hello ma friends on youtube! so this is Ferdian welcome to this channel! so friends, today is a special day because we are going to share some happiness again today, i’m with my friend Kiki hello! okay because it’s Christmas we are going to give others christmas presents so today, we’re going to buy the presents first let’s go! this one oh my God i can’t hold this lol (Kiki) do you need my help? okay wow okay, nice! sorry thankyou okay so friends, we have bought the presents but we only got 5 so i think we should add 2 more and i think i’m going to buy starbucks let’s go okay! now we’ve bought everything now let’s go back to school to give others the presents let’s go so we’re going to give 7 presents and the presents are i bought 4 of this and the next present is i bought starbucks hm, starbucks again lol so i only bought 2 this time and both are hot and the last one, is the most special one because i was really confused about what to buy because, it’s kinda not variative if i only bought chocolates so i thought of this special idea is pocky, all flavors so i bought all flavors of pocky on that place so we bought the paper bag we bought many umm, style this okay then, let’s share the presents but before that, i have a little twist for this video so for this video, i’m not going to share the presents normally so i bought santa claus’ costume! and i want to wash it first eh not wash i will wear the santa claus’ costume first, and then we’re going to share the presents omg (Kiki) so funny hahaha i’m embarassing myself right now wait it’s too big this one… okay, so i’ve become a santa claus now and seriously, we bought the cheap one, it’s only like below 100.000 rupiah so the quality is so bad so bear with it, friends i really feel so weird right now hahaha okay let’s go share the presents, share the happiness let’s go! let’s go! i think we should put our bags first merry christmas! so, i want to give you free starbucks do you want? eh it’s fine, thankyou it’s christmas really? yes, you want? it’s fine, you can give it to others oh relax, i bought many of these so, yeah you want? it’s still fresh thankyouu, merry christmas! merry christmas! byebye~ now i feel so handsome everybody’s looking at me hohoho heii, merry christmas! so i am santa claus, i want to give you free starbucks free starbucks? ohh… sh*t you want? yeah sure okay sure what kind of coffee is this? i forgot actually lol so merry christmas! thankyou oh right, actually i’m filming for youtube so, is it okay? yeah, that’s fine okay have nice day! you too hello everyone, merry christmas! i know it’s an early christmas, so i am santa claus, i want to give free gifts to you guys do you guys want? so this is like pocky, every flavor so it’s for you guys thankyouu have a good christmas, everyone! you too, thankyou bye-bye! merry christmas! wuuu, merry christmas! okay, so i’m santa claus i want to give you guys a present so this chocolate, do you guys eat chocolate? ohh so you guys can eat it together ohh okay, thankyouu thankyouu you guys are graduating? yeah happy graduation~ thankyou~ and merry christmas~ thankyou~ byee! so i’m making a video right now, there ohhhh so, is it okay? yeah, thankyouu~ thankyou! bye-bye! merry christmas! hi so i’m santa claus so i want to give you a free present for you having a great christmas thankyou, Santa! so this is chocolate for you have a nice christmas thankyou bye-bye~ hello~ i didn’t realize it was you ohh so, ya i’m santa claus right now so i want to give especially you guys are working together, so you guys can eat thankyouu~ so you’re just two? yeah yeah, it’s okay just enjoy it thankyouu~ thankyou so much have a great christmas how are you? i’m fine, how about you? (she said about she’s graduating soon) ohh, happy graduation i still have 1 year enjoy your last year yeah, thankyou so, see you bye~ one left, friends but it seems some of them still think i’m weird and they were afraid of me okay let’s do this, one left let’s share the happiness oh man… hey, merry christmas! yo man so i have a gift for you, you want it? do you like chocolate? you guys can share each other maybe this for you merry christmas merry christmas, have a great christmas thankyou, Santa Claus! yo man yo, whatssup? so that’s chocolate for you guys so yeah, i’m making the video, so if you guys don’t mind have a nice day guys! okay, friends so we’ve finished sharing the presents, and today wait, it’s really uncomfortable okay today, it’s not really that hard like before but maybe because, we were giving people starbucks and wait, the hair we were giving the starbucks without using the santa claus’s costume, and people thought it’s weird but today, i’m wearing the costume so people know what’s my purpose so yeah, it’s easier so today, it’s been very good, it’s really special because i don’t know, i really like making this kind of video so i hope, i can really make this kind of video again soon because everytime after i do this kind of videos, i need to save more money because i don’t have money anymore to eat expensive food okay, friends! we’ve finished sharing the presents and yeah, it feels good right? right okay friends, thankyou for watching the video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys want to follow my instagram, you can follow me @ferdiantan and Kiki’s ya here, it’s pretty hard to write her username lol so this is Ferdian, see you guys on the next video! bye!


  1. calon calon harus nabung duit jajan lagi deh, wkwkwkwk
    Merry Christmas buat yang merayakan!


  2. Social experiment di Taiwan itu pasti susah bngt karna karakter orng nya yg beda bngt sma orng Indonesia, yg kurang suka berinteraksi sma orng yg blm di kenal, mkn nya banyak terjadi penolakan wqwq

  3. Lucu pas ke shot celana bolongnya ???

    kebaikan yang di berikan ke orang-orang sekitar semoga dapat di lipat gandakan oleh sang pencipta … Amin

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