BARN FIND restoration Mercedes S-Class W116 1975 #6 ‘Santa Claus’

BARN FIND restoration Mercedes S-Class W116 1975 #6 ‘Santa Claus’

Good evening, we are busy again in the operating room of the W116. We are again gathering some parts together. We got this door is from Jan from Veenendaal. And this is a very nice package from Mr. Witteveen. Ow, ow, ow, Mr. Witteveen. What will that be, Mr. Witteveen? We will see. Maybe there is a poem with it. Do not you think? `Ich bin sehr gespannt.` `Sehr gespannt..` Yes, that is already German. That is part of the car. “December 5 is the day”… (Dutch children’s party `Saint Nicholas`) “that I can empty my mailbox on my way …” No, you have to open it. Look .. What would this be people? Not a hockey stick…. Watch… Nooooo,… I think I already know….. It costs 250 euro`s. Yes…, it is not cheap. But, better expensive than not for sale, I say Be careful not to damage it. Yes, he can. He cannot pack, but unpacking is his specialty. Like the best. “Jesus?” What did you say there? No poem!!! No poem???? No!!! Mr. Witteveen, no poem!!! That would have been nice !! Anyway, we will continue again…. This is a surprise. Gosh mina, this is also stuck. There is certainly 10 euros worth of tape on it. That is why it was so expensive. Well, … yes, … that’s not too bad. Ow, ow, look !! Ow, no…. We have to…. pull the packaging off. Ow .. look now!!! Look, Ernst!! We have been waiting for this!!! It hurts my eyes!! This is going… I can see it already. It hurts my eyes!!! Pain in your eyes? It shines!! Yes!! Shine!! It has to shine!! Look!! That shines!! “We are just now a piece in 13 parts.” “At the end we are all the spindle.” “And live faithfully the lives of so many.” “I want something more, I want a little loose.” “Is this all???” Yes, this is all. “Is this all???” Ernst…?? “Is this all there is?” That old thing!! One more time!!! “Is this all???” “Is this all???” “Is this all there is?” A big part isn’t it? This is really culture !! What will he do? Ahh, don’t overdo it !!! Take a look!! Look inside!!! Look!!! “Is this all there is?” Go ahead … go ahead. “Is this all???” “Is this all???” Well, come on man!! You make it exciting!! “…all there is?” Pay attention, pay attention to his face!! Ow, what’s in it? Santa Clause Witteveen!!! Look, look, look, we have this again via internet. We have something to hold on to. Ow, look!!! Take a look!!! And look there!!! Wait a second.. Mr Witteveen!!! Mr. Witteveen, thank you so much!! Ow, that’s beautiful! Ernst, you see!! It is all still there. We just keep on going like this!! Takes a little time… Search, search search,.. but Ernst, we will find the stuff right? We just find the stuff!! That’s what I mean!! What are you going to do now? And what about the other one? Are these for the left and right side? That doesn’t matter right? Or is it? Let’s see … Oh … that beautiful !! That’s how the rest becomes. Like New! Yeah!! 5 euro,.. each per right!! 5 euro!! I can’t make it for that. No, not me at least. And look, they are still there!! We have to brush them. Yes, ….whats that!! Yet another … Yet another … Yet again … what is it? That`s not acceptable!! That`s not good… on that car!! But we look, we take a look. That device there. That’s a machine, a machine. And you know … what we are doing now is actually … Ooh, is getting a little better!!! But I don’t think it will go away completely. Man, can you polish it at all!! I can’t do anything, but I do my best. Simply put a `NL` sticker on it. A sticker?? `Bitte ein bit.` Look, completely in tectile! That’s good. Yes, it will be fine. Well, we packed it up again. We will keep it as a spare part. Maybe the rubber can still be used. Yes, …. he must … he must be like new!!! He will be like new!! Yes, he will be new!!

51 thoughts on “BARN FIND restoration Mercedes S-Class W116 1975 #6 ‘Santa Claus’

  1. very nice! i was hoping to see an engine start up maybe it will come?? and also some electrics like the sunroof! 😉 thankful for the translation, even the lack of it in this video.

  2. Pffff, het zou heel aardig kunnen zijn om naar te kijken maar probeer aub iets minder "gemaakt" geestig te zijn………..

  3. Nou bart, het is niet gemaakt, want zo zijn wij gewoon. Lol hebben in het werk. Maar als je het niet leuk vindt kijk je toch gewoon niet! ?

  4. Well done it's a hard long process, been down that road but the day you complete it will be amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've been watching some of your videos, man, how satisfying it was when you cleaned it with pressure water!! I own a few classic cars, I'm now finishing a '58 Plymouth, but I love this old Mercedes with still all this chrome and quality….

  6. Ребята – просто МОЛОДЦЫ! Мы С Отцом и Братом такой же Мерседес Восстановили! W116

  7. I liked Mercedes but I loved this body which is why I bought 9 yrs ago (1987 420SEL- 234,000 miles) for $1,000 and I haven't seen any newer Mercedes after discontinuing this body. She keeps my 87 Silver Spur because although rivals then, they actually BOTH have MANY DESIRABLE looks. Their huge mascots adorning their sizeable grilles. Quality paint and interior Amazing how the paint of this beauty still gleams after 22 yrs of abandonment. Lovely and great fun to restore oneself as I have with mine.
    Have no desire to sell and wonderful idling at a red light. The redlight becomes a "spotlight" as passerbyers give us a thumbs up??

  8. 10 minutes of cutting tape in languages unknown. …..i just wanna see the motor….is it petrol or diesel. ….be nice if it was the 6.9

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