Baby Birthday Party | MyCraft Family Minecraft Survival [Ep.5]

Baby Birthday Party | MyCraft Family Minecraft Survival [Ep.5]

Jason: I-I oh my g- I-I I hope I hope that they are safe *Jess laughs in the background* Jason: I didn’t think this through Jess: JASON!!!! Jason: Ugggghhh! Jess: If he falls out of that bouncy house *Jason and Jess laugh* Jess: If he- Jason: I made a place for him to land *plays Aphmau’s intro music * Jess: Hello Everyone! My name Is Jessica and today… We are going to be doing something INCREDIBLY special for the little ones So, let me show you exactly where they are because they actually have been so good lately that they deserve some…. TV Time!! Isn’t that right guys? yeah? I know!! Aw… Alright. So you guys continue — Don’t watch the news! The new’s is not like– you know what lets-lets go ahead and put on He-Man There we go! Alright. Uhh HeMan– right there Alright, perfect! So you guys watch HeMan. And uh– I know Shira will be on soon. So you guys do that. And I’m going to go find your daddy who I know is busy, oh what going on? ok Blue is REALLY excited Okay– alright. So let’s go ahead and see where Jason is. Hello, George. And I believe he is actually down by the little peer that we built that we had dinner last time.. Uhh… Hellooo! Jason: Heyyyy Jess: What are you up to? Jason: I-I-I.. I-I’m down here as punishment.. Because-because last episode I was- I was trying to make food in the grill and didn’t realize that I needed a spatula Jess: (chuckles) Jason: And EVERYONE YELLED AT ME. Like, I’m pretty sure that our entire audience made accounts on YouTube, subscribed, because they love to subscribe. and then they told me that I was an idiot because I needed a spatula so I could flip the burgers- Jess: ahhaHAHA! OHMYGOD Do it again!! Jason: I-I can’t, I-I-I-I can- I gotta wait this is my punishment I gotta wait I gotta wait Jess: hahahaaaa that is so cute! oh- I mean like Jason: look see see now there done now you can take them now you can take them. Jess: (inhales) OH I WAS STARVING!! Jason: Al-alright guys DON’T YELL AT ME ANYMORE PLEASE Jess: Can you put more meat on there? Do- Do I have meat I can put on there? I have raw beef. I want you to flip it I want you to flip it here im taking that one here flip it again I want to see that that is some really cool HD– Look at that Jess: Oh my gawd- Jason: It’s going to take like two minutes okay ? so I’m just going to be bouncing here until then, oh okay wait you can bounce on that? yeah-no I can bounce on it okay? not you so what are we doing? let me see…move over …uh okay..uhhhh ahhhh *squeals in excitment* this is so– okay I’m sorry I’m just-I’m just intrigued by marvel now I’m stuck here and I don’t know how to get back up oh wait you put a ladder Jess: I put a ladder there I did that because I care about safety and safety comes fir-alright alright alright FLIP THE BURGER Jason: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! what are we doing? *Jess chuckles* okay alright okay so you know how we got Flower and Blue first episode and everything like that Jason: yeah? Jess: we’ve been teaching them how to survive hardcore. We got them toys. I mean we stole the toys but lets not talk about that but whats important is we haven’t had a birthday for them. We don’t even know when their birthdays are! Jason: Shouldn’t that be like the day that we got them??? yeah, but lets have like a post birthday y’know like something to make them feel special Jason: okay?Uhh, sure? Uhhh *jess laughs* Jason: I’m just gonna just keep flipping burgers and you just tell me what to do okay you want me to be in charge of the food? because I got lots of food. okay! I can’t get over how cool it looks when you flip those things– anyway so yes a birthday so we’re gonna go ahead and I think what we should do is kinda take them out and get an idea on how to make things y’know like lets gather materials we can go out to gather materials Oh my God, like *jess chuckles* you just keep bouncing Jason: alright alright alright so if you want a birthday then we are gonna need to have like a big setup uh we are gonna have to gather a lot of materials um like different color wool and like some birthday surprises and presents and this is gonna take the entire day Jess: that’s perfectly fine because I have to make a cake and I am also gonna help you gather materials for it and I guess we are also gonna need to get some presents so… Jason: wait wait wait how are w- is this a surprise? Or is it like them helping us get all the stuff? Jess: they are gonna help us but we can’t tell them its a secret that’s the point okay? Jason: thats impossible hows that possible you can’t do that Jess: w-w-well well we’ll take them out and be like hey we gotta go survive again and they’ll be like oh man we gotta survive and we’ll tell them and show them the surprise so lets go ahead and go get them alright thats the plan Jason: okay beef don’t burn *jess laughs* do you wanna flip those burgers cause I kinda wanna se- Jason: NO ITS GONNA TAKE LIKE 3 MINUTES TO COOK! I’m not gonna stay down here *jess Laughs* alright so lets go ahead and get the kids alright I have lots of-alright where they at? alright hey guys what are you guys doing? you watching HeMan OH wait aww you playing with the 0-0 … WAIT- JASON!!! Jason: I’m right here Jess: He’s got a sword Jason: you gave it to him it looks like your sword-no why does he have your sword Jess: no I have my sword right here y’know my good iron sword-but he’s Jason: mmmmmm someone’s been making swords out of the iron Blue have you been taking the iron and crafting with it? Jess: and Flower’s got a sword? Oh yeah we gave it to her. Jason: Well, you gave them swords, so that’s why they’re gonna have, that’s what you did, remember? Jess: alright, uh, hey! hey! guys guys don-don-don-don-don’t hit each other with the swords okay especially you Blue your sword hurts how about you give it to me and I’ll hold onto it okay? you can have it when alright I got it thank you alright Jason here you hold the sword Jason: o-o-yeah sure Jess: alright……uhhh alright, so guys we are going to go out and gather materials today and then after that will take uhh u know wil-will-w-a were just gonna gather materials today alright sound good? they can’t tell i’m lying do they understand what I’m saying nah they probabl- Jason: well I can DEFINITELY tell you’re lying Jess: JASON! alright so, ummm we’re gonna go and do a whole bunch of things like shear sheep, and gather milk, and get some wheat, and some eggs, so come on let’s go. Jason: Do you have to-ok, ok-first of all, first of all, do you have buckets? Do you have shears? Do you have everything you need? Cause, I’m not going out there, and then have to come all the way back to get everything. Jess: Alright, I have enough ingots Jason: Looks like- Looks like Blue’s got the shears. Oh, uh, now Flower’s got the shears… Jess: Okay, well, I have- I just made… Jason: Now they’re fighting over- Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey Give the shears to mommy. Jess: Hey, look, guys, guys. I actually have shears for both of you! And now I have shears! Yeah! I made shears for everybody so that way they don’t fight over it… I mean, they’re already holding swords so- Just don’t run with those shears children! Children! Jason: They’re Essentially Scissors. Jess: *Laughs* okay? If I see you running with shears you’re gonna get into time out. Alright! So George, right-click George with a bucket and you will get milk! See? And you can, you can do lots of things with the milk, like give it to me or drink it, you can do either or and, yeah. That’s– Jason: Got milk yet? Jess: yes, just r– I got milk, right-click him there we go. Jason: Okay then Jess: Alright, and once you have the bucket, Alright, so there we go. Okay, can I have the milk? You can drink some milk Thank you! okay, oh you got how did you get more– BLUE what are you doing with all the buckets? Alright, if you guys get the buckets here, I just need Alright, I got enough. Perfect Alright, alright. Now, let’s go back down and what we’re gonna do, is we’re going to go is we’re going to go and… get some sheep and I know a place that you guys have never seen before its called sheep topia and I’m sure- Jason: That doesn’t exist here you know that *Jess gasps* Jess: Theres a sheep! Go get it kids Go get the sheep! Jason: Oh no Jess: Don’t kill it Just shear it Just shear it, Don’t kill it Goooood. Alright so all you have to do guys is uh you just got to ….Hit it and then.. You’re good so there’s enough rows just don’t jump on the soil because y’know what happens there …Grab this Ok? Good See that’s how you do it then you replant the seeds that you got That way we have lots of wheat to make lots of bread Jason: Alright I’m- I’m gonna run off and grab a bunch of wool because in order to do what I wanna do its gonna take A LOT of wool and uhh- Jess: Alright Jason: I’m probably gonna be a little bit faster if I go on my own. Jess: Yeah the kids will only hold you back keep going. * Jess laughs* Jason: Th-Th- They’ll definetly hold- and plus its a secret remember? Jess: I know go ahead. I’m just gonna take them out to get a few sheep hope fully they cant hear me Jason: They can definetly hear you Jess: (sassy) NO THEY CANT ! (quietly mumberling to herself) and there we go alright so all my materials are here so.. for the surprise there we go alright (normal aph again) Ok guys, So ahem you ready to shear the sheep alright we’re gonna explore a little bit too. So make sure you got your Sticks and your wood- Your WOODEN swords not your iron swords. Blue because y’know.That ones far away I don’t trust- I MEAN I trust you guys but I’ve seen you do something Blue y’know like jumping on flowers.. I saw you and Daddy kill the chicken the other day Jason: UHHH..What are you talking about? That never happened Jess: That happened! I totally zoomed in on that ! Right, follow me guys, come on ummmmmmmmm…. …….ok Sooo speaking of chickens we’re gonna need.. like one or two? Chickens. Ummm (Jess speaking to herself in background) Jason: You should bring them back to the house and umm Jess: I Should! Your’re right! That’s a good idea! Jason: So grab some seeds again Jess: Alright! Do you guys have seeds? Blue? Flower? You guys had a phew uh.. Oh good! You guys got seeds! Ummmm We shouuuld Let’s see… Jason: I Made- I don’t know where any chickens would be I mean if they were Living around our house I’m pretty sure they’d still be there Jess: I’m- *Jason laughs* *Jess growls* alright so we’re gonna make a pen guys quickly…Ummm yeah ahem I uh don’t know guys to your dad Jason:What? Al-Alright alright Sooo just over this hill theres a dessert and…. desserts have a certain item that we need to make a certain color Jess: Ohhhhhhh hold on wait gimme a secong I’m trying to make a pen for the chickens so we can shear the sheep and get the chickens alright Jason: Yeah Jess: So this is gonna be our chicken pen y’know where we’re NICE to the chickens Jason: I’m gonna grab some sand really quick Jess: Alright give me a second Jason: is there sand down here? yeah there sand down here actually I may just leave it over here so while I Was out there a-and we were not able to find this last season but I got some right now because its a different world theres a cactus do you remember how long we looked for a dessert? last season we couldn’t find any! *Jess takes a long and grumpy sigh* I know well now we’ve got cactus Jess: W-We do ? Jason: Yeah so if you come down where the dock is really quick Jess: Uhhhhh gimmme one sec I gotta oh the kids are playing in the pen and Blue is running around Like- Jason: Alright just close the gate Jess: Alright its closed alright so what did you say again sorry? Jason: over here, over here I am right next to you Jess: Alright That’s our chicken pen come here over here guys Jason: So for right now like I can probably fix something up more like alabrit but- * Jess gasps* I mean Jess:OooooOoooo Jason: Idk but they’re really kinda wierd Jess: They look like cactus bushes almost enticing children don’t go near those! those-those are bad Jason: Y-Yeah those will prick you Jess and Jason: No they’re prickly Jess: Y’know shots, shots are bad th-thats a big shot what they look like shots ?? Jason: ok *Jess Laughs so um so after those grow I can get some green die which we haven’t had in a very long time in the mean time where should we set up the y’know what? Ummmmm How about Hey why don’t you guys play in the pen for a second while daddy and I talk where did flower go? Jason: Shes behind you Jess:Oh you guys play in the pen act like chikens and play in there ok? alright good? I Distracted them Jason: Ok so where do you want to do this Jess: I think we should do it Should we do it under here? No maybe some place hmmmm how about actually we could do it over there? or we could do it across the way Jason: Over where? Jess: Like over down here do you think? Jason:Ok So on the dock or….. Jess: Or maybe like we could do it over here where all the flowers are Jason: Oh yeah ! Y’Know right next to where we buried that dead animal {In jess’s head: should I kill him -_- he’s lucky I love him…} Jess: DONT TALK ABOUT THAT Jason: {In Jason’s head: Meh she loves me I mays well} BUT ITS WRITE HERE XD I had to place down these logs the other day and I saw it and I don’t know what this ment …I don’t know what this means.. I did not see this last season Its a draw Jess: I don’t know I think…*Jess gasps*…JOJO *Crying sounds * {comment R.I.P Jojo} So we can do it right here ummm because uhh its really flowery and beautiful and we can just have a little picnic out here umm and uhhhh yeah I think it would be a good idea Jason: So I’m gonna start setting stuff up over here then what else did wanna beside from a cake and decorations Jess: Well we should get them a present*jess gasps* Jason: Should we rob the toy store again? *jess laughs beautifully like always* We could Jason: 0-0……..I’ll take that as an absolute no So umm umm I-I’ll just continue to dig Jess: Well I think- Well I think (jess gets ignored) Jason: I’ve got an idea. what I am setting up could be THE birthday present Ss-So Just you distract them and and in a little bit i’ll call you back after I’ve got it all set up Jess:Ok Perfect alright so I’m gonna go and get ummm the chickens a and shear the sheep I’m on it, alright ALRIGHT MY LIL CHICKENS! What are you guys doing *jess aws* They made a chicken- Blue are you hiding In the flowers? OH HE’S HIDING IN THE FLOWERS!! oh there you are! ok alright aw your s-so funny * jess giggles* Jason: you guys should definitely start trying to find chickens though yeah we’re going to Alright so Blue, Flower we’re gonnna go get some chickens now oh and I see you have made a lil chicken…Thing aww ok alright so it looks like a….. Very imaginative it looks like a uhhh A chicken alright so lets go get some real chicken alright come on lets go get some chickens alright so you’re gonna need a seed because we have to lure them back over here alright come on lets go see if we can find a chicken *gasp* A CHICKEN Finally a villager!! Jason: YEAHH!!# Jess: Ok alright so guys what you want to do is you want to pull out your seeds so you can get the chicken to follow us See the chicken likes seeeds No you don’t give the chicken the seeds you make the chicken follow you with the seeds So Lets see if the chicken will follow Us Keep going Alright see this is how the chicken will follow you Okay So lets bring the chicken back Ooooo alright the chickens following me now Alright So now we have chicken coming back If we could find another chicken, then I’ll show you guys Uhhhhhh Well…. Yeah! So Jason: What is something wrong? Jess: No Everything’s Fine *Jess giggles* Jason: HEY D-DONT SHOW UP OVER HERE Jess:Ohhhhhh’ that’s right! Alright come on lets bring the chicken back come here ch-ch-ch-chicken. Alright put the chicken inside Good Flower, Alright keep luring- Go inside with the chicken Take the chicken inside the- NO GUYS! Take the chicken into the- BLUE BLUE Leave the butterfly alone, Well the bat! Leave the little guy alone! {angrily} Chicken go in! No don’t throw seeds at the chicken Alright, Alright we almost got him in ! We’ve got to lock him in. So come out Hurry! Flower Come out… AND WE GOT THE CHICKEN!!! YAYY {R.I.P headphone users but now…. The screams of the chickens have taken over this land called: the internet} ISN’T THAT COOL!! Alright so we got one chicken. And usually they lay eggs. But what we need to do is we’re going to go find another chicken! And why is there a bat here…? Its the weirdest thing Jason: Ignore the bat! Jess: Alright so where’d the chicken go?? where did he go? Theres a lot of sheep here too! So be sure to sheer them {Jess mumbling} I can’t seem to find other chickens here….. A-Alright ! So guys we have a chicken If you see another let me know- OoOoooOoo THERE IS ANOTHER CHICKEN Alright so someone take. One of you guys should know how to take a chicken t-take the seeds and let the chicken follow you Take him back to the place. And I’ll go get the other chicken over here. So we have lots of chickens There we go alright ..NOW we got them in Blue come look Watch this! We’re going to make little chickens alright? BLUE!!!! {Jess sighs} Okay So here we give the chickens seeds- Jason:Is everything okay? Look and now there going to make a baby chicken This is the circle of life children Jason: Okay So I’m finished with what I’m working on. But its like a big surprise . So I’m going to continue to work on some of the other stuff around here Maybe like fix the place up? Jess: Okay you do that Why are these chickens- Alright Flower come here we’re going to gr- Why are these chickens FLOWER, FLOWER.. The chicken! Jason:Are you guys okay here? Jess: They wont make babies 🙁 Jason: D-did you feed them? Jess: Yeah! I Fed them wheat and they just gave feathers ! Jason: No- Jess:And I fed them seeds Jason: …Okay (at the same time) Jess: They’re just giving feathers Jason:They lay eggs Jess Jason:They drop eggs jess and the eggs you can throw them to try and make new chick- Jess: I-I-I’ve seen- Jason: Like there’s an egg, there’s an egg Jess: 0-0 omg Well, chicken come here. Flower could you get the other chicken Jason: Y-you *Jasons laughs* I-I’m going inside ok Jess: I’M TRYING TO GET THE CHICKENS IN THERE Jason: Did you get sugar,Like sugar cane? *Jess gasps* *Jess giggles* MAN ! I’m not even helping you make this thing right now I feel like I know more about it than you do Jess: Give me a second. I’ll work it out here alright. I think we have sugar cane inside the house ummmm Jason:Oh I’m- I hope so I mean maybe someone in the town has them Jess: No they are all lazy in town- Jason: I mean we stole wheat from the town already *Jess laughs* Jess: L-look Jason Jason: Yeah yeah Jess: They don’t care about there they don’t care about there stuff Jason:OH they don’t care *Jess laughs* Jess: Alright guys Jason: I’m on it to everyone that yelled at me because I didn’t know how to flip a burger you hear this? You hear whats going on here Jess: I said they, like they as in the villagers because there lazy I SWORE WE HAD SUGAR CANE WHY DONT WE HAVE ANY !? UGHHH alright children we’re going to find some sugar cane Jason: Alright I’m building stairs I’m building like lots of stuff right now h-hows it going on the cake front Jess:I’m trying to be a mom And y ‘know be… *jess sighs* (demonic whispering voice) omg where is the sugar cane (normal aph) do you see any sugar cane over there Jason:I-I wasn’t looking for any I mean maby I did see some I don’t remember *Jess gasps* Jess: Alright I found sugar cane! Alright guys, guys ,guys fun thing we’re going to do FUN.REALLY FUN. Watch alright so w’re going to chop down this tree and that’s boring right? Right? But guess what trees have logs and logs are wood. And woood can make fun things! We’re going on a boating! Alright? Alright? Cool Jason: This episode is going to be longest episode we have recorded {that’s y I chose to do the subtitles I get to enjoy my favourite person for very long } *Jess laughs* Jess: Alright so guys I’m going to make you little paddle boats and your going to paddle your paddle boats *Jess cant stop laughing* Jason: Battle the paddle boats ? Is that what you said Jess: P A D D L E….Alright Blue I appreciate your enthusiasm but right now mommy is semi frustrated with daddy {I cant hear her} bla bla aph is better than Jason something something So look! I made boats. Jason: Yeah what did I do !? Jess: I made boats for you guys and see the shooogar cane over there We’re going to go to the shooogar cane there a boat for you, a boat for you, and a boat for mummy alright get in the boat. Right click the boat BLUE BE CAREFUL Alright get in your boat what we going to do is our ores, see this? Guys? *Jess laughs* Good so we’re gonna paddle over to the sugar cane Good job guys! I cant see you and your little bodies XD But…Good job your doing it right Jason:Are you okay? Is everything ok? Jess: They look so funny in the little paddle boats! *Jess laughs* Jason: Oh ok Jess: I got sugar cane though Jason I did it i’m a great parent {and a great youtuber} WE WIN (Jason struggles to talk)….Sure…. Jess: AW there like little synchronise swimmmers! ok Oh theres more sugar cane over there children. Look! Jason:I would like to point out that your bringing just ONE thing to this birthday party. Ok? So when you get here I want you to judge EVERYTHING you see based on the fact that YOU are bringing ONE thing to this birthday party! Jess:Ok alright BUT ive been taking care of the childrenz and having them climb on boats and y’kno learn life lessons! with chickens because that was hard Jason: Yeah yeah, yeah Jess: Try explaining that to a child that you have to smash an egg on to the groud in order to get a baby chick that was difffucult and uncomfortable Alright? Alright so children we have had enough fun in the we got lots of sugar cane, we got it. I’m a great mom {Beat that Jason!} don’t judge me *Jess takes a big breath* ok So guys its time to get off our boots- our boats Flower what are you- *Jess gasps* Jason: I’m done I’m done Jess: Your done? Jason: Yeah I’m done Jess: Alright good Good job children! Very- I Jason did I ever tell you how much I love these childrenz? Guys lets go ahead and take a nap. Put your swords away nightie night Alright don’t come outside OR THERE WILL BE A SHOT! Jason: You are just the worst *jess giggles* Look Jason! I don’t like shots, Ok? And I got it! I Got it! Jason I Got it Jason: Well I’m…Here Right where I was before Ok,ok remember what we talked about *Gasp* Your going to come down here and your going to look at everything and your going to be like wow what did I bring Jess: WOW This is beautiful !! Jason: Yeah so, but wait, but wait Go inside Jess: What did you do? *Jess gasps*THERE GOING TO LOVE THIS YOU’RE THE BEST{5 secs ago he was saying your the worst -_-} Jason: I am pretty good Jess: Should I make 2 cakes for them Jason: Uhhh I mean your going to have to pick who the cake goes In front of so who do you like the most? Jess: NO ! I am making another cake. Its not going to take long I have all the stuff *Jason laughs* don’t you dare put me under that pressure !! Alright so lets go make more cake and wake up the children. DONT DO THAT TO ME Ok alright. Ready to wake them up? Jess: Hold on wait- Jason: Sure I mean Are you ready? Did you finish or.. Jess:Yeah I got the cake Flower, Blue! We got surprises for you! It looks like Flowers already awake come on we got a surprise for you come on, lets go downstairs oh man this is going to be really cool come on Jason: Uh wait, no There we go Flower dropped her bunny Jess: Oh she dropped her bunny oh no Jason: yeah Jess: Alright so Jason you lead the way Jason: Ok come on kids we got a BIG surprise I going to be amazing. Daddy did ALL the work and your going to love it uhhh yeah Jess: No parenting as a team effort Jason: As in I am the best TEAM Jess:Theres no I in team JASON Jason: I made up my own team called The Best Team Jess: You mean Alright kids come here Mommy and daddy set up a birthday party for you *Jess squeals* ITS YOUR BIRHDAY!! And we got you a-a bouncy castle Now you can go on a bouncy castle. go on the bouncy castle Over here! Over here! This is the Big Surprise. not the balloons. (The ballons are pretty awesome). Not the balloons. Jess:flower where did flower go *gasps* YAY ! Look at you Jason:Oh my I oh my I-I hope that they are safe *Jess laughs* i didnt think this through Jess: JASON (Jason groans) Jess: If he falls out of that bouncy house *Jess and Jason laugh* Aph: If he- Jason: I made a place for him to land! Jason: See the red? See the red wool right here? You can jump on that when you’re ready to get out. Jess: Okay. Alright. There’s a big cake for you guy- *laughs* Jason: Oh my goodness. Jess: Each of you gets a cake. Jason: Yup. So this… *Jess laughs* Jason: I… Uhh.. They do not make these chairs child friendly. Jason: Okay? We are going to have to talk to the creator of this mod about these chairs. Jess: Yeah they- they didn’t. Alright so. *laughs* Jason: Alrigh- alright. S-sing your birthday song. Jess: Alright. Alright, ready guys? Here we go in 3, 2, 1. Jess: 🎵 Flower and Blue it’s your birthday! So eat some cake and jump on your bouncy house! 🎵 Jess: 🎵 And happy birthday.. to you! 🎵 Jess: Was that copyrighted? Jess: Cause that might be bad. *Gasp* He ate his cake! Jess: Aww. I ate a little bit of flower’s cake too. Awwww… Jason: Uhh you may- you. *Both laugh* Jess: They devoured it. They just- they went for it. Jason: UHH yeah! Yeah! A little to fast if you ask me! *Jess Laughs* Jess: Alrighty guys! That’s it for this episode of MyCraft! Remember to say Happy Birthday to Flower and Blue, cause it’s their birthday! YAY! Take care guys. Aph: Wha? Jason: I-I-I really hope they don’t get hurt. Jason: This is making me really uncomfortable. I didn’t realize they went up that high. Aph: *laughs* {Remember to like comment and subscribe and because it really helps the wonderful potato that made this video . We Love you Jessica}

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  6. Anoy Arron for me aph and don't forget to bracket the house and replace the wood with birch ?????????????? bring back packing tape PLSE

  7. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤i want more minecraft with flower and blue plz plz plz❤❤?????????


  9. I just realised that since the cows name is George, he may not be giving Jess and the kids milk…

    (Unless George is secretly a female)

  10. Jason last season : Watches the previous videos almost all the time

    Jess : "I saw you and daddy kill the chicken the other day"

    Jason : "What are you talking about, that never happened!"

  11. Aphmeu tissue is for you bad to pot you chapel nest a roof an for you kid pedit you give the kid pedit is? girl pedit is ?.


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