, but now am I do not feel capable of taking care of any smol animal ;-; it just scares meee, for example birbs and I love them

  15. Omg! I’m getting and ari tomorrow!!!, IM SO EXCITED AHHH

    when I get him/her I’ll put it as my profile pic.

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