Awful anniversary turns into joyful celebration for VIP

Awful anniversary turns into joyful celebration for VIP

Jan. 14, 2011, was a pinnacle point in
my life, (it) changed my life forever. But… that day, seven years later actually,
I found out I was pregnant on the anniversary of the car accident,
so I could not actually look back and say that was a bad day. Jan. 14 now is forever a good day in my life. I was actually driving from Fairview to Grande Prairie
to celebrate my 21st birthday when I was hit head-on in a collision on the highway. It was minus 45 out. It took two
hours for them to actually cut me out of the vehicle. The problem was it was actually snowing, icy, so for an ambulance to get there
was very difficult, but thanks to STARS they actually were able to fly to this crash site. So I broke bones in both my feet; broke bones in both my legs; my
pelvis was broken in half; and my whole left arm was, um, “demolished” was there
medical term that they used. I ended up being in the hospital for four months. I had to learn to walk again, had to learn to use my arm again. But I’m here now. I’m alive. I’m okay. I just feel like I have this newfound respect for life. Like, you don’t know what could be around the corner, right? So I kind of like live in the
moment, enjoy what I have. But I’ve kind of pushed myself to be better than what
I was before the car accident. So I’ve done more things than I would have done before, like I’m mountain biking now, I hike a lot, I’ve done snowboarding,
which I never did before. I’m here today because STARS was able to fly there, pick me up,
and fly me to a hospital, so because of them I actually am married now, I have a
beautiful daughter. The doctors weren’t sure exactly how
the pregnancy was gonna go with the broken pelvis. I could have been
bedridden, I could have had a lot of pain, but it ended up I had a perfect pregnancy,
and now I have a perfect baby, and Jan. 14 is no longer a bad day for me. That’s right. You tell them.

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